Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-20)

Hello everyone! I read all your comments for the previous episode and found that you all are tensed because of the twist. Don’t worry guys Suhani will not die. But yes, there will be a YuvAni separation. This is a short episode but the upcoming episodes will be longer. Stay tuned to know more about the track and Please do comment!!

After a week…
All the team members were busy planning about their mission.
Arun: We should make sure that nobody is harmed on that day..
Suh: Why can’t we warn the people?
Arun: No we cannot do that. Because they’ll understand that we already know about their plan and so they might do something even more disastrous
Yuvi: That’s right..We all should guard the park while the others will try to track down the bomb
Suh: Yeah..And as I told u earlier that Michel and his friend is our rival so we should be careful that they don’t identity us
Venkat: Haven’t u seen Michel after that?
Suh: No..but I’m sure he’d be planning against me
Yuvi: I won’t let him harm u Suh.. He’s such a jerk
Arun: Suh it will be OK if u don’t come there.. Because we need our team members to be safe
Suh: No! I’ll come there. And let me see what he can do to me. I’m not scared of such attackers
Yuvi: Ok then..we’ll meet day after tomorrow at the park
Arun: Don’t forget guys, you need to come @7am
Yuvani leave.

Next day
YuvAni were given a map of the park and so they were discussing about where they should be hiding. Sh comes to their room and says that they should not be always thinking about their work instead they should give sometime to their family too. YuvAni agree and go to the living room to find Bh preparing kheer.
Suh: Di! U made this for me?
Bh: No this is for Yuvraj..
Suh pouts and Bh feeds her a spoonful of kheer
Suh: This is so yummy!! You are the best di…
She hugs Bhavna.
Sh: Guru we’ve planned return back to India on next Monday
Suh: Why? You both can stay here for some more time
Bh: Suh, its already going to be 2months since we came and we’ve got to go back to work too
Suh: But di, I’ll feel lonely without u
Bh(gives her a side hug): U won’t feel lonely until Yuvi is with u
Suh looks at Yuvi with a slight smile on her face. He smiles back at her

At night
Suh’s POV:
I was sitting on my bed thinking. I didn’t know why but I felt that I was gonna lose something. I thought about my family, my mother, di and most importantly Yuvraj. I felt like I was going to be away from them. Then I came into reality when I saw Yuvi coming towards me. He asked me something but I didn’t listen to him. He sat beside me and then held my hand and said

Yuvi: Come on Suh, don’t be sad because Bh is leaving. We can meet them anytime
I felt very protected when he held me. I made myself believe nothing bad would happen when Yuvi is with me. I quickly hugged him so tight, that I could precisely hear his heart beating. He wrapped his hands around me. His presence gave me a warmth of security. He then broke the hug and cupped my face and said in a soft voice,
Yuvi: No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you Suhani.
Saying that, he gave a gentle kiss on my forehead which made me smile. I once again pulled him into a hug.
Yuvi: Suh I’m removing this ring(engagement ring) because it’s a bit lose
Suh: U could’ve said that to me earlier.. I would’ve exchanged it
Yuvi: Its OK..I’ll put it in this box because I don’t want to lose it.. Now u go to sleep.
I nodded and lay in bed and I was soon asleep.

Precap: At the park
Yuvi: Suh, u stay here while I check whether somebody’s there(Yuvi goes leaving Suh behind)
Michel is seen standing a few steps behind Suh with a cunning smile.

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