Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se Yun Mulakat Ho Gayi (DevAkshi an ff) Part 4

**********PART 4**********

Dev hugged Sona tightly filling the gap of 4 years of separation she was going to hug him back but anger overcame her love but before she could push her he separated and looked down at Suhana

Dev : Hi Ms. Junior Bose

Soha gets little scared and hides behind Sona

Dev : Hey don’t hide…u’ll hide from ur dad or what
Soha : Dad?! Mumma he’s telling the truth

Sona nodes a little with tears forming in her eyes, this made Soha happy and she hugged Dev with her tiny cute hands

Soha : Papa…I missed u so much
Dev : Me too

Dev gave a angry glare to Sona, he got up and went near her(Sona)

Dev : (whispers) I guess someone didn’t feel it’s necessary to inform me that I…sorry correction…we have a daughter
Sona : (whispers) What would happen if I would…zameen asmaan ek kardete kya
Dev : Thanks god Akruti told me about it or else I wouldn’t even know
Sona : Us Akruti ki bacchi ko mein choddungi nahi
Soha : Mumma…papa what r u discussing
Dev : Woh hai na ur mumma wants to come to my house

Sona widens her eyes

Sona : Nahi I didn’t say that
Dev : Oh so I’ll come to ur house even better
Sona : Shut up
Soha : Mumma chalo na I want to see papa’s house
Dev : Mumma will come
Sona : Try as much as u can but I won’t budge from here
Dev : Oh is that…Dev Dixit ko challenge abhi dikhata hoon

Saying this he carried Sona in his arms i.e bridal style while Soha was giggling

Soha : Mumma dekha, papa jeet gaye
Sona : Suhana ki bacchi, u just met ur dad and pal mein changed parties not fair

Dev shook his head and carried her home and when they reached he kept her down

Dev : Here our destination arrived

Just then Sona saw Akruti and talked to her while Dev was playing with Soha

Sona : Akruti y u lied to me?
Akruti : For Dev
Sona : I hate him
Akruti : But u love him too and don’t u see how much he changed for u and once go to his room u’ll find out how much he loves u
Sona : Y?? Uske room mein chaand sitare hain
Akruti : Nahi ur there
Sona : What??
Akruti : I mean he filled his room with ur pictures, he doesn’t even let anyone step in his room other than me

Hearing that Sona felt very happy from inside but didn’t show

Dev : Come I’ll show u my room…Uh our room

Saying this he held Sona’s hand and took her to his room and Sona was surprised to see their room filled with Sona’s pics just like Akruti said…Sona wanted to dance out in joy but controlled

Sona : Mr. Dixit I only agreed to come in ur house but not to stay with u in ur room ok…I’ll stay in guest room

Saying this she went

Dev : I may have changