Ek Anokhi Daastaan (Episode 2)


Haiee frndz. I decided to continue my ff
I will write for those who read it. I will not stop. And sorry. I will not get disappointed regarding comments. I will try my best to make it interesting. Lets start.
Ep starts with kalpana going to a room with food. She opens the door. A girl is sitting near the window and looking at the beautiful flower outside the window. She was humming a song. She is apu. Kalpana goes near apu and says dont worry apu… I know you want to go out and meet with people and make frndz like tapur does. Apu says nothing like that maa. Kalpana says i promise you that i will take you outside very soon. Apu smiles. Apu asks maa why does tapur behave rudely with me? Why does she hate me? Kalpana says coz my shona is very beautiful. In today’s world people easily become jealous. Now eat quickly…. You have to bath in neem liquid. Apu smiles. Tapur is standing outside the room and gets angry. She goes from there. She says to herself what does that behanji type apu think about herself? I am clearly beautiful than her. A voice comes from back saying not u both. I am prettiest. Tapur turns back. She says ishani dii….. Ishani smiles. Tapur hugs ishani. Kalpana comes and says ishani beta.. How r u? Ishani says i am fine. How is apu? Tapur sees with a disgusted look. Kalpana says go and meet her. Ishani and tapur go to apu’s room. Ishani hugs apu nd they talk. Tapur goes from there.
Kalpana goes towards her wadrobe. She takes a casket and opens it. There is a diamond ring in it. She sees it carefully and says right time will come to use it and smiles evilly. Tapur sees all this from window. She thinks mom even has a diamond ring with her….. She goes from there. She gets a call from her frnd. Tapur says haiee sweety…. Ok…. When….. Fine…. Wait for me i will come there….. Bye. She ends the call. She takes her scooty keys and go to meet her frnd. Frnd of Tapur is sweety. Sweety and tapur talk for sometime. Tapur goes to her house. Sweety taunts tapur coz tapur’s scooty is very old. Tapur says i have to buy a new scooty. But how will i atrange money? Then she remembers the diamond ring and smirks.
Precap: kalpana slaps tapur meeting of ishveer and apulay.
So how is it frndz???? I will give equal importance to both the pairs. Tapur is villain for sime time then a very big twist is going to occour. Lots of love from vaishu……

Credit to: Vaishnavi

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  1. zuha(Asya Fan)


    1. Thanks zuha…..

  2. superb Vaishu… l’m really happy that u decided to continue
    ur ff… l really loved it… lshveer is my favourite pair..

    1. Hi fi. I also love ishveer.

  3. amazing

    1. Thanks sharaya……

  4. superb nagma now u and i should continue this ff agree??

  5. Nice episode Dear… Keep writing … Good luck …

    1. Thanks kathy….

  6. nagma I cant tell how much liked ur ff its really superb!!! dr I luved ur way of explaining …….I felt like I watched a serial in tv itself… its really nice keep gng dr .. 🙂

    1. Thanks akka……..

  7. Really superb yaar ,loved it

  8. Ishaani also..?super..waiting for nxt episode..frnd☺

    1. Yes. Apulay and ishveer are the pairs. And thanks………

  9. Nice epi dr nagma.glad u continue it.waiting for next epi.?

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