Ek Anokha Rishta..(episode-17)

Hey guys! I’ve posted it today because many of you especially Tejaswi had requested me to post it soon. I guess you all will like it.

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Yuvi’s POV:
I went towards the living room and Sharad hugged me and wished happy birthday. I had totally forgot about that. He gave me a gift. I unwrapped it and saw a watch that I always wanted.
Me: Sharad thank u so much yaar…
I hugged him and asked about Suh &Bh.
Sh: They’ve gone for shopping.
Me: Its just 10 am ! When will they return?
Sh: You know these girls right they’ll waste the whole day in selecting clothes.Bh told me to order something for lunch
Suh went for shopping on my birthday? She forgot about it? I think I never told her about it. Sharad should’ve at least told her. I wanted her to be with me for my b’day. At least, let her relax as she was tensed yesterday. I somehow accepted the fact that Suh forgot my birthday. Sh tried to cheer me up but I was not in the mood.
Sh: Ok then, let’s at least play video games. U cannot beat me in that can u?
Me: I’ll show u who wins!!(that surely gave me some relief)
But I couldn’t concentrate on the game at all. My mind was still wandering. And to my surprise sh won!
Sh: Yaay! I told u not to mess with me..

We played for some more time and after loosing to him, I told him tat I was hungry as it was lunch time.
Sh: We’ll go to a hotel and have something. U go change
I thought to call Suh and ask her when she’d return. I called her but to my disappointment she didn’t pick up the call.
Meanwhile outside the house, sh is speaking with the girls on phone
Suh: He’s upset? Its all because of your plan
Bh: Sh, first u take him out and then text us. We’ll come to the house and make all the arrangements
Sh: OK fine..Call me when you’re done with the preparations
Suh: OK, bye..
He hangs up the call.
Sh: Shall we leave?
Me: OK..

Sh messages Bh that they left. After half an hour Suh &Bh reach home and start decorating Yuvi’s room.
Bh: OK now, I guess we’re done..U go and get ready I’ll say Sharad to come
Suh smiles looking at the decorations and goes
Bh says sh to come with Yuvi
Sh: Yuvi, I guess we should leave
Me: OK..But why isn’t Suh attending my call? Is she OK?
Sh: Yeah she’s just busy..U come soon
We reached in front of the house. Sh excused himself to talk on the phone and asked me to go inside. I went inside and sat on the sofa being exhausted. Just then I thought I saw someone in my room and I went into my room it was dark in there. And then slowly I could see my room coming to light with the lighting of candles I looked around to see my room decorated with heart shaped balloons , rose petals all around and lighted with scented candles. I saw Suh standing in front of the window and lighting a candle. I was totally awestruck to see her. She was looking so beautiful and was like an Angel.She was wearing something like this

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I went towards her and placed my hands on her shoulder she turned towards me and smiled. She held my hands and made me stand in the centre and went on her knees and began to speak
Suh: I don’t know where to begin…(i smiled)We’ve known each other better for only a while now. But in this short span of time I began to develop feelings for you which I never realised. Now I understood that this feeling was not just an attraction but it was….(she took a deep breath) but it was..(she became nervous and was stammering) That’s why girls don’t do this
I also went on my knees and said

Me: It’s ok I’ll continue.. I know our marriage happened without our own will and u were sacrificing your life for me. From that day I liked u, I cared for u..And somewhere deep in my heart I heard a voice say that” Don’t let her go, she’s your life”. Suh already had tears filled in her eyes, ready to come out. I didn’t realize it at first but later when I saw u with Avinash i just couldn’t tolerate u being with somebody else. Suh just kept smiling and held my hands tightly. But then I realised that I cannot…..I can’t live without you because you’re the one for me. And now, I love you Suhani! Yes I do love u more than anything in the world. Tears of joy started flowing through her eyes and she said wiping away her tear. “I love you too Yuvraj. I don’t know when I began falling for you but now I’m completely yours. I love u sooo much!!” saying that she pulled me into a hug. I hugged her as tight as I could. Rose petals started falling on us. I kissed on her cheeks. We got up and she brought two rings and said,” Our marriage didn’t happen with all the proper rituals and hence we weren’t engaged. So let’s get engaged now”. “Sure, I’d love to” . She opened the boxes and there were two platinum rings I took one from it and slipped it into her finger. She too made me wear the ring. We hugged once again. I gave her a kiss on her hand. ” These rings have another speciality. No matter how far we are from each other we can always feel each other’s pulse beating”. I felt that and said her” Thank you for making this day special. Thank you for giving a new meaning to my life.” “Its always my pleasure” she said. “Shall we cut the cake now Yuvraj?, Oh! And I totally forgot about di&pa Bhayya. They are waiting outside for a long time”. ” Oh! So everybody were a part of this plan? Suh nodded and we walked hand in hand to Sh&Bh who were already lost in each other.
Me: Excuse me Sharad?

