Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-21)

The next day Suh &Yuvi bid goodbye to ShaVana and left the house in their car. They reach the park where they find all their team members.
Arun: Since everybody have reached, please be very cautious because once you’re held captive then it’ll be very tough to save u. We’re doing this for the welfare of all Indians who live here. We should not let our country lose in front of others. This is a matter of nationalism and to prove that we all are patriots.

So everyone go&take positions.
Yuvi: Before that we’ll make sure that we all are totally drenched in colours(since it’s holi celebration) because it will be tough for them to identify us.
As Yuvi said, all get themselves coloured such that they cannot be identified. All take their positions. After some hours people start to gather in the park for holi celebration. Many people including men, ladies and children reach there and they all start to enjoy the festival of colours. Suh&Yuvi were hiding behind an old shed while Arun and two of the agents were trying to track the bomb using their equipments. But they fail to find it even after trying for several times.

Arun: They are very intelligent..We’ve to think of something else before they attack the people.

Near the shed
YuVani hear some footsteps near them.
Yuvi: Suh u just wait here until I go check there..
Yuvi goes leaving Suh behind. Michel is seen smirking standing a few steps behind Suh. Yuvi goes quite far such that now Suh couldn’t see him from where she was standing.
Yuvi(thinking): Maybe there was nobody here…
As he turns to go back he is hit on his head with a rod
He holds his head and falls down

Screen shifts to Suh

Suh(thinking): Where has Yuvi gone? I hope he’s not in some trouble.. Let me go&check
As Suh takes a few steps forward somebody covers her mouth from behind. She quickly punches the guy in his stomach and frees herself before she could realize who he was he starts speaking
Michel: I never knew that you were so brave..
She recognizes Michel’s voice and says
Suh: I knew it..I knew about u being my rival already
Mich: Very good! You’re so smart..(he pulls her cheeks while she pushes his away)
Suh: So, are u ready to breath your last?

Mich(laughs): U shouldn’t ask such questions to me.. Instead u must ask it to your husband
Suh(gets confused): What do u mean?
she realises that Yuvi has gone to check and still didn’t return
Suh(holds his collar): What did u do to him?? If anything happens to him then…
Mich: Then?? U cannot do anything Suhani.

Suh slowly pulls out her gun without his notice and was about to shoot him when somebody holds her from behind, yet she frees herself but sees many men there. She fights with them and shoots some of the guys on their leg. Michel makes her smell chloroform(an organic compound which makes a person unconscious for 5mins or more) She falls down.
Michel: Now there’s nobody who can save u from me!(he laughs)

Suh is taken in an old building and then she slowly regains her consciousness. She opens her eyes and learns that she is tied to a bed with metal chains. She tries to free herself just then Mich comes there and says

Mich: Oh no Suh! How did u fall into my trap? Now what will u do? I pity on u..
Suh(angrily): I don’t need your sympathy! Leave me at once
Mich: I won’t leave u unless I get all the fun.. Do u wanna see your husband? Wait I’ll show u
Mich shows her a live video of Yuvi being beaten up. He was tied and was being thrashed. His clothes were all torn and his forehead was bleeding. Suh couldn’t tolerate his condition and got both furious and sad looking at him.
Suh: Stop this!! Don’t u dare do anything to him!

Mich: Do u think I’m just going to listen to what u say?
Suh: Then what the hell do u need from me?
Mich: I want you in bed with me..
Suh(grits her teeth): How disgusting can u be?
Mich: If u want your husband alive then u should agree…
Suh cries and looks on
Meanwhile Arun searches for the bomb and at last they find it near a garbage bin
Venkat: We need to diffuse the bomb soon.. There’s just 10mins left
Arun: Yeah.. That’s why I brought these people(bomb squad) here

They all try hard to diffuse the bomb but they fail
Guy: We are not able to diffuse the bomb but we can help u take it out so that u can throw it in a nearby lake
Arun: Okay then… Take it out soon
They work on taking out the bomb

Yuvraj is still beaten up and falls down due to unbearable pain Suh sees that and cries harder
Suh(still crying): OK…I’ll do…what u said
She gets dizzy and holds her head
Mich: Good for you! Btw you’re okay right?
Suh: Why would u care if I was okay? First u have to leave yuvraj(she holds her head again)
Mich: Okay I will leave him…(he shows the video and Suh sees Yuvi being freed and that he was lying down as he was unconscious)

Suh smiles a bit but then she gets worried at the thought of what Mich was going to do to her. Mich smirks and goes near Suh, while she cries helplessly. He throws away her dupatta and holds her face and gets very close to her.
Meanwhile they manage to take out the bomb and Arun runs with the bomb and sees that there was only ten seconds left he reaches the lake and throws away the bomb with all his might and it blasts in the lake. Everyone in the park sees that and thank Arun and his team for rescuing them.
Arun: But where’s Suh &Yuvi?

Venkat: Yeah I haven’t seen them since morning..
Arun: Come let’s go&check..
They both search for them and find Yuvraj lying down all beaten up.
Arun: Omg! Call the doc quick.. He’s very much injured.. And where’s Suh?
Just then they hear another bomb blasting a mile away. They rush to the spot and see many people injured badly

Arun: How could we be so careless? They already had a backup plan
Ambulances arrive and carry the victims,some of them injured some of them dead. ShaVana sees the news on TV which said: Ten people died and many of them severely injured in the bomb blast
Bh: Oh my god Sharad! I hope they both are fine
Sh: I tried calling them but they didn’t pick up the phone
Bh looks on being tensed

Precap: Yuvraj regains his consciousness in the hospital and asks for Suh. Bh&Sh cry.

Please don’t forget to comment and let me know what u think would happen to Suhani.

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  1. Yuvani

    I just hope nothing bad happens with suhani………..Well do everyone believes that she is dead.?

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    what an emotional episode…i hope nothing happens to suhani…

  3. Yes i too hope nothing happens to suhani..someone should save her…waiting for ur update

  4. too emotional.. feel bad for yuvani.. for yuvaraj suhani agree but i hope nothing bad happen to suhani…
    waiting for next.

  5. emotional episode…but i hope ntg bad happens to suhani and yuvraj will find her.

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  7. Emotional episode…. Pls make them together asap.. Well done dear…

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  10. Sarita

    emotional epi i hope nothing bad mapped to suhani

  11. OMG what a episode ….. Plz unite YuvAni soon can’t wait more for the next

  12. Such an emotional episode..Hope Yuvi finds suhani at the right time..U r doing a good job..Please post the next epi ASAP

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