Ek anokhi kahani Episode 26

Rags jeously will not bring any problems
between dev and durga.
Rags feeling is genuie in every sister life it will hsppen at one moment.
Coming to shaurya is very positive person so no need to worry he will be only for few episodes.
And plays guest roles thats it.
Its a morning .
Dayal and shailaja are talking .
Dayal:-these all kids are doing arrangements there is nothing left for us to do except getting ready.
Shailaja:-yes and this ragini and dev are is still
sleeping dont know when they came to home.
Dayal:-if dev came late its ok we can understand that he is spending time with durga but why ragini came late.
Shailaja:-not only ragini all kids reached their houses so late even know laksh sanskar and there familys are coming
Door bell rings and same time dev gets down frim stairs. Shailaja is about to go.
Dev:-mom its ok i will see.
Shailaja:-untill now u fidnt get ready.
Dev:-ya i will ger ready mom dont worry.
Dev open door and sees laksh arjun sanskar and sheena and their families.
He welcomes them.
Sheena goes to dev and says.
Sheena:-dev jii by seeing u it seems u came so so late in night wat say.
Dev:-just smiles and welcomes her inside.
Sheena:- atleast u r not looking here and there like they show in movies.
Like they are missing some one.
Sanskar:-its seems he knows first only that they are not coming.
Arjun:-hmm may be you are right.
Laksh:-comes to near dev face and call all look at this frds someone is blushing and all.
All comes near to dev and dev keeps his face back.
All says at a time yes lucky you r right some one is blushing.
Dev :-can u guys shift your concentration from me.
Arjun:-then in whom u want us to concentrate.
Dev:-hmm arjun you people are making fun of me because rags is nit there thats why.
Laksg:-haa yar where us rags.
Sanskar:-slowly to him so hurry to see her.
Rags bedroom still in yesterdays same clothes
Phone rings she sees the name and lifts it in dleepy talk.
Rags:-chotu bhai good morning.
Shauraya:-good morning chotai will u wont say good morning inperson to me and iam waiting for u near your door.
Rags:-opens her eyes and says wat u came.
Shaurya:-yes i am going to ring bell lets see who will open door first badai bhaiya or meri choti se chotai.
And rings bell.
Kaka goes to open door
Rags jumos from bed and shouts wait wait kaka i will open door and runs.
All sees her running from stairs shailaja says this even didnt change and slept like this only.
Raj:-shailaja first see why she is running like.
But kaka open door .
Shaurya comes inside.
Dev dayal and shailaja says shaurya and gets from their places.
Rags runs towards him and hugs by facing laksh and all.
Rags:-i am missing u like hell who asked u to go sweden for 2 years i hate u.
Shaurya:-oh madam u lost your bet u didnt open door so i won u r going to do wat ever i say.
Rags:-very funny here i am saying u i miss u but u r saying i list bet and etc..
Dev:-goes to him and saya how r u chotu.
Shaurya hugs him and says fine and how r u.
All are looking with confusion and looks at shocked face of laksh.
Arjun and sanskar goes to wards laksh and h9lds his shoulder.
Shaurya goes to dayal and shailaja touches their feet and takes blessings.
Dayal:-how r u shaurya.
Shaurya:-fine badai papa
Raj:-dayal us badai papa that meabs rags is sister thank god.
Sakshi:-did u say anything.
Raj:-i will xpkain u afterwords.
Sanskar:-to laksh say thanks to god bro that person wats his name.
Sheena:-shaurya bhai.
Sanskar:-u remembered every well sheebu.
Sheena:-ofcourse why not look at him he is so handsome.
Arjun:-he is not that handsome.
Laksh:- haa he is not that handsome look at him properly.
Rags and shaurya lisens to him sliently and
laughs by looking at each other.
Shaurya:-so he is laksh goenka.
Rags:-haa i think he is not feeling well that u hugged me after i called badai papa also he didnt relaise that i am your brother.
Rags:-really .
Rags:-thats funny.
Dev comes near to them and says wats cooking in between you both.
Rags and shaurya both nodes their head in no.
Sanskar:-why are feeling jeously laksh after knowing that shaurya is brother of rags.
Laksh:-wat brother how come u know that.
Sheena:- seriously shaurya called dayal uncle as a badai papa that means rags is sister to him naa.dont tell me that u are that level of jeously that u didnt understand that they both are brother and sister.
Arjun:-for u he is also a brother naa.
Sheena:-for me who wants to call such a hand as handsome guy as a brother.
Arjun:-i want to u to call him .
Sanskar:-excuse me arjun wat u said.
Sheena and arjun says at a time nothing.
Laksh laughs at arjun.
Arjun:-you are laughing at me bhai instead of helping me and why dont u laugh after all ur lined cleared as he is your another brother in law.
Sanskar:- arjun then just propose her who asked to stay dumb.
Arjun and laksh opens their mouth are looks at sanskar.
Sanskar closes their mouths by his both hands and goes near to arjun and keeps hand on his shoulder and says my sister choice is damn good arjun.
Arjun:-you mean.

