Ek anokhi kahani Episode 16


Hi guys thank you so much who are liking my ff and commenting your views and thanks to those silent readers also.
This episode and next half will emotional but everything will be normal again.

Dev and lucky comes inside comissioner office and sees dayal and ragini .dev goes to her tries to talk but she is not responding to them dayal says that she is in shock dev.
Dev:- how can she not speak with me dad.
Ragoo look at me talk to me ragoo by touching her cheek and is it paining ragoo and sees her silently and cries and by seeing her state lucky gets angry with tearedy eyes.
Meanwhile dev turns and sees the people who created a scene at hospital came to police station with durga.
Dev goes towards them angrily but lucky and durga stops him but couldnt control him he goes and catches their collar.
Police:- mr.dev raichand stop it dont make a scene.they came to confess their crime.just let them confess first why they did it.
People:- actually my son met with accident at ak road at around 8:30 we took him to chopras hospital but at 9 they declared him as dead. We were devasted because our whole family depends on him only.Then mr.anand chopra offered us 10 lakhs and he asked to do what he say.
Police:- what did he say .say it fastly.
People:- he said us to stand on road and call raichand hospital.when they treat him and when they said him as death.then he wanted us immediately to hurt them and their hospital by not allowing them to speak what happen exactly.
Police:- but why he will do that mr.anand chopra is good doctor and well know person in society.
Why he will have problem with dayal jii.
Dayal:- sir, actually his hospital is in 2nd postion and ours is in 1st position .He wants us to combine with him but i said no to him as he wants only to earn money but when i said no he didnt reacted wrongly he just went from their silently and i never expect that he will do something like this.
People:- after seeing people proctecting you then we realise we did wrong with good people for sake of money.infact my sgrand son got heart operation for free because of dr.dev in a village we came to know that this is your family by watching u in news but we got afraid to accept for mistake when durga jii came and xplained us then we realised what we have done.

Durga:- how can you do this to their family. Is this way of repaying what they did with you .do you even know the persons whom you hitted with stones and disrespected them they saved yoyr grand sons live untill knw he is getting checkup for free of cost. If you people react like this then people will get afraid of doing good to society come to police station and confess yoyr crime and reason behind it.
Mr anand chopra:- comes to police station and says i am surrendering myself for my bad doings and says i m sorry dr.dayal and ragini .i did this in my ego.even i didnt think situation will be this bad by man handling you and when i saw people proctecting u from them then i realised why you were in 1st place he holds his hands and says sorry to them.
Dayal:- you are saying sorry .untill now i never thought of you will behave like this becausevi said no to you. I never lifted a finger on my kids because of you i stand helplessly when they slapped my daughter in front of my eyes do you know how it feels when we unable to save my our children .
Dev:- because of you i saw blood on my dad
and sister. I wont leave you and catches his collar try to beat him but dayal stops him
Durga and laksh also stops him.
Durga sees rags and goes and sits with her.
Dayal:- stop dev and if you react like this then wat is the difference between you and him..
Dev:- but dad because of him ragini and you are in this position.
Durga:- thats what dev jii now ragini needs you most than any one of us .this is the time you have to be like a shawdow to her.
Dev leaves his collar .police officer files a case against chopras and realeses dayal and ragini.
But dayal deny to file case on chopra and they all leaves from their.
Durga dayal and rags completes all formalities
and leaves from their.
Arjun:- waits out side and watches them coming and call to sheena and says we are coming make eveything ready.
Dp:- shailaja be strong and dont cry infront of ragini.
Shailaja:- no bhai she is not even talking to dev
dont know whats going on her mind .she and
dayal are very sensitive .

They all console her. Meanwhile they all reach to house dev asks kaka to bring first aid and
arranges first aid is done to them dayal goes to
change his clothes.rags atlast breaks her silents turns to her mom and asks her.
Ragini:- maa you said in this world ,
relations,loyality towards our professions,love,
comes first after all that money comes but you were wrong mom people are giving more importance to money and even they are ready
to earn money by insulting someone and even they are ready to earn on their dead people. How can they do it mom. How can someone think so low. Your were wrong mom about this world and she leaves to her room by saying.
Dad was wrong
Bhai was wrong
I was wrong .
You were wrong mom.
And closes her room door.
Dev comes with water and asks maa where is ragini.
Just then dayal come there.
They all lisen a big sounds from rags room and all rush to her room .dev watches from room window where rags breaks her all awards and throws her doctor books by saying i am a bad doctor and i wont deserve this all and collapses and cries loudly.
Dev asks her to open and tries to break door but dayal stops him and says she has to cry dev otherwise she cant be normal. Let her cry plzz dev let her cry.
Dev cries hugging his dad and says i am sorry dad i was unable to fullfill my duties towards you and rags after some time rags stops crying and sits silently .
Dayal and shailaja asks her to open door ragini.
Dayal:- ragini beta open the door u wont talk to your dad see your mom and bhai are crying .
Rags opens door and hugs his dad and says sorry dad i couldnt save to from those people when they are insulting you i am a bad daughter and not good doctor dad.
No ragini today u saved me see the slap and stone which u took was actually for me right by seeing her cheek he say today i got to know that your skin is sensitive and fair enough .
Ragini:- wipes her tears and asks why .
Dayal:- you got 5finger print on your cheek so your skin is sensitive naa and its loojs clearly so your are fair.
Rags:- my skin is not sensitive dad their hand is so tough all has tears in their eyes and smile by seeing them normal state.
Rags looks towards dev.
Dev forwards his both hands rags runs towards him and hugs.
They both crie..
Rags:- i am bad doctor bhai .i dont deserve to be a doctor .i couldnt even save our family and dad.they didnt allow to speak exactly what happen and bhai kya joor ka jatka laga when they slapped me.
I thought this is wat people call slapping hard see and shows her cheek to him.
Dev touches her cheek and say is it paining rags.
Rags:- no bhai its ok now but when i drink water or if anything touching lips its hurt .how can i eat now pamipuri and all it takes to cure 2 days what if i want to eat something spicy.
Dev laughs and say dont worry if you take injection then it will be ok.
Rags:- widens her eyes and says injection

Precap:- rags and sheena chases sanskar all laughs .
Happy time back again

Credit to: Sindhu

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        bdw sorry…..
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    2. I too thought abt it but all want this track to end soon and i ended it like that aftwr piating i too thought about icu scene

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