Ek anokhi kahani (attractive smile) Episode 4

Dev :- sumi aunty we have reached your court.
Sumi:- thank you beta for your help.
Dev :- its ok aunty.
Sumi:- beta because of us u and laksh have face loss, if you dont mind i will pay your expenses.
Before dev could respond arjun interfers and says.
Arjun:- kya aunty , if you were in our position will
Will u accept if we say like this, and wat ever happen today is good only right , 6 different people met and becsme frds . So plz aunty no money but we all will try too maintain our frdship like this ok .
Sumi smiles and bless arjun.
Sumi:- lets go swara.
Swara:- yes, mom im coming.
Ragini:- but aunty swara recording place is in different ways right we will leave her there if u dont have any problem.
Sumi:- thinks for a while and accepts and goes inside court.
Ragini:- asks dev to stop for a while and gets down and goes towards swara and sits beside and asks laksh .
Laksh if u dnt mind will accompy my brother i want sit with swara and arjun if your brother sits with my brother u wont feel jeously naa.arjun nodes noo.
Laksh gets down and open door for ragini.

Rags says thank you by a little smile . By seeing rags face laksh automatically smiles.
Arjun who is witness of all this smiles and making funny expression to laksh.
Laksh get embrassed by this and goes and sits with dev .
Rags:- swara u have a very good name as singer then y u never use publicity.
Swara:- actually i hate publicity ragini .
I like to be simple, see now i can go anywere because people only knows my voice than my face its a big plus for me and i love it so that i can leave normal life.
Rags:- wow so sweet of u .
Arjun:- u know in our whole gang everyone is a big fan of u, if i say them i met u they will die with jeously haha.
Swara:- thanks u and your friends.
Meanwhile ragini phone starts ringing.
Rags:- bhai maa is calling.
Dev:- haa pick up naa
Rags:- with mischievous expression has pick up naaa wat do u think im asking ur help or wat.
Dev :- then wat happen ragoo why are hestitating to pick up.
Rags:- arey do u forget wat that police office said .
Dev:- haa he said he will inform our parents naa. And dont worry we will explain everything to dad he will manage.
Rags:- from delhi.
Dev:- shit i forgot he went to delhi for 2 days right i forgot now wat.
Rags:- wat means mom will show us wat hell will be that to pratically .
Dev:- i hope dad is with us.
Rags:- bhai wat if in these two days we will take night shifts .
Dev:- not a bad idea ragoo.

Rags:- thanks bhai .
Rags phone rings again
Dev:- this time u have to pick
Rags picks call and ends it says we are finished mom said when we reach home she will teach us how to drive.
And bhai aaj raat hum dono ka band baaja barath hai
Dev:- dont worry from today onwards hum doka 2 days night todays after its our hospital we can use it atleast in this way right .
Swara:- if u both dont mind shall i say to my mom to convince your mom.
Dev:- hi swara its ok no need, thanks for asking.
Swara:- are u sure
Rags:- hi dont worry this happens with us daily me and bhai always do something wrong and tries different weird ways to escape from mom, ha if dad is there it will easy for us to escape now he went to delhi so we have to try hard to escape for 2 days but its ok swara.
Swara smiles to rags and rags smile to swara.
Swara studio comes and she sayscbye to four of them.
Dev:- arjun wat are u dng now as we came to know that your brother is bussiness man
Arjun:- i am going to join in mba colz within 2 days.
Ragini:- hi arjun these school days and colz days wont come back once we pass them so study well and make a hell noice that too in limited aa
Arjun:- ofcourse i will satisfy all qualities of a good and bad student.
They both laugh and share hi five.

Dev:- laksh be carefull about arjun because ragoo is giving training to him so it ur duty will be changed to 24hrs by saving arjun from others.
Laksh:- really
Dev :- yes its very dangeriousss u no.
Rags :- very funny bhai.
U r so mean even how many times i too saved uu
Dev :- my count on saving u is unlimited and it will never stop.
They three starts laughing and laksh is staring at her face from front window and smiles innocently and thinks wats happening with mee
When ever i saw her smiling i am feeling very happy why i am getting weird and crazy feeling for this girl
Meanwhile arjun message to laksh.
Laksh checks his phone .

What happen bhai ur smiling a lot todays that differently and keep on looking at her wats matter.

Laksh msg him back

Shut up aruuu nothing like that u r taking it wrongly

Arjun to laksh again

Really bhai ok then lets wait and see

Laksh to arjun
No need to wait and see when there is nothing here

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