Ek anokhi kahani Episode 10


The episodes starts with shocking faces of laksh and arjun.

Laksh:- say naa maa what type of coincidence.
Arjun:- haa baba say it fastly otherwise bhai ka hawai tight ho raha hai edhar.
Laksh:- haa bholo naa .. what u said arjun maii i will see you afterwards.
Arjun:- ha ha afterwards first this one is important all starts laughing.
Laksh:-thats it i am going if you people want to say or not your wish.
Raj and sak:- ok om we will first of all you both sit down and lisen carefully.
Arjun and laksh sits bt keeping their two palms on both cheeks and lisen carefully.
Sakshi:- when you were in london for training and arjun when you were in germany do you both remember your dad leg was fractured. In that time every one said that operation can be done but he cant walk properly it will take years to him to talk properly.we thought to go foreign also but doctors didnt allow him to move.then one of our business associates refered to raichands hospital. We went their.

Dayal and dev took all xrays and said operation will be successfull and after that we will assign a phisotheorphy doctor . After first three sitting the way uncle responds by depending on that report we will say still how many sitting should be done and in this process uncle should be very postive and happy bith physically snd mentally also after few hours they immediately conducted operation and after that they arranged worlds number one phisotherophy doctor and from their ragini took this case personally and she is with us from starting to ending like a shadow and she is do pure and soon she became very close to us and even raj responded well after 3 sittings .
Raj:- yaa she is awesome kid laksh and the people who will be around their family will be always happy.

Sakshi:- haa thats true beyond their professions they all took care about eachbpatient personally
And your dad got well in just 7 sittings and that also she and her brother came to our house frequently to check if he is not facing any sideffects.
Arjun:- thats awesome dad in these days that to theses of doctors are. Like a rare species.
Raj:- thats why arjun by lisening their names first one comes to my mind is their loyality and you know they have very good experieces that if
they settle in other countries they would have
become millioners . But they studied in aboard and serving our country . Their whole family
belongs to doctors dayal got good thoughts
from his dad who is serving in village inspite of
having alot of money and dayal shared thought his childrens.

Arjun:- what a family dad and you know dad ragini snd dev bonding is awesome like us right
bhai but for a second i felt bad that i dont have any elder or younger sister.
Laksh:- yes but dont worry aruu your brother is there naa.
Raj:- no i wont accept it i know guys that your bonding is good but a realtion ship between a brother and sister will be always out of the
world.infact above the sky.
Laksh:- no papa even our bonding is also above the sky. Whats say aruu.
Arjun:- ofcourse bhai you are my life and ragini
bhabi will be more than my life.
Laksh breaks hug and hits him and say u again started.
Scene shifts to sumi.
Sumi:- so he is that yesterday person.
Swara:- yes mom as papa says we should not come to conclusion in first meeting that became true today. He again infact his dad also apolized thats so sweet of them and such a nice family.
Durga:- i said naa swara not to shout on that day on him.
Swara:- i am sorry dii by catching her ears and making cute face.
Durga:- actually who deserves your sorry .
Swara:- sanskar.
Durga:- good girl ,so when will you say.

Swara:- tomorrow in party ok didi.
Durga:- ok swaruu
Sekhar says to sumi
They look so good together right and their bonding.
Sumi:- right .
Sekhar:- when they both get married and leaves from here then what will we do sumi.
Sumi:- dont know sekhar when ever i think about it i feel very sad but it should happen naa. We will get very nice persons into their lifes so that they will be always happy.
Durga and swara comes from back and hugs them and says we will never leave you both.
They four gets emotional.
Scene shifts to sanskar house
House is fully decorated with different flowers in all places like one side roses in dining area lilly like that.
Ap is wearing darkblue and gold colour border saree.
Dp is wearing dark blue and black colour sherwani.
Sansky is wearing red and black colour blazer
Sheena is wearing green and goldcolour lenga

Dayal is wearing white colour suit.
Shailaja wearing pink and black colour saree.
Dev is wearing cement shirt white coat and pant.
Ragini is wearing peach colour salwaar .

Rajnath is wearing black and white suit.
Sakshi:- red and black saree.
Laksh is wearing dark blue and black suit.
Arjun is wearing organge shirt white coat and dark blue pant.

