Ek anokhi kahani Episode 22


All gathers together having dinner at dinning table.
Rags says after dinner we will play antachari and dumbsharoes together by dividing into two teams.
Dp:-ok beta i will arrange near phool side ok.
Rags:-thanks uncle.
Swara:-but antashari and dumbsharoes both at a time how can it possible.
Dev:-dont worry after dinner she will explain u .
Swara:-ok .
After dinner near phool all beds are arranged oppsite to each other and some fliating candles in swiming phool and light lanters hanging to tress.
Laksh:-wow uncle its so beautifull.
Rags:-imitates laksh wow uncle its so beautiful and goes from there.
Dp and laksh laughs at rags behaviour.
All elders and kids are divided into two groups.
Laksh arjun swara and durga are in one group.
Rags dev sanskar and sheena are in another group.
Shailaja:-becarefull with dev and rags they both guess each other so easily so give them difficult names ok.

Dev:-thats not fair mom u r saying like we are cheating.its just we can understand each other silent language thats it.
Game continue now its rags team turn to give name to durga.
Rags and sanskar discuss something and say to dev hum aapke hai kaun and call durga to come.sanskar tries to ho forward to give but rags stops him and says i need to discuss next movie name to u both so bhai u give name to durga jii.
Dev says ok and leans forward yo durga they are so close and when dev says hum aapke hai kaun durga suddenly say jii wat.
Dev:- lost into eyes of durga and says jii i am asking u hum aapke hai kaun aa i mean saying to u movie name.
Rags smiles and says my bhai is on track now.
Durga couldnt able to show properly by remember her and dev so close moments.
They fail to guess name.
Rags:-haii we won snd they all hug each other.
Swara:-what dii and i wont accept u gave a every difgicult name yar u can give simple one also naa.
Sanskar:-so that u can win right.
Swara:-haa ofcourse see how simple ones we gave u .
Sanskar:-oh ohh if u thought they are simple ones means it wont become simple one actually u people gave all difficult ones.

Rags and all watches their fight.
Rags shouts stop it yar just shout it.
Rags:-ok then i will challenge u if u complete it then i will accept u as a winners.
Dev:-what type of challenge is that i wont accept .
Rags:-bhai plzz let me challenge them.
Dev:-but ragoo.
Rags:-in ears of dev i will xplain u later plzz let me challenge naa.
Dev says ok .
Before sanskar could speak rags says i will help u in future pinky promise and eyes towards swara.
Sanskar also accepts it.
Laksh:-ok say wat type of challenge .
Rags:-u have to play guitar and sing a song and
Before she speaks laksh interfers.
Laksh:-thats it we will do ig with our left hand wats says swara.
Swara:-ofcourse they are about hi five each other but rags interfers and says.
Rags:-oh hello left hand and right hand lisen to me care fully u have to sing a song which is not from movie or any album and this task is for only arjun ok.
Swara:-what but he is not professional.
Rags:- thats why we say it as a challenge.
Laksh:-swara its ok arjun will do it.
Swara:-are u sure.

Arjun:-yes i csn but swara can i take your guitar.
Swara:-ofcourse but be carefull haa we have to win.
Arjun:-takes guitar and sets it ready and he message to sheena this is for u .
Sheena reads it and smiles and test him back all the best juno.
Arjun reads her message and smiles.
Arjun starts playing music.
And starts singing.

Sun mere dil ki zuban
Kehtai hai kya tujhe janejan
Baithi raho sunti raho seene pe sar rakhe jaane jan.
Umar bhar bad yuhi
Paas ho bas tumhi
Aur kya mujhe chahiye
Tum jo ho meri aagosh mein
Hmm hmm hmm
Main rahun.. na tum rahoi
Koi kahin na hoshe mein.
Oooo oooo
And completes song all claps for him and says wow yar
Arjun looks at sheena and lift his eyebrow
Sheena says super by showing her hand to him.
Ap:-ok lets sleep tomorrow morning we have to get up and leave for city .
All ladies comes to one side and all gents comez to another side.
While they are arranging sanskar comes to her and says
Sanskar:-yar ragii u didnt feel that arjun is singing that song for someone to says his heart
Rags:- in mind(oh god he is getting doudt wat to do) haa ofcourse for me.
Sanskar:-for u but why.
Rags:-notjing u ho and sleep na u have get up early morning for wake up us.
Sanskar:-me why should i.
Rags:-because its your farmhouse.

Sanskar:-what the hell are u speaking yar.
Rags:- dont no just go and sleep ns.
They all goes
In middle night sits near swiming phool and thinks about all moments between rags and laksh.
Arjun comes and sits with rags.
Arjun:-thank u ragini.
Rags:-thank you but why .
Arjun:-for helping me to express my feelings .
Rags:-oh and arjun u sang so well yar but why dont to express your feeling for her.
Laksh comes in serach of arjun and watched them talking and lisens by hiddening.
Arjun:-i am geeting nervous wat if i didnt propose her propely by making good arrangements.
Rags:-arjun for saying her how much u want her and care for her their is no need for arrangement yar just look into her eyes and that moment wat ever u are feeling about her just say it.
Here important thing is your feeling not arrangements or the way u proposed her and sheena is a lovely girl .
Arjun:-thats why i love her.
Rags:-ha ha love and all so when u are going to do that.
Arjun:-every soon.do u like someone.
Rags:-fraclky untill now no one because untill now no one loved me or liked me or no one make me feel special so i dont now yar but haa if i love someone or liking him then that oerson will definetly resembles my parents and bhai.
Arjun:-wow .

Rags:-every girl wants it yar the boy whom they are going to married or loving him they want to loved by him or takecare them like their family.
Arjun:-hmm wat if in future you bhsi get married.
Rags:-as hirl i understand and i will give space yar.infuture i will also get married and wat i will accept ftom my husband same will be accepted that girl from my bhai right.
Arjun:-hmm ok its becoming late yar lets go and sleep.
They bith leave and laksh thonjs yo himself.
Laksh:-i know rags may be i cant love u like your brother but i definetly say that my love towards you is unconditional.
He too leaves
Dev feel restless by rembering his and durga clossness and their conversion in bus.
In same way durga also thinks and says dad is right i shoukd accept dev because its a fortune to get dev type man as a husband.
Swara:-thinks about sanskar and i think i am liking him but why .. after sometine may be as a frd but why i am getting feeling thatbi am liking him more than frd .
Ahh this is all because of that arjun and his song sleep swara sleep.
Sanskar:- swara i have to make sure wat r u thinking about me then only i can express my feelings to u.

Sheena sits near window and says to her self juno boy u have completed my challenge its now my turn i will express my feeling to u .
So get ready juno boy..

Precap:- dayal and shekhar family talking about getting them married to dev and durga

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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