Sanskar:-i know arjun that u both like each other and i am the most happiest person to know that my sister will be every lucky to have u and ur family in her life and when it come to laksh when he started liking rags and i came 100% sure that she will be pampered in your house like we psmpered her.
Arjun and sanskar hugs and arjun says i will take care of her more than my life .
Laksh:-then y dont u admit that u like swara.
Sanskar:-ifcourse yar i like her first of all untill niw i didnt get a chance yo miggle with their family or durga jii.
Laksh :-this is the perfect time to miggle with their family and u can go close to swara to make her realise that she too likes u.
Laksh and arjun ofcouse we will plan about it later.
Sheena:-guys i am also here ur forgetting me.
Shaurya and rags comes with dev .
Shaurya says no way how can someone forget about your presence here beautifull young lady.
Dev looks surprised to shaurya and thinks wat happen to him he is not a flirty type person.
Shaurya looks at dev qyestion mark face and signal ragini.
Ragini understands situation and changes topic by introducing him to every one.

Dev gets a call and moves from there.
Rags so frds he us also involving in our plan.
They all say ok..
Dev comes back.
Rags:-who is it bhai is it bhabhi.
Before drv could speak shaurya cuts him by saying if bhabhi called him then also why he will say to u ragoo..
All says hmm your are right.
Laksh:-your title going to change dev jii.
Arjun wat bhaiyaa.
That only from bhenan ka gulam to chori ki pyar mai all laughs and rags and shaurya see dev looking at them angrily.
Both says shhh.
Dev:-by pointing to all some day my time will also come then i will see.
Ragoo will u all come to select rings for us.
Shaurya:-we all are wearing it or u both will wear.
Arjun:-ofcouser they both only.
Laksh:-thats why u both only should go.
Sheena:-yes even elders will also not coming.
Dev:-ok then swara will come with us.
Sanskar:-no swara is coming with us to give u a surprise and bites his tongue.

Everyone turns towards him and shouts dumbo.
U spoiled every thing.
Sheena:-come yar he just said we are planning to surprise them but not said wat actually we are doing naa.
All says ok fine .
Shaurya say i want to sees badai babhi.
Rags:-ok lets goo.
Shaurya and dev stops her and asks her to first get ready.
Shaurya,rags and laksh goes together.
Sanskar follows them in another car.
Arjun and sheena goes in another car to hotel to conform menu.
Sansky and dev and remaing reach swara house.
Swara opens door and shaurya about to say something sanskar cuts him and says she is your badai bhabhi ki chotai behan and she is like your sister lets go and he goes inside by taking swara.
Shaurya see my charming face will make all couple to confess their feeling.
Dev:-why he is behaving like that.
Rags:-come bhai he loves swara dont tell me you are not understanding that and then realises she just said everything and sees him ans asks wat u r waiting for bhaibhi.
Lets go inside.
Dev introduces shaurya to whole family he takes blessing from all and goes near bhabhi and about to take blessing she jerks back
Durga:-arey wst r u doing

