Ek anokhi kahani Episode 17


Rags eyes widens by lisening word injection.
And say oh come bhai whats need of injection medicine is enough.
Dev smiles then wat about pain.
Rags what pain actually what is the meaning of pain.
Dev:- achaa and smiles and looks inside room of rags and says fine and see your room you messed it and u broke all awards yar.
Rags:- actually they are dublicate ones .original are safe.
All save what .
Dayal smiles and says she made dublicate ones and kept them in her room because by fault if they broke means thats why original are in my room.
Shailaja:- get up and clean your room. You messed it so u clean it.
Rags:- sorry for room maa and fine i will clean.
Dev say we will clean.

Rags sees durga and gets up and hugs her and say thank you so much durga thank you so much for not only saving me for saving my dad respect its mean a lot for me and thsnks whole sekhar family..
Durga:- ragini its my duty to save innocent people and i did that.
Dev:- still what ever you did for my family thank you so much.
Dayal:- thank you beta fighting for us.
Shailaja comes towards her keeps her hand on durga and says god bless you beta.
Swara:- lets change topic its becoming very emotional and dont tell me you people are not all feeling hungry.
Rags:- yes i forgot about it .i m dying with starving as i think that no one had luch here so wat if we order food or we all go outside for dinner.
Laksh:- thats great idea lets all go out for dinner.laksh and rags raises their hand to hi five but laksh catches rags another gand snd says you got hurt ragsvits bleeding.
Rags sees her hand and says its a small cut.
Dev takes her down for first aid and asks servant ta takes all things and clothes of ragini and keep in guest room.
All sits near dinning table watching dev and rags.
Dev is doing first aid by keeping seriou face .rags signals her dad to talk they all fid but dev didnt redponds to them
Finally rags says sorry ok .

Sanskar:- dev tell me one thing if someone got hurts by glass means they shoukd get TT injection right.
Rags widens her eyes and shows her hand to sanskar with angry face.
Dev:- of course its compulsory .mean while servant bring tt injection and hand over to dev.
Bhai you already bought but why and tries to escape dayal catches dev injects injection rags shouts loudly so all shuts their ears..
Sanskar:- being a doctor you are afraid of small injection and laughs ha ha.
Rags:- by rubing her hands ha ha very funny do u remember on that day some one got injection but some one else shouted right so im better than you and what do mean doctors are also humanbeings .why they cant shout or wat. See dp uncle how is he saying.
Dp:- sanskar dont you dare to say anything .
All shouts at a time yes dont you dare.
Sanskar:- oh my god if i say anything to rags will you beat me also.
All in union yes we will any doudts.
Swara:- if you have any doudt then we will clear you doudt. Ok.
Sanky:- no need my doudt is clarified that to with example and shows all.
Rags:- still by keeping hand on sanky shoulder and says practicals are also needed with theory class .
Sansky:- im intelligent student for me by theory classes i can understand ok and runs from there rags and swara chases him.
Dev shout rags now only u came from icu in hospital and you are running.
Dayal:- dev its a small injury as hospital is damaged there us no room let expect icu thats why she rested there thats it its nothing serious.
Dev:- but dad .

Shailaja:- dev beta nothing will happen she have come out of this incident let her do wat she wants ok and we will take care about her without stopping her ok.
Dev:- ok and observes rags swara sanky and sheena laughs together.
I hope she come out this incident soon dad she is acting like normal because of us.
Dayal:- she is matured person dev she will come out.if you be strong then she will be strong.
Raj says yes infact if we all be postive then everything around us will be postive all gents hugs each other and all ladies hugs each other.
Laksh ,arjun ,dev and durga goes towards rags and remaing people.

Precap:- laksh and rags hugging each other

Credit to: Sindhu

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