Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-22)

The episode starts with Arun being sad as they couldn’t be fully successful in their mission and that ten people died in the incident.Suddenly he notices a woman being carried into the ambulance by the nurses.
Arun: Hey wait… (He stops the nurses) Venkat, come here…Isn’t this Suhani?
They all take a look at the woman and says
Venkat: I guess it is her… Is she OK?
Nurse: I’m sorry but she’s no more..
Arun: What?! That can’t be Suh.. Let’s take a look again
Nurse: Her face has gone totally unrecognizable. I guess she was very near to the bomb when it exploded.
Aru: I cannot see this anymore…(he covers the woman’s face) It shouldn’t be Suh.
Venkat: But I remember her wearing the same dress
Arun: No that can’t happen..I should inform Sharad
He calls Sharad
Sh: Arun is everything OK?
Arun tells him everything about Yuvraj
Sh: Omg! Then where’s Suhani bhabhi?
Aru: It would be better if you come to the hospital..
Sh: OK I’ll be there in a minute
Bh: Sh what happened? Are they alright?
Sh looks on

Later ShaVana arrive at the hospital and sees Aru
Sh: Where’s Yuvi?
Aru tells them that he’s in ICU. Sh &Bh sees Yuvi lying down with many injuries
Doc: It might take a few hours or even a day for him to regain his consciousness due to severe injuries in the head
Bh(cries): Where is Suhani?
Just then Arun comes and takes them to the morgue
Bh: Why are we here?
Aru: They’ve found a woman’s body so we should just check if..
Bh: Nahi…kuch nahi hua hai Suhani ko
Bh starts crying while Sharad gives her a side hug
Sh: They’re just asking to check Bh ji..
Bh: I won’t see…
She turns away
Aru: Its ok.. We’ll see
They take off the white cloth from the face and get very shocked to see that it was Suh
Sh: This can’t happen… Suh bhabhi
Bh too looks at the face and screams
Bh: NO!! Sharad u tell them its not Suh.. It’s somebody else..Tell them please
Sh hugs Bh and they cry
Bh: What will I say to ma??
Later Suh’s parents are informed about her death and the whole family including the birlas get totally shattered. With a heavy heart both the families agree to do her last rites in Europe because sh&Bh couldn’t return to India leaving Yuvi in that state.

After a day
Yuvi slowly opens his eyes and see ShaVana near him. Sh helps him to sit.
Yuvi: Where is Suh? Is she okay?
Sh&Bh look at each other with teary eyes
Yuvi: Would anybody say something to me?
Sh says to him about what happened to Suh.

Yuvi’s pov:
I couldn’t believe what I heard. How can that even be possible? She’s so bold and courageous. How can she be killed? I couldn’t even think of that. I felt as if i was stabbed with a knife in my chest. My heart was shattered into so many minute pieces.I lost all the reasons to live because she was the only hope I had,the only one who gave a new meaning to my life.
I wished it to be a worst nightmare. But it wasn’t. It really happened. And above all, I couldn’t even see her for the last time. I remained silent
Sh: Yuvi? Are u okay?
I still didn’t answer. How can I be okay without her? Why am I still alive? I wanted to end my life
After a few days I was discharged and we flew back to India as i couldn’t live there all alone. I spent everyday alone in my room, looking at our photos and going back to those good old days. Just then my mom came there with food.
Ma: Yuvi u haven’t eaten properly since u came here
Please eat something
Me: I don’t want anything.. I just need Suhani. I was a very bad husband. I couldn’t give her anything she deserved.I gave her only pain. I’m nothing without her ma. I couldn’t keep up my promise of protecting her, I failed in it.
I cried lying on my mother’s lap. She caressed my head and said
Ma: Look Yuvi, I know this wasn’t supposed to happen. But you should not give up. Suh won’t like to see u in this state. At least for her u should eat something please.
I got up and ma fed me. I wasn’t hungry at all but then I saw Suh’s smiling face and I imagined her saying to me
Suh: Yuvi don’t be such a baby now.. Chup chaap khaana khaalo
I had a slight smile on my face and I ate some food
Suh: Very good..Keep smiling like this always
She disappeared saying that.
POV ends

Yuvi is asleep and all the family members have a talk
Saurab: Yuvi is so depressed after Suh left..we need to do something
Prat: It’s just been a week. Maybe we should give him sometime to recover from this
Sh: I still cannot believe this actually happened
Prat: Sharad we need to go and meet Lata&Pankaj. I cannot even imagine what pain they must be going through
Sh nods

Precap: After one and a half years
Suh is shown taking care of two babies and Soumya(Suh’s Bestie from Ssel) comes into her room and hugs her

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    It was very emotional…unite yuvani quickly……….thank you

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