Ek anokhi kahani Episode 14


Sumi opens door and gets shocked to see dev in tears and asks what happen beta and takes him inside.all family members get shocked seeing dev face and sanskar also come behind him .
Sumi says swara to bring water to dev and sanskar.
Sanskar sits on knees and keeping his hand on dev shoulder and says dev if you dont talk then how can they help us dev.
Sumi:- ha ha beta what help you want we will definetly help you .
Sekhar:- watches dev tensed face and asks is everyone ok in family .
Dev breaksdown by holding his hands and asks sumi to save ragini and dad.
They all gets shocked and asks what happen to them .
Sanskar asks swara to switch on tv news.

Tv on
News flash:- patients family members are saying that because if doctors carelessness the patient died and they are reacting very violently by breaking hospital glasses and they also hurted chief doctor dayal to save him while his daughter dr ragini raichand interfered they even slapped her and threw stones on them dr ragini and dayal jii are getting treatment in icu as we all now that raichand family is know for their loyality and their servings towards india. All patients and people who know them are saving its may be a trap to crupt their image but they cant say whos hand us behind this ..
Swara switches off tv and says
Swara:- what the hell maa its a trap for sure..
Sekhar:- durga we have get full information about this case right know u use your full contacts even me and sumi also tries..
Durga:- haa papa i will say to my pa to collect information and one more thing papa did u notice the people who are damaging hospital are looking like goons .infact i will gather info about those people also and dev plzz give me details if that patient when he admitted fron where he was picked up each detail i need it know lets go to your hospital.
Dev:- thank you so much and tries to do namastai but durga stops him and says its my duty to save good and honest people dev .

Sekhar:- how is dayal jii and ragini now.
Dev:- both got hurted uncle ragini they are getting treatment.
Sekhar:- how many got injured.
Dev:- no one else expect dad and ragini and they damaged hospital furniture.
Sumi:- what in this type of situtions commonly maximum people will get hurt but only these two . Durga solve this case as possible today itself its a big trap.
Durga:- yes maa and goes to dev and takes his hand and promises him that by yesterday morning they both will be out of this case.
Dev:- thank you durga ,aunty and uncle.
Sumi:- where is your mom and how is she.
Sanskar:- mom and dad is there with aunty in thier house aunty.
Sumi:- sekhar lets go to shailaja jii.
Sekhar says Lets go .
Durga:-lets leave to hospital first.
Swara:- sanskar first call to your sister and say everything.
Sanskar:- why.

Swara:- damm it lucky likes ragini yar. We dont now wheather. He knows wat happen with them if you inform to your sister she will inform to arjun so that arjun will inform to laksh naa. This is the time for us to stand for our family and frds .
Sanskar calls sheena and explains everything and asks her to inform to arjun.
Sheena runs towards arjun and say everything .
Arjun:- no way raichands cant do it .that to daysl uncle ragini they are cooledt doctors no this cant happen i have to inform to bhai and he calls to laksh but he doesnt pick call as he is in meeting but then he calls his dad and says what happen to raichands.
Raj:- what i coming with laksh arjun u take sheena and your mom to their house i will reach their and goes to conferense hall and say their is a emergency in our family so meeting is postponed we are very sorry.
Laksh asks wat happen dad and gets shocked by the news and thinks about ragini and gets worried.
They leave from office to raichands house..

Precap:- dev,durga,sanskar and laksh are at road and dev gets a call that dayal and ragini are arrested dev gets shocked by this news

Credit to: Sindhu

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