Ek anokhi kahani Episode 15


Ap sits beside shailaja and consoles her.
Ap:- dont cry shailaja calm down.
Dp:- haa we are their naa nothing will happen to dayal and ragini as we know them so its sure that some one trapped them.
Shailaja:- i know that but untill we never slap our kids and they slapped my ragini and hitted them with stones ragini is badly injured bhai she is in icu and dayal is also getting treatment i want to meet them but they are not allowing us.
Dp:- see postive side whole hospital is with them. Even patients and their families are also procted them and where is dev.

Shailaja:- dev went to ask help from sekhar family to handle their case and i was afraid of thinking about ragini and dayal and she is very sensitive bhai in our profession sometimes we will successed in saving lives sometimes not .if any case failed they both sit alobe for whole day and i dnt know how they will digest this incident and dev is not there at hospital while this whole scene happen and he got devasted by seeing their situation.
Rajnath and lucky
Arjun, sheena and sakshi comes at same time.

Shailaja hugs sakshi and cries rajnath consoles her by taking her hands trust me sister i will make everything fine.this is a promise from your brother.
Laksh:- where is dev uncle and rags aunty.
Just then sumi and swara and sekhar comes and informs them that sanskar,durga and dev went to collect evidence.
Rajnath says arjun and laksh to go and join withthem and use all our contacts to free them ok.
They leaves to hospital .
Durga and all reaches hospital
Durga asks evidence and collects patients joing time and death time and cross*xamines ambulance driver.
Driver:- yes, that is impossible for that patient to live while we reached there he is already dead.even then we brought him to hospital to make sure about his death.when dayal sir and ragini madam examined they declared death already happen 1 hour ago.
Durga:- 1 hour ago but contacting of ambulance time is 11o clock. In that patient death estimation is 10 clock. How can that happen on which road you collected body we hace to collect evidence from cctv.
They all rush there and ask traffic police to give evidence but they dont accept to give evidence to them.
Laksh and sanskar and durga shows their identity and dev says plzz sir we have to save innocent people otherwise from today no one belive in doing good and even people wont think to trust them.
Police comissionar comes their and says give cctv footage to them dev thanks him and says sorry for that day he behaved rudely towards him.

Police:- i know you all people if these many people are fighting for something that means its a genuine reaso and dont worry your dad and sister will be out of it and even i m thankfull to your dad because of him today my dad is alive.
Dev thanks him again.
Durga:- dev see here body is hit by truck 8:30 and he is alive at that time and a ambulance came and took the body after that for sometime recording is not there and again at 9 your ambulance picked him. Its a trap dev and remember well do have any enemies
Police :- location also changed its a trap dev remember well do u have any enemies are did your dad or your sister fought with any one.
Dev :- i dont know uncle dad and ragini will never fight with any one.
Durga:- we have to talk to dayal uncle and ragini while leaving police says dev if you want any help i am here dont worry ok .
Dev thanks him again and they all leave towords their cars.
Dev gets a call from shailaja.

Shailaja:- dev they have arrested your dad and ragini from hospital dev .
Dev falls down on his knees and cries loudly by seeing his condition all comes towords him.
Laksh:- wat happen dev why are u crying like this .
Dev hugs laksh and says police have arrested dad and ragini from hospital.
I am every bad brother laksh i was unable to save them .
What should i do know ragini and dad are taking treatment how can they take them like that.
U know laksh ragini is in icu just 2 hours before is got consciousness and now she is in police station. Dad is bad state and ragini is not responding or talking to any one. He wipes his tears with both hands and says laksh she is not even talking to me you say to her to talk to me laksh and he see towards arjun and ask him ragini likes u alot arjun u make her to speak saying about girlfriends and all but make her to talk with mee and cries.

Sanskar:- dev if u became weak then how will u support your dad and ragini in this state .rags and dayal uncle needs u more if u be strong and support them they will recover fast.
Durga:- yes dev if rags sees you like this she will becone more weak dev you have to be her strenght know so come on get up lets go to them.
Dev sanskar and durga are in one car.
Laksh and arjun are in another car.
Laksh cries silently by rembering ragini and that slapping vedio.
Arjun:- bhai plzz dont cry nothing will happen to ragini bhai and plzz dont cry i cant see you like this .
Laksh stops car and cries heartfully and then he says you r right arjun i should not cry i have to support ragini and their family.
Arjun and laksh starts their car.
Durga says case is moving fast and its sence less i have to talk to patients family and asks to take them to patients family house and promuses dev that today and now itself she will bring dayal uncle and ragini out .
rags is injured in head and tied with band and a slap marks on cheeks and blood mark on lips and dayal with bandaid on forehead and with torn shirt sits on bench. Rags sits bt placing head on dayal and dayal hugs her from side and both are with tered eyes

Precap :- dev and all gets tears by seeing rags and dayal state. Dev gets angry at someone goes to beat but laksh, durga and police tries to stop but they are unable to control dev anger.

Credit to: Sindhu

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