Sumi:-haa wst r u doing shaurya she is younger than u.
Shaurya:-but she is elder than me in relation she is going to marry meri badai bhaiyaa so she is also my badai bhabhi.
They all smiles .
Shaurya :-aunty if u dont mind lets send bhaiyaa aur bhabhi to select their rings .
Shekar:-i thought you all kids will go together.
Swara:-actually we all are working on a surprise party to jijju and dii.
Rags hit her head .
Swara:-sorry from yesterday i controlled a lot but i bursted out.
Sanskar:-your are in second place dont worry.
Swara:-means already some one said this plan out.
Sanskar:-when rags is here who else will do that.
Swara and rags both shouts stop it.
Swara:-you now how difficult to keep a screate.
Rags:-how come he knowd swara.
Sawar:-you r right ragini
laksh:- firstly u both cant hide anything and u r pointing us as a wrong.
Swara:-we can keep things screate but when it comes to our dii and her bhai we cant yar.
Sanskar:-she is right even sheena cant hide anything from me.
Laksh:-even arjun.
Shaurya:-if your competation of blaming each other and comparmising is done shall we leave.
Durga and dev leaves in dev car sanskar and swara leaves to flourist.
Shaurya and laksh and rags leaves to someother place.
Shaurya:-wat a idea rags serioulsy yar super.
Rags:-i got this idea from u only bro jii.
Laksh:-this is your idea.
Shaurya:-i mean once i used similar idea to propose a girl and her name is payal.
Laksh:-nice name.
Shaurya:-nice name with awesome heart.
Laksh:-she is also a doctor naa.

Shaurya:-hiw do u know i just guessed it a doctor only like other dictors.
Rags:-in that case every bad guess my brother loves a lawyer and he is getting married to her.my second brother haa ofcourse he loves a doctor when it come to me iii and looks at laksh who is curiously looking at rags answer and shaurya who is signalling her to control.
Laksh:-i wat rags complete your sentence naa.
Rags:-ii means ii dont now whom i going to marry or love.
Laksh:-oh in that way.
Shaurya:-haa in that way and looks at rags they both laugh to each other by looking towards laksh.
Scene shifts to dev and durga.
Durga:-as i kniw u and rags share everything but why she is not coming with us.
Dev:-first u rell me same thing swara is also doing why.
Durga:-haa means swara and rags..
Dev:-wants us to share everything and they dont want to involve between us.
Durga:-that not like coming in between us they are our world dev our days starts with them and ends with the.
Dev:-even their also thay why they want us to come more close and kniw each other well.
Durga:-may be your are right.
Arjun and sheena gets in to lift.
Arjun face is still jeously sheena can see it and smiles.
Arjun:-why are u smiling.
Sheena:-because someone likes my smiles.
Arjun turns hus face and smiles.
Arjun:-who is it.

Sheena:-who will be it.
Arjun:-may be shaurya.
Sheena:-wow arjun if he likes my smile then why i will smile infront of u.
Arjun:-who know.
Sheena:-oyee wat did u said.
Arjun:-if u shout i wont get afraid ok.
Sheena :-if u talk in this way even i wont get afraid ok.
Arjun:-then at wat u will get afraid.
Sheena goes near to him suddenly current goes and lift stop by jearking.
Sheena gets afraid and hugs arjun.
Arjun gets shocked by tight hug from sheena and senses her fear and says its ok sheena nothing will happen or fear u untill i am with u.
Sheena lifts her head and watches arjun.
Arjun takes her face and cups her and starts kissing her forehead eyes and when he about to kiss her on lips she goes back and stands at a corner.
Arjun goes near to her and pins her to wall by keeping both hands on wall and goes near to her neck and kisses her and comes back and both share a eye lock.
Lift gets a second jerk and sheena immediately hugs him both are hugging tightly after some time sheena turns her back and stands oppsite to arjun goes and hugs her from back by placing on hand on her waist and another on shoulder he pushes her back by hand which is on her waist he removes her hair with his another hand sheena feels his warm breath on her neck she is breathing heavily.
Arjun kisses on her neck and shippers in her ears
I love you sheena.
Sheena opens her eyes and turns towards him and says i too love you arjun and they both share their first liplock after sometime lift starts moves and this makes them come to their sense.
They both watch into their eyes and stands closely.
Sheena:-finally u spoke today or i thought u will take a lot of time to say that u love me.