Sekhar wears complete white coat and skyblue shirt.
Sumi violet colour saree.
Durga wearing lemon green and pink colour salwaar .
Swara is wearing red and black salwaar.

Party starts
First laksh and their family reaches their.
Sanskar:- welcomes them snd makes them sit.
Plz feel easy aunty and uncle mom and dad will coming down.
Arjun who starts searching whole house.
Laksh:- patience my darling bro she will come ok.
Arjun smiles
Sheena:- bhai i hate this desiner.( she is not ready and her hair is messy).
Arjun get mesmerised and opens hid mouth
Lsksh:- closes his mouth and say close your
mouth aruu.
Sansky:- what happen yar you are looking cute.
Sheena:- cute my foot see this lenga… i am not having feeling of wearing it infact i am feeling
like i sm lifting dumbles.
Sansky:- come on its matter of some time.
Sheebu:- oo yaa its matter of some time.one day u will get married right obiviously you will
wear sherwani.

Sansky :- haa tho wats new in that.
( laksh whole family is watching them but they
are not seeing that they are observing them )
Sheebu:- ofcourse it will be new because i am going to stich ur sherwani which weights minimu 100kgs when u wear it start complaing then i will say come on bhai its matter of sometime
Bare karnai walon ko pucho kaisai lagaiga and stamps on his feet .
He starts shouting snd jumping on one feet then they lisen some one is laughing and lisening to them they both turn and sees rajnath family .
Sheena:- when did they came bhai(in slow voice)
Sansky:- a while ago.
Sheena:- you are saying that now.
Sanky :- sorry yar.
Sheebu:- unbelievable and wishes them by hi to all and takes blessing from raj and sakshi.and says i will go and get ready aunty in few minutes.
Sakshi:-sheena beta if u dont mind shall i make u ready.
Sheena:- with doudtfull face says ok aunty lets go .
Sheena and sakshi goes from there to sheena room.
Mean while dp and ap comes down .
Raj:- wow look hero and herione are coming.
Ap:- bhaiya were is sakshi
Raj:- she went to help sheena to get ready.
Ap:- what she can get ready wait i will go.
Raj:- kya ap cant sakshi help to get ready for
sheena .
Sakshi:- ofcourse i have all rights on her see how beautifull she is looking .
All shocked to sheena as she is looking damn
cute .
All praises her and then she looks at arjun who is looking at her.
She asks him by raising eyebrows like how is she looking.
Arjun say with fingers super.
Mean while raichands and gagidias reach at a time parents and swara comes inside and rags and dev while coming.
Rags:- bhai how i am looking today.
Dev:- like always pagsl monkey.
Rags:- so mean bhai and pushes him slowly .
But he hits his head with durgas head who is just coming.
They both shout ouchh.
Dev:- i am really sorry are u ok .
Durga:- actually i sm sorry i didnt see u i am do sorry by rubbing head and lifts her eyes and watches at dev .
Dev gets keep on looking at her and says she is so beautifull.

Rags:- i am sorry i push him but i didnt see u and finds thst they are not lisening to her and list into eachothers eyes and thinks to disturb but stop and thinks something and silently walks inside and stand infront of them and takes a pic then she goes and coughs .
By this they both comes into their senses.
Rags:- so can we go inside or u both still wants to stsnd here in this postion , haa its ok for me if u stsnd like this but it will difficult for guest who wants to come inside and see its already traffic jamed.
Dev and durga says wat and watches that few guests are waiting outside.
They feel awekword and moves towards their parents.
Dp asks both gagodias and raichands wear from your kids.
They see their are coming and says here they are and points towards them.
Laksh get mesmerised seeing ragini.
Raj and sakshi signal to laksh and laksh gets shy.
While walking dev and durga hands met each other and feels something newly .
Screen freezes on faces of dev and durga faces

Precap:- rags meeting goenkas and swara apology to sansky by holding her ears and sansky keep looking at swara cute face.
Dev and durga again collides to each other.
Arjun and sheena shares some cute moments.

Thanks to all once again for reading my ff and commenting it means means a lot for me

Credit to: Sindhu

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