Ek anokhi kahani Episode 23


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Episode starts with all reaches to their
respective houses.
In hospital dayal and shailaja comes to dev and talks with him.
Dayal:- may i come in beta .
Dev:-dad mom plzz dont say thst plzz come in.
They both come and sit and says we want to talk with u.
Dev:-haa dad.
Shailaja:-let ragini also come.
Dev:-is anything serious dad and are u thinking to get ragini married in that case she is still small kid dad let her enjoy her life.
Rags:- by coming inside and says not mine bhai yours .
Rags:-that to with durga jii.
Shsilaja:-wat is this ragini
Rags:-what i did.
Dayal:-we made do many plans how to talk this
matter with u too but u said this matter just like that.
Rags:-u both shift your concentration from me to bhai.
Dayal:-haa what is your opinion dev.
Dev:-all of sudden how can i say.
Shailaja:-take your time dev.
Scene shifts to sumi.
Sumi and shekar also says same thing to durga.
Swara is more happy and shout haiii
Shekhar:-swara is more happy than durga see.
Sumi:- why not her line will cleared naa once her elder sister gets married.
All laughs.
Swara sits and says wat maa i am very happy that u choosed dev to diii.
Durga:-dad if they dont have any problem then i am ready but first u ask dev if he says ok then
only u say that i also said ok.
Incase if he said no then u say that u didnt say
anything about this to me.
Shekhar:-why like that.
Durga:-if its no from him then i dont want to that get effected our frdship.
Sumi and shekar smiles and says ok as per your wish.
Arjun and sheena starts their ptoject by going to
Laksh and sanskar offices.
Laksh welcomes sheena and takes her to raj.
Raj:-wecolme my little princess.
And says slowly to laksh big princess is you now naa laksh.
Sheena:-i want your help to complete my
Raj:-ofcourse arjun said to me laksh u take care of our special little guest.
Laksh:-sure dad come sheena.
Laksh shows their project and xplains how they handled every project after compketing he takes her to lunch and then he drops her at her home and goes.
Arjun think this is the best time i have to impress her dad and brother.
Sanskar welcomes him and introduces their
whole bussiness while he goes and meets dp in tension.
Arjun:- wat happen uncle why are so tensed.
Dp:-its about some project beta.
Arjun:-if dont mind can i see it.
Dp:-ofcourse and shows the file to him.
Arjun:-as per my view u shouldnt take risk by accepting their project because their project information is so confusing.
Sanskar and dp gets stunned
Arjun watches their faces and says sorry uncle if said any wrong idea.
Dp:-no bets infact my son also suggested same thing .
You both point of views are same and did u got informstion about your project.
Arjun:-yes uncle thanks for your help.
Dp:-its our pleasure beta ok its lunch time do kets have lunch together.
They all haves lunch and arjun leaves from
Dev and rags travel back to home .dev stops at a coffee shop and says i need to talk to u ragoo.
Rags:-ok bhai.
They bith sit and dev says
Dev:- wat should i doo ragoo about getting married to durga.
Rags:-first u say me wat do u think about durga.
Dev:-she nice person nice sister a nice daughter she values her family alot infact she gives respect to all i didnt see any arrigance or any that sort of things in her mainly ragoo she understands that u are very important for me than my life.
Rags:-even u r every important to ne bhai and why are u feeling tensed u know alot about her and infact u r sure that she also treats our family like her once she gets married to u and main thing do u like i mean love her to marry or not.
Dev:-ofcourse i doo but wat if she says no to marriage
Rags:-thats it if she says yes then love after marriage will take place .if she says no then marriage after love.
Dev:-its not that simple ragoo.
Rags:-lisen to your heart bhai wat it says.
Dev:-my heart and mibd both says yes.
Rags:-heart and mind both accepted at a time then its a deadly combination bhai go to mom and dad say yes.
Dev:-are u sure.
Rags:-i am sure but u have to be sure first
Dev:-haa i am sure before and after talking to u 100% sure.
Rags:-then i also scent percent sure.
Dev says lets go home.
Rags says haa lets go. Afterall u have to say decision to dad and mom.
They both laugh and reaches home.
Before dev could speak rags say in excitement .
Rags:-bhai said yes yo durga.
They all get happy .
Dev keeps his hand on his waist and laugh at rags.
Shailaja:-cant you control your excitement rags atleast alliw him to say yes.
Dev:- if she allow other to speak then first i will faint. And i have a doudt wat if in future if u love someone think if u love someone.
Then dad she will says first about her feeling and will not allow him to talk its conform.
They all laugh and rags keeps angry face and faces no way here situation is different and there situation is different .i will make him to confess before me wat ever it hsppen i will control my tongue.
All sees her laughs loudly and says u are thinking u control your tongue its impissible even in dreams.
Rags:-ha ha every funny.
Dev goes and hugs ragss.

Precap:-dev and durga meeting in restuatrent all young people are observing them secreatly

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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