Ek anokhi kahani Episode 13


Recap:- couples thinking about each other and their dance rags dream about laksh.

Its morning
Rags and dev jogging after sometime sanskar
and sheena joins them they four wsit for other.
( yesterday they all decided to jog together at a park which is equal distance to all houses lucky and swara houses are near and sanskar and ragini houses are near)
After sometime lucky arjun swara and durga reaches .
Rags sees laksh and say hi and she feels uncomfortable thinking about yesterdays
Swara:- what happen to her shevis so calm.
Dev:- even i dnt know i am trying hard but she is
not saying anything.
Rags:- i said naa bhai i tired yesterday and that too i coulnt sleep well thats why .
Dev:- oh plzz i know you very well at wat conditions you behave you are feeling
uncomfort at something and you r not saying that to me.
Rag:- i am ragini bhai.
Dev:- we know that.
Rags:- bhai nothing can change me lets start jogging.
Sansky:- are dream about someone in some way in teasingly thats why u r feeling uncomfort
right if i was not wrong mmay be that guy is one who danced withbu yesterday.
Rags:- how do u know yar is it your are guessibg because you already expreinced by dreaming swara.
Sanskar:- excuse me wat u said.
Rags:- yes u r excused i lisen that when people fall in love they go blind but after watching u i
came to know that they even get deaf .
Sanskar:- ha ha very funny nothing like that.
Rags:- ha ha really.
Arjun and sheena are walking slowly by leaving all.ragini observes this and says sansky see arjun and sheena and says they became frds in very less time naa.
Sansky:- haa first time i am seeing sheena
mingled with some one in less time.
Laksh to himself thats means she also had feeling towards him.
Durga:- arey swara jog properly you are walking like if you are in sleepwalk.
Swara:- dii yesterday u defended me in front of dad that i can sleep upto 10 untill i start my next
project but today u wake me up at 5 not fare.

Durga:- thats yesterday sweetheart so you can sleep from today you have to get up at 5
because ofvyour whole day practisevyou are
not taking good care about your food habits and health thats why and she keep her both hands on swara shoulder from back by pushing run
my sister..
Laksh after jogging finished he say lets take a selfii without knowingly dev and durga stands close together and then thier eye lock is clicked
by laksh.
Rags:- laksh show me pic and shecgoes to him by keepin her hand on laksh shoulder takes his phone and observes dev and durga and smiles.
Laksh:- watches her smile and he too smiles.
Rags:- plzz yar send this pic to me .
Arjun:- comes and stands withthem and says ofcouser bhaa. I mean ragini jii.
Rags:- what jii and that to mee.cone on yar arjun you can call mee rags and i can call uu aruu right are that aruu right belongs to your brother only.
Arjun:- no, even you can call me aruu you to have that right on me and i loving it when u call me aruu.
Rags:- done then bye aruu we have to leave for hospital and you have to leave for your college right go in time otherwise it will be difficult to manage your girlfrd and classess. I mean girlfrds and sees sheena
Arjun and laksh gets shocked and says wat .
Swara comes there and says wat do u think we didnt notice you yesterday swara and rags gives hi five to each other and says nice selection arjun.
Arjun says thanks and blushes.
Swara:- look some one is blushing here.
Dev:- rags come lets leave and says bye to all and they leave from their .
Rags and laksh smiles at each other.
Swara:- it looks like someone else is blushing here.
Arjun:- really who sanskar.
Swara gets shocked and says we are good frds.
Arjun :- oh yaa then even me and sheena are very very good frds but people are who sees us thinks something else.
Swara:- oh yaa in that way.
Durga:- lets leave swara i have to complete my work .
Swara says ok and says bye to them .

In raichands house .
Dayal speaks to shailaja about dev and durga .
She agrees and says shecus a nice girl and they
thinks to talk first with rags and then with dev.
If he says ok then we will talk with sekhar and their family.
Just then rags and dev comes home and sits
with them dev says dad today i am going to all
ngo and oldage homes to check their healths.
Dev ,rags and dayal gets ready and leaves to their hospital.
Sanskar and laksh leaves to office
Arjun and sheena meets in colz and principal announces about a project related to successfull bussiness mans.
Arjun decideds to go to sanky. Sheena to laksh.
And project should complete in one month.
And principal says their is a freshers party and he assigned some groups.
Sheena:- who will watch lights and curtains and she starts arranging them but she suddenly keep leg on one of the curtain and slips but in time arjun holds her.
Arjun makes her to stand properly and asks her she she fine or not.
Sheena:- yes i m ok and if you want to keep you hand on my waist like thid only then i wont have any problem with it juno boy
Arjun :- immediately takes his hand from sheenaand thinks wat if anyone sees us.
Sheena comes close to him and says dnt worry juno boy no one watched us and this is store room do they cant watch us.
Arjun:- looks around and says oiLlfcourse you are right.
Sheena:- you are getting afraid of someone might watch us right and tgen in case if no one watching us then wat juno.
Arjun:- haaa.
Sheena:- you have nothing to say juno.
Arjun:- yes but not now.
Sheena:- shall i say then juno and goes towards him.
Arjun:- smiles and says yes .
Sheena:- i i i actually i will wait untill you say my poor juno boy and pulls his cheeks and leaves from there.
Arjun touches his cheeks and smiles.
Dayal goes to rags cabin and talks about dev and durga .rags gets happy and hugs dayal and says your are worlds best dad you have selected a wonderfull person to my brother i love you dad.
Dayal:- you like it.
Rags:- i love it papa.
Nurse comes and informs them its a emergency dayal and rags runs outside.
Swara and durga are preparing lunch.
Durga:- swara you please sit naa i will prepare.
Swara:- say it straight na di di you people are afraid of my cooking and keeps sad face.
Durga:- ok baba you cook completely but on one conditio. .
Swara:- i will instrut you point to point.
Swara says ok and she completed whole cooking with help of durga .they all praises swara for cooking well.
Swara says credit goes to dii
Durga says no to u .
Sekhar and sumi says ok dnt fight credit goes to both.
After finishing lunch they all sits together and citchatting.
Door bell rings continusly.
Sumi says why they are ringing bell like this.
Durga says i will go and see and gets up but sumi stops her and says wait i will check who is it and goes and opens door gets shocked to see dev in tearedy eyes and he is in very bad postion and sanskar says aunty is very urgent we need your help.

Precap:- dev talking to sekhars whole family by folding his hands and sanky beside him tears are rolling down from dev tears.

Guess guys wat may happen to dev why he is crying

Credit to: Sindhu

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