Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-18)

Next morning

Suh’s POV:
I woke up as my alarm started ringing. I switched off the alarm and saw Yuvi who was still asleep. I admired him, as he slept like an innocent child. I thought of how my life had changed in one night. I caressed his hair and then went to take a bath. Later I got dressed in a short sleeved crop top and three fourth jeans. As I began combing my hair, somebody hugged me tightly from behind and I knew it was Yuvraj.
Me: Chhodo Yuvi..
Yuvi: No I won’t!
Me: Leave me please. Somebody might come in
Yuvi: Aane do
Me: I haven’t locked the door
Yuvi: Its OK. They both will be already romancing out there
Meanwhile at the kitchen
Bh: U should learn cooking too
Sh: Why should I? I already have a cook in front of me
Bh: So u want me as a maid?(turns away) I won’t talk with u
Sh(puts his hands around her): Bh ji, don’t get angry. I need u as my soulmate
Bh(puts his hands aside): I don’t think so..
Sh: U look beautiful while u get angry too
Bh(blushes): Just stop it now. And let me do my work
YuVani comes to the kitchen and starts laughing seeing them
Suh: Di don’t get angry on Bhayya..
Bh: He’s irritating me already and I don’t know how am I gonna tolerate for my whole life
Yuvi: Oh so you’ve planned to marry him?
Bh looks down and smiles
Suh: Di we should tell ma about you both
Bh: No Suh.. Not now I’ll say it to her when I get back to India
Sh: Shall we go out today? Its so boring in here
Yuvi: OK we’ll go in the evening

In the evening, everybody got ready and went for a long drive. Yuvi was driving and Sh sat beside him and Suh &Bh sat behind. They all enjoyed as the passed across beautiful lakes, buildings and they could see the hills covered with clouds. Yuvi winked at Suh through the rear view mirror while she ignored his actions. Sh&Bh were also taunting each other throughout the ride and then they all decided to go to a mall.
At the mall, they were all just walking through each floor and doing window shopping&later sh& yuvi went to buy ice cream while Suh bumped into somebody
Suh: I’m so sorry.
Guy: Its OK..Btw u look beautiful
Suh feels uncomfortable by that comment Bh gets angry too
Suh: Excuse me??
Guy: U look very pretty. Would u mind catching up for coffee sometime
Bh: Hey you! Just behave yourself okay?
Suh asks Bh to calm down and she says
Suh: Look Mr, I don’t even know you so please stay away.
But the guy continues to irritate her when another man comes and takes him away and apologizes for his behaviour
Guy1: Why are u apologising to her now??
The other guy takes him away forcefully
Meanwhile Yuvi&sh return with ice creams
Yuvi: To whom were u talking to Suh?
Suh: I don’t know.. He was just trying to flirt
Yuvi: Flirt with you? Where is he?
Suh: Leave it now.. Let’s go
She holds Yuvi’s hand and they leave
In the same floor those guys were arguing with each other
Guy1: What’s your problem? Why did u interrupt?
Guy2: Are u out of your mind? She’s our rival!
G1 What?!
G2: Yeah. Me and Ron had shot on her leg remember?
G1: Oh! Is that her? That doesn’t matter to me..But she looks so hot
G2: I’m warning you Michel..Don’t ever try to do that. If u don’t listen to me then we’ll get caught and our plan will fail. Its good that she didn’t notice me
Michel looks on and smirks

They reach home all of them except Suh were chatting happily.
Yuvi: Suh, what are u thinking of?
Suh: N..no nothing (she gets up and goes to the room)
Bh: Kya hua usse?
Yuvi: I’ll go to her..
Yuvi goes to Suh and sees her sitting on the bed thinking
Yuvi: What happened to u? I’ve been noticing u since we returned from the mall
Suh(sighs): I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere..
Yuvi: Seen who?(he sits beside her)
Suh explains him everything and says how she feels that she had seen the other guy(G2) somewhere
Yuvi: How can u see him? We’re not so familiar to anyone here too
Suh: I don’t know…
Yuvi hugs her and says
Yuvi: You’re just over thinking. Relax now

Meanwhile Arun calls Suh, she attends it and puts it on speaker
Arun: Suh we’ve got the location of that car and I’m sending it to u..It’s just 4miles away from here
Yuvi: Should we go there now?
Arun: We had sent a spy to that house and he said that the house was locked and when he enquired to a neighbor he said that the person who lived there shifted to Austria a year ago so its locked
Suh: So, was the car stolen from there?
Arun: It might be..And yeah we’ll go there tomorrow morning for further investigation
Yuvi: OK then..we’ll meet tomorrow(hangs up the call)
Suh: From tomorrow I should start doing exercises again or else I’ll gain weight
Yuvi: It doesn’t matter. You just take some rest now you’ve just recovered from a fracture
Suh: I wont listen to u! I’ll go jogging tomorrow with u

Next morning @6am
All the four go out for a walk while Suh&Yuvi jog
Yuvi: U cannot decrease your weight Suh!
Suh: U just wait and watch
Suh jogs faster than him, while Yuvi challenges her for a race
Suh: OK..let’s see who wins. Di come here
Bh: What is it?
Suh: U stand near that tree which is the finish line and u tell who comes first
Bh: OK guys ready??(they say ‘yes’) 3,2,1…Start
Sh cheers for both of them. Suh& Yuvi were running in the same speed.Suh gets ahead of him and was about to reach the finish line when she slips and Yuvi holds her by the waist. Cold breeze blows around them and Suh’s hair flies. They have an intense eye lock and become completely lost in each other. Sh clears his throat and this breaks their trance. Suh blushes and leaves towards their house. She walks fast and was about to reach their house when somebody holds her wrist. She thinks its Yuvi and says
Suh: Yuvraj chhodo mujhe…
But then she turns and gets shocked to see the same person who she met at the mall. She frees herself from his grip and angrily says
Suh: What on earth is your problem?
Hearing her voice, all the three sees Suh from a distance. They rush to her and Yuvi comes in front of her and says,
Yuvi: How dare you do that! She’s my wife
Saying that Yuvi holds his collar while Suh asks him to calm down

Precap: YuvAni&Arun investigate the house and gets shocked to see…

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