Sh& Bh broke their hug and were delighted to see us together
Bh: Suhani I’m so happy for you!
Suh: Don’t talk to me di..U never told me about pa bhayya
ShaVana looked at each other and smiled
Me: Arre waah Sharad! How did u manage to trap her?
Bh: Trap me?
Sh: Like how u trapped Suh bhabhi..
Suh was blushing hard already.
Bh: Let’s cut the cake then

We all went inside and I cut the cake while the others sang for me. I fed Suh first and she gave me a piece and applied it on my face I chased her and put some cream on her too. And I fed the others. We all sat on the dining and talked.
Me: Bh, how did u agree to sh? How can u love him?
Sh: Stop ruining my life now..(Bh smiled)
Suh: If someone can love a sadu then why not pa bhayya?
Me: You still think I’m a sadu. Wait until I show u who I am!
Suh: I’m waiting..
Sh: I’m tired of all this drama now.. I’m going to sleep Saying that he walked towards my room. I rushed to him and made him understand.
Sh: OK then, maybe I should sleep on the sofa
Suh: It’s OK, u can sleep with Yuvi
Me: What!?
Sh(teasingly): I don’t want to disturb him
Suh: But…
I held Suh’s hand and took her to my room and closed the door.
Me: Why are u avoiding me now?
Suh: I’m not avoiding u..
The song ‘Laal Ishq’ played in the bgm

I went closer to her and pinned her against the wall I could see that she was feeling very nervous. She looked down. I lifted her face and kissed her cheeks and then I tasted her lips with mine. We had a long lip lock she too seemed to enjoy it. She ran her fingers through my hair. Suddenly she stopped it and turned towards the other side. I hugged her from the back and moved her hair towards one side and kissed all over her neck which made her shiver. She turned towards me and said
Suh: I don’t think it’s time for us to do this..
Me: Why not? We love each other and that’s more than enough
Suh: I don’t know..
I made a pout face and she said pulling my cheeks
Suh: I cannot refuse to u, can I?
Me: No u cannot…
I lifted her saying that and made her lay on the bed. I took off my t shirt and undid the zip of her gown. We had another lip lock. I covered ourselves with a blanket. And then you know what happens….

Precap: Not yet decided

I hope u guys liked the confession part. Don’t forget to comment and I need some ideas for the story.

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  1. Wow..Wow..Wow..No words..Such an awesome epi…The confession part was too good..Even better that that of original ssel..Loved every bit of it.Thanks a lot dear..U updated fast for me…Thank u so.. much.It means a lot…Love u

    1. Neethu

      Thanks a lot Tejaswi! ?

    2. Yuvani

      well a slight disagreement, for me both the original ssel confession and this stands hand in hand,but it is a personal opinion, dont take it to heart

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode….confession was superb and also the last part…thank u very much…

    1. Neethu

      Thank you yuvani saraj!! Keep commenting

  3. fully romantic episode luved it specially confession part..

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  4. awsome epi …i loved confession part soo much and total epi vis lovely and romatic too .

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  5. Yuvani

    confession was amazing………thank you, thank you, thank you………….i was smiling whole while when reading………….loved shavana too……..

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  6. Omg its outstanding ?…i couldn’t suppress my smile while reading..thanks for updating so fast..thoroughly enjoyed the confession part…welldone dear!!

    1. Neethu

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  7. From starting till end I enjoyed… N like suhani dress too… Confession part was fab… Shavana r really so sweet… CVS never gave proper scenes to shavana. … U r awesome… Thnks for updating ..

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  9. Rude girl i dont care

    Kriyam ffs are amazing.. this is not really good as this is Yuvani… this is ???

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    2. Yuvani_saraj

      if u didnt like..then what r u doing here??…who asked u to comment??…for us yuVani are the best…no one can take their place…they r the best…they r irreplaceable…thats y show is running successfully for 3yrs only becoz of yuVani…if u like kriyam go nd comment on their ff’s…dont hurt others sentiments and feelings

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      Hey rude girl,i understand that you’re a kriyam fan and i too love them. But that doesn’t mean u can compare then with Yuvani. Yuvani is the only reason the show was successful for 3years. And don’t hurt others by your words. Become a polite girl not a rude one☺

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    Really really really wonderfull episode sis.. I loved to the core.. I just felt as if I got a glimpse of the old yuvani.. loved it chechi..

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