Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-19)

I’m sorry for the late update guys! There was some trouble with the internet connection. There are gonna be some major twists in the plot.

The episode starts with Yuvraj getting furious at Michel for troubling Suh. Yuvi holds his collar while Suh asks him to calm down. Mich smiles and Yuvi leaves him.
Mich: Relax..I didn’t know she was married
Yuvi: Now that you’ve known it u should leave…
Mich(smirks): Still, we’ll meet..
He walks away saying that.

Yuvi: What the hell is this guy’s problem?
Suh: It’s ok Yuvraj, forget about him now
They leave to their house and later YuvAni reach the house(investigate)
Suh: Look, Arun&his team reached too
Arun: Guys, we should break open the door.

Yuvi: No. We can go into the house by breaking the window
Arun: That’s better.
Ar&Yuvi break the glass using hammers and all get inside. They start to investigate every nook and corner of the house while Suh goes to check in the bedroom and gets shocked. She calls all the others and shows them a dead body
Arun: Oh My! This is the house owner. He was murdered? But how?
Yuvi takes a closer look and learns that the guys was shot on his head.
Suh: But why did they kill him?

Yuvi: I’m sure they didn’t do this just to steal the car..Maybe he knew about their plan or something
Arun: Yes exactly.. We need to send this body for autopsy.
Venkat(team member): I found some footprints on the floor. Maybe it’s the killer’s
Arun: Ho sakta hai..U collect the samples we’ll send this to the lab. U guys leave now I’ll call u later
YuvAni leaves in the car. Yuvi asks something to Suh but she doesn’t pay attention to him.
Yuvi: What are u thinking of?

Suh: I have a suspicion on the guys who we met the mall. They can be our rivals.
Yuvi: Hmm..I don’t think so because, if they were our rivals then they wouldn’t come to us
Suh: I don’t know..
At their house Suh &Bh talk with Lata on video chat
Lata: Beta please listen to me. U both should give up this job
Suh: Ma! I’m not a small child I can take care of myself and now, Yuvraj is with me too

Lata: I know you’re brave but this work is too dangerous. I never wanted u to work as an agent but it was only your father who supported you and compelled me to let u join.
Suh: I understand, but now this is my responsibility
I cannot take a step backwards. I’m sorry ma. Bye
She hangs up the call and sits worried
Bh(puts her hand on Suh’s shoulder): Suh I guess u should think about what ma said.
Suh: How can u say that di? This is my work and..
Bh: You both are qualified enough to get another job so its better u quit
Suh: No I can’t its just been a year since I’m working here.. And Yuvraj won’t like it too
She leaves

Bh (thinking): I should talk to Yuvi about this..
She goes to him and tells everything
Bh: This is the best for u two. U can lead a peaceful life without such tensions
Yuvi: I’m with her Bh, nothing will happen. We have a big mission after 10days. I’ll think about it after that
Bh: Ok, be careful
Yuvi: Yeah..

In a coffee shop Michel and the other guy(Ron) were
Ron: Look Michel u need to stop seeing that girl OK?
Michel: Who are u to tell me what to do? I’m your leader so u should follow me
Ron: What do u mean?
Michel: She’s so hot and I need her on my bed at any cost. I’ll do anything for that..Even I’d kill her husband
Ron: I’m not gonna say anything more to u..Do whatever u want(he leaves from there)
Michel sips a cup of coffee and smirks

Spoiler: Yuvraj narrates everything about Suh&his love story to somebody who was sitting beside him.
Yuvi(with tears in his eyes): Its been one and a half years since Suh left this world. I can never forget that day.

Are u guys anxious to know what’s gonna happen? Stay tuned to this site to know more about the upcoming twist. Keep commenting and supporting me!

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  1. Yuvani

    What was that spoiler…………!!!!!! OMG………Thank you for updating…….

  2. good episode.. waiting for next

  3. Sarita

    nice epi but precap interesting.yuvAni fir se seperate ho jayege kya???

  4. Oh neethu!!!! It was Mind blowing but what this twist…. Poor YuvAni but I know something good is der… N pls update asap

  5. Good to see caring raj..spoiler was?…but yuvani cant b separated for long tym except in the disgusting show…waiting for next part..update asap

  6. Please don’t make Suhani dead…. Consider this humble request…

  7. thank u so much for updating when the real show makes us hell.. wow u write so well what a twist in spoiler.. luv u so much.. keep up thd excellent work.. to say i was eagerly waiting waiting for ur update..

  8. wonderful epi…but wht is twist plz don’t separete yuvani and don’t make suhani dead.precap very interesting and emotional too.

  9. Nice episode……… super exciting precap can’t wait more for twist

  10. Ooh the spoiler…..OMG suhani dead….Yuvani seperated….What a twist dear…superb epi….Awesome job neethu.??
    ..Ur style of narration….??.Looks like u know a lot about these RAW agents…

    1. Neethu

      Thanks for your compliments Tejaswi dear! I know about RAW agents just coz i watch a lot of such action films :-p

  11. Neetu sis i love u soooooo much.its such a sweet and nice ff.its really exciting to see yuvani as investigators
    I am comletely andmadly in luv with ur ff.pls post regularly dear.

  12. Neethu

    Thank you very much everyone!! And don’t worry guys Suhani won’t die the twist will be different.Stay tuned&Keep commenting guys!

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