Ek anokhi kahani Episode 11

Three of them goes to their parents .
They wish dp and ap happy anniversary uncle and aunty
They thank them.

Dayal:- dev and ragini do you remember rajnath
Dev:- yes, dad he is rajnath goenka from whom we treated in leg injury. How are you know uncle there is no pain naa.

Rajnath comes towards dev and rags and says i am fine beta because i was treated by two young and cute doctors and he turns towards

rags and say u want to prove and he gives hand to rags and says so lady can i have a one dance with u tonight.

Rags:- i love to dance with u uncle .
Rajnath:- by the way beta as u already met them
but still these are my two sons and shows
lucky and arju..
Rags:- these your sons uncle thats why these
two are handsome but as not like you and
sakshi aunty.
Raj and sakshi smiles.

Dev and rags gets happy to see sumi swara .
They go towards them and takes blessings.

Dev:- how are you aunty , how are you swara.
Swara:- we are fine beta how are you both.
Sumi:- introduces sekhar and durga .

Dp :- makes introduce every one to each other soon all families became frds.
Party starts
Parents are hanging together and kids are sitting in a round table.
Arjun and sheena sends messages to each other by wats app.
Arjun:- sheena you are looking damn cute today.
Sheena:- thank you arjun of course like always
you are looking handsome but not like you
brother in teasing way.
Arjun:- acts as like angry but soon smiles and asks do you want to say anything .
Sheena:- actually i want to lisen something from you.
Arjun:- what.
Sheena:- dont know.
They both share a eyelock with smiles on their faces.

Swara:- talking to her sister and sanskar is
watching her and realises that he is getting
attracted to her.
Rags to talking to her brother and laksh staring
her and rags observes laksh and smiles and
says so whats up laksh goenka.
By that sudden voice everyone comes to their
Rags:- how are you.
Laksh:- i am fine.
Rags:- hi arjun wat about your colz how many beautifull girls you met.
Arjun:- by looking at sheena and says only one .
Rags:- what.
Arjun:- aa i mean so many not only one .
Rags:- what r u talking arjun.
Arjun:- nothing leave that matter naa.
Laksh who is hides his smile from every one by seeing arjun answers.
Rags:- hi sheena you are looking so cute .
Sheena:- thank u you also looking beautifull.
Rags:- but not like you .
Swara:- what r u doing dii.
Durga:- i m just checking my messages and i m going to bring drink wst abt you u want anything.
Swara:- no.
Durga while going by checking phone again collides with dev and drinks spell on dev hand and it hurts him so he shout ochh durga immediately catches his hand and says sorry is it hurting alot .dev keep on looking her and says no they both had a eyelock.
Meanwhile dp announces every one to come on floor for dance
They all dance by making dp and ap in center in first round they all dances with their sibblings while they spin pairs changes rags goes to arjun and swara goes to dev durga hoes to lucky likethat after that they again spin this time dp says now pairs are fixed they have to dance like this untill songs get finished.
Song plays from movie raaz .
Sonio o sonio tujai dek ta hu to …
This time couple are like
Lucky rags
Arjun sheena
Sanky swara
Dev and durga
Rags:- what a song right laksh i just love this song.
Lucky:- yes super song with super message i
just had a feeling that i am singing for you.
Rags:- what u say.
Lucky:- what i said did u hear wat i say.
Rags:- u said loudly then i will lisen naa.
Lucky:- what i said loudly i thought i am speaking to myself.
Rags:- what u thought ha ha and why are u speaking to yourself and why are u watching me like that .
Laksh:- because you look beautifull and when u smile you look damm cute.
They both lost in their eyes
Laksh slowly places his hand and side waist of her and takes her another hand into his hand starts dancing and by each step they are moving close to eachother without their knowledge.
Sanskar forwards his hand to swara.
Swara lifts her both hands by catching her both ears and says sorry
Sanskar laughs and say why sorry because of that day.
Swara say yes but why are u laughing when i am saying sorry.
Sanskar:- actually for your childish behaviour if any one watches u like this no one will accept u are a popular singer and you r so simple i love that thing in you.
Swara:- what you love me.
Sanky:- in hurriedly love means not that type of love . In this situation love means something like liking i hope you understand me.
Swara:- laughs and says calm down i am just joking so chill and forwards her hand and says frds .
Sanky takes that hand and pulls her close and says frds and now lets dance my frd.
They both laugh and starts dancing.
Sheena:- so head boy
Arjun:- haa head girl.
Sheena:- i want to hear something special from you.
Arjun:- really and says what something specisl u want u here from me.
Sheena:- pointing finger back and say that something special juno boy.you dont know or what.
Arjun:- juno.
Sheena:- why i cant call you like that .. if you dont like ok then ..arj..
Arjun:- stops her and says you can call me juno. In fact i love that name.
Sheena:- what you are loving juno the name or the person who kept it.
Arjun:- gets tensed and say namee.
Sheena(to her self) :- i will juno i will make u to express your feeling to me.
Arjun:- do you said anything .
Sheena:- did u hear any thing.
Arjun:- no.
Sheena:- ok then me also no and what juno you are watching me like that .i am looking that beautifull.
Arjun:- ofcourse you will look beautifull afterall my mom made you ready.
Sheena:- ya ya but before when i am not ready then also i noticed some one looking at me .
Arjun:- really who is it.
Sheena:-( how mean juno and now its a challenge for me and i will definetly make you speak that you started liking me and its a chalkenge )
Scene shifts to dev and durga.
Dev and durga feek uncomfortable but dev offers his hand to durga and then he raises his second hand and durga get nervous thinking that hand will place on her back but she gets shocked when he offers her secong hand into his hand instead of placing on her waist.
They both dance differently durga get impressed by dev .
Dev gets impressed by her beauty.
Durga:- so what do you do dev jii.
Dev:-durgajii i am a cardio doctor and may i know about you.
Durga:- i am a criminal lawyer.
Dev :- in future we may need your help.
Durga:- in this world no one should need help of doctors or lawyers all should happy and healthy.
Dev :- thats great thought.
Durga:- thank you.
Dev makes durga a turn but she slips and in mean time dev holds her and they continue to dance like that without noticing his hand is now on durgas waist and they both dance .
Dp goes to dayal and says.
Dp:- dayan just watch dev and durga they are looking made for each other.
Dayal:- haa yar even i noticed that.
Dp:- then think about them dayal and discuss this with your family.
Dayal:- even i am thinking about it to get dev married and if it is from know family then it will be good.
Dp:- i know durga very well she is oerfect fir dev haa firstcadk ragini.
Dayal:- haa thats important otherwise she will kill mec.
Screen freezes on smiling faces of dp and dayal and dev durga.

Precap:- party still continues and some funny moments between all and frds i will try to write recap from next episode and yesterday i was busy as it is subday thats why i could update it sorry for that
I hope you will enjoy thus episode

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