Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se Yun Mulakat Ho Gayi (DevAkshi ff) Part 6

**********PART 6**********

Sona and Suhana get ready and all 3 leave for going out

Soha : Papa, how did mumma agree to u??
Dev : That’s a secret

He said and winked at Soha

Sona : What r u both talking haan??
Dev : None of ur business Ms. Bose oops!! Mrs. Dixit

He said and Soha and Dev did hi-fi and chuckled a bit while Sona fumed in anger. They enjoyed the whole night out together and Sona somewhat lost herself again in Dev and he noticed that and smirked which made Sona come to her sense, they soon reach home and Suhana slept giving DevAkshi time alone

Dev : (smirks) My first step has succeeded
Sona : Which step??
Dev : The starting step of making u fall for me
Sona : (stamps her foot in anger) Ugh!! Impossible
Dev : Oh cm’on impossible itself means ” I’m possible ”

Sona makes faces and heads towards Dev’s room and he follows

Dev : Oh forgave me so easily haan?
Sona : Shut up! I’m sleeping with Soha problem
Dev : No

Sona gives him a fake smile and lies down next to Soha and Dev naughtily smiles and hugs her from behind and dozes off while Sona smiles at his touch and too dozes off

Next morning

We find our heavenly couple in each others embrace with cute smiles on their face with cute Suhana in middle. The sun rays hit Dev’s eyes and he gets up and smiles seeing his life partner and lifeline next to him, i.e Sona and Suhana

Dev : Now see the surprises I give u this valentine week my love

He says and goes somewhere. After sometime Sona gets up and is surprised

Sona : Where’s Dev?? Wait y am I worried huh! Let him be wherever he wants

Sona got ready and was getting ready when Dev came from behind and hugged her and filled her hairline and tied the mangalsutra around her neck

Sona : I can do it on my own u know…..
Dev : I can’t trust u

He says and turns her towards him and pecks her lips

Dev : Bye jaan meet u in the night

He said and left while Sona blushed like hell


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