Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se Yun Mulakat Ho Gayi (DevAkshi ff) Part 5

**********PART 5**********

Sona was shocked to find herself in Dev’s embrace she jerked him hard that he got up

Dev : (sleepy) What yaar let me sleep Sona…
Sona : Shut up! What am I doing here??
Dev : (smirks) I told u u’ll find urself in this room in the morning right so ur here…
Sona : Huh! Idiot!!

Saying this she goes to freshen up and comes out after sometime with a plazzo suit and wet dripping hair while Dev was mesmerized seeing her, he thought for a while and went down and bought something and soon came up and went near her

Sona : W-What r u doing??
Dev : Tying a mangalsutra and applying sindoor in ur hairline any problem….I think not

He says and continues the work while she stares at him through the mirror being shocked

Sona : What the hell?? What do u think of urself
Dev : The great Dev Dixit and now ur husband Mrs. Sonakshi Dixit

He winks at her

Dev : Now wear this everyday to prove ur only mine….and u may be angry with me but for how long…I’m Dev Dixit or mein tumko manao ke rahunga, understand my jaan

He winks at her once more and goes to freshen up while Sona blushes slightly at the same time Akruti comes there

Akruti : Hmm so someones blushing…not bad
Sona : Shut up!
Akruti : Waise it’s good if u agree now or u don’t know what he’ll do (*for even I don’t know as well what he’ll do ???*)
Sona : Let him do whatsoever he wants I won’t agree easily huh!
Akruti : Ur wish..

She says and goes. Later Sona came down for breakfast she saw Akruti standing outside the kitchen banging her head

Sona : What happened??
Akruti : Look there

Sona looked at the kitchen and burst out laughing seeing the view; Dev wearing a chef dress and tossing and turning the omelette on the pan

Sona : What’s this??
Akruti : Sunday special Chef Mr. Dev Dixit

She laughed even more hearing that while Dev who saw her smiled sweetly at her. Later that evening

Dev : Sona wear this and this one is for Suha
Sona : Y??
Dev : Arey after 4 years I’m spending time with my cute wife and daughter so I’m taking u out for dinner
Sona : No I’m not coming with U!
Dev : Oh really!!
Sona : Yes

He smirked at her talks and closer to her and hugged her from behind, his breath hit her shoulders making her somewhat happy from inside, he started giving soft kisses on her shoulder while she closed her eyes to feel his touch

Dev : Hmm..I see, my effect is still the same as it was 4 years back

He kisses her on her cheeks

Dev : Get ready doon

He says and goes from there while she blushes hard hearing his talks and soon come to sense

Sona : Sona control u can’t forgive him easily…..zara hum bhi dekhe kis hadh tak ja sakte ho Mr. Dixit

She says and smiles to herself


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