Ek anokhi kahani Episode 18

Thank you all each and every one for supporting me and liking my ff and to silent readers.

Episode starts with .
Dp saying to all .
Dp:- untill now i never felt helpless shailaja i hope this day never repeat in our life and no one should face this type of situations. At one moment i thought my self useless who unable to save their children.
Shailaja:- what ever happens their results will be good only dayal see how we all come together and supported us.thank you sekhar jii durga prasad and rajnath we know each other if they believe us without knowing complete truth that is different but u people dont know that much about us but stiil u trusted us thank you so much.
Sekhar:- no need shailaja jii by seeing your kids behaviors and their principals we can guess how good upbroning you gave them. Thats enough for us to trust you.
Dayal:- once again thank you so much.
Dp:- i have a surprise for u all lets go tu kids i will enounce their.
They all leave to hall.

Dev and remaining are taking rag leaves to kitchen lakch watchez her going to kitchen and goes following her.
Rags drinks water and turns and observes laksh.
Rags:- hi laksh do u need something.
Laksh hugs rags and say are fine ragini i was got afraid by seeing u in that position plzz dont ever cry like that i cant see u like that its paining a lot for me.
Rags:- who us in shocked state by strenching her hands finally hugs him and says laksh look at my face .
Laksk looks at her .
Rags says i am fine laksh look at me i am fine nothing happen.
Laksh:- dont lie ragini i can still see fear and pain in your eyes u are smiling because for sake of your brother happiness right.
Rags gets tears in her eyes and cries yes laksh at one moment i thought i will die without seeing my brother and my mom and still that slap scene is rolling infront of eyes.you know untill now no one slapped me .untill now i only got love from all first time in my life i saw hated also.
Laksh:-ofcourse ragini everyone will love you no one can hate u .you know that.
Rags:-thank you laksh and she wipes his tears with her hands and says hmm now my laksh is back with his handsome laksh gets shocked by her reply rags turns back and says u even look cute with tears but i wont like tears in your eyes so no more cute face only handsome face with cute smile ok.
Laksh:- done.
They both leave to hall.

Dp:-do lisen i have a surprise for you people. We have a farm house which is located at outside city so tommorow early morning we all are leaving their we will go in our ptivate bus ok after all toughtest day a simple and mingrelaxing days sholud be follow.
And durga this special party is for u beta
All claps and say hieepyyy.
So lets leave we will collect u tomorrow ok.

In sumi cars.
Sekhar:- your right sumi dev and his family is a such kind family.i hope i got a son in law like him.
Swara:- in excitement like him wat dad why not him i love to have a jijju like him wow.
Durga beats her and asks her to sit calmly.
Sumi:- says just think about him durga ifvits ok with u then we will think about him.
Swara:- dii shall i say something if you dont mind.means i want to say my point of view towards dev.
All agrees.

Swara:- dii as every girl thinks her husband should be a shawdow of her dad. Who takes care her like her dad . Who supports like our dad supports us.how dad respects mom like that he will respect you with love. Because dev respects girls before snd then he loves her
mom and sister . Finally i want a boy who is exactly like my dad.
Sekhar and sumi feels emotional and asks durga to think.
Durga:- yes swara is right
Dev is a perfect son .a perfect brother more than that he is a responsible and great human being. I have think about him.
Swara:- i hope dii ascepts to mom and dad so that i can get a wonderfull jijju.

In rajnath house.
Sakshi:- rajj i want to talk to u infact i want to share with u something.
Raj:- i know sakshi wat r u thinking you want rags as our daughter come our bahu right.
Sakshi:- how come you know that.
Raj:- i love you and your heart sakshi i can guess wat u r thinking and wat u want.
Sakshi:- shall we talk to dayal aftersome days as now only they came out if that big incident.
Raj:- no sakshi not that fastly first let them confess their love to each other.
Sakshi:- what really .
Raj:- untill yesterday i had a feeling that laksh should relises his feeling towards rags but the wsy he supported their family and even i saw pain in laksh eyes when rags crying.
Sakshi:- in that case lajsh might be not in mood now go can support him raj.
Raj:- not only me as a mom you should also come .
Sakshi:- but why me raj. Dad plays a important
role in sons life.
Raj:- right but mom will teach them how to respect women and how they will expresses their feeling in different way than to boys so in
that case u need to come.
Sakshi:- ok i will change and come before that u console him and make sure arjun should also lisen.in future he also needs it.
Raj says ok and leaves to laksh room.
Laksh sees a crying photo of rags .
Arjun comes and says bhai what is this.
Laksh:- i took her crying photo arjun to remind
myself that i should never make her cry for any reason bacause of me or anyone else.
Arjun:- hugs him from behind and says i love you bhai.
Raj:- can i join with you young people.
Arjun:- keeps her finger on forehead and says hmm ok dad u come in.
Raj:- thank u my little son for allowing me and takes phone from laksh and says today u
promised yourself by realising that u love ragini laksh u have to keep ur promise. Ok
Laksh:- ok dad i will .
Sakshi:- comes and sits with them and says
laksh u have to notice ragini feelings how she is responding to you because girls always
responds differently at intial stage of love laksh.
You havecyo assure her that.. how mych u love
her and how much she meant to u ok.
Laksh:- ok mom .
Arjun:- you know you both are worlds best
mom and dad .
I love you both.
They all smiles.

Laksh u keep.on watching here u will proceed but in arjun case god knows who will proceed .
Laksh laughs and arjun say what papa see na maa.
Sakshi:- kya raj u always pull my little heart legs.

In dp house.
Ap:- i hope ragini and dayal jii will come out of it soon.
Dp:- haa dayal is acting normal because of his family he is feeling very low that infront of his eyes this all happened to rags and he unable to save her.
And rags wat kind annapurna she is still afraid of wat happen today but she is just smiling for his brother sake .
Sheena:- dad you know they live and laugh for other than themselfs .
Sansky :- haa papa sheena is right. As you always says a if we have good frd we will always have postiveness around us its true dad.
Rajnath uncle ,sekhar uncle you all are good frds.
You see i will also maintain same goodness to laksh arjun dev swara rags and ragini ofcourse my special best frd.
Sheena:- i became a fan of dev dad.
Sanskar:- by immitating i became a fan of dev dad.
Sheena:- papa see naa.
Sanskarr:- mamaa see naa.
Dp:- i am sorry beta i sm busy in seeing your mom because of this tensions from morning onwards i didntbwstch your mom properly.
Sheena and sanskar watches eachother by raising their eyebrows.
Dp:- so madam did u have food and tablets today are u forgot them as u get a chance to skip them.
Ap:- smiles and looks here and there.
Dp:- unbelivable annapurna u have sugar and if u dont took medicines and foodbin time your health will spoiled. Sanskar get your mom tablets and sheena get some fruits.
Dp makes ap to have food and then he gives tablets and asks her to go and rest.
Ap leaves to her room sheena and sanskar hugs dp and says love u dad .love you so much.
Dp:- i too love you infact we both love u both.

Precap:- they all are in bus travelling to farm house and enjoying .

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