Arjun:-you can also say right is it a rule that boys should say first.
Sheena:-why should boys have all fun.
Arjun:-hm hm and hugs her meanwhile their floor comes and both comes out of lift.
Swara and sanskar reaches to flourist .
Sanskar talks and swara is enjoying flowers.
Sanskar:-do u like this place swara.
Swara:-ofcourse so much of beautiness at one place why dont i like it .dont say that u eont like it.
Sanskar:-from past few months i m in love with only one beautifull flower and goes near to her.
Swara:-who is that flower sanskar.
Sanskar:-who may be that flower is and goes so close to her.
Swara:-looks down and says wat do i know sanskar.
Sanskar:-shall i tell u which flower i like.
Swara:-nodes her head in yes.
Sanskar:-i love before he is going to speak one person comes and disturbs them by saying their order will reach by afternoon tomorrow.
Sansjar:-this nasty fellow has no time to come.
Swara:-no problem u can say know.
Sanskar:-not know swara i will says another day.
Shaurya and laksh and rags sits near cafe .
Rags and laksh are talking to each other mean while shaurya is taking order for them.
Laksh:-rags u stopped saying sonething in car u can continue it know.
Rags:-wat i said laksh i didnt remember.
Laksh:-u said that i love..
Rags:-u love some one wow who is it laksh.
Laksh:-i didnt u said that u love.
Rags:-means u are not loving anyone.
Laksh:-i do but u said.

Rags:-u doo for whom u feeling like that.
Laksh gives wat expressiion to rags and said i understand rags to are pretending like u dont know.
Rags:-if u know then why dont u say lucky.
Laksh:-u want me to say.
Rags:-i want to lisen laksh .
Laksh smiles ok then as u say u will definetly lusen.
Shaurya comes there they are having their snacks.
Dev and durga are at jewellary shop.
Durga is taking all rings and starts searching with excitement dev just looks her excitement and laughs finally they select and starts from there in mid way dev stops his car and asks durga to come down.
Dev stands opposite to durga and says.
Dev:-when i say u first at car parking center then only i felt some strange feeling towards u after that i came to learn u as a sumi aunty daughter after that u saved ragini and my dad and i was totally flatted to u and i want to say my feeling to u then only but by god blessing our parents fixed our marriage but still i want to say something that he takes a another ring and says i love you durga and keeo that ring on another finger and says by pointing to ring finger.
This finger should wait untill tomorriw afternoon.
Durga smiles and say i love dev before we both met i lisened about u threw my mom and sister and i thought now days they are only few men who respects girls and loves their sisters a lot at that time only i want to meet u by next day i met u also and yaa i too git strange feeling when i met u when ever i am with u i felt very goid and secured and finally when u stand helplessely and asking us to save your family i dont kniw why but i didnt like tears in your eyes and i brought your family out and haa i my dad asked me about getting u married i felt very happy.and haa i never come in between you and ragini love instead of that i will also love her.
Dev :-from know i have two sisters durga one is ragini and other is swara.
Dev:-rags will never get jeousl of u or swara durga she just wants ne to doend time with u both.

Durga:-i dont know about her so much as you but onething she is behaving like this so that i should not feel bad or anything she started loving me like u dev i am very happy that she us thinking about me and swara and haa even she wants u to love swara the way u love her.
Dev:-ofcourse i understand her and i am happy that ur also understanding.
They both wants to hug but stops by thinking its a open road and dev drops durga and goes to hospital.
Sanskar and swara
Sheena and arjun
Shaurya laksh and ragini are in conference hall and all decides to meet at function hall at morning itself to make arrangementa and goes to their rezpectives houses.

Precap:-dev and durga engament ceremony.
Masti time and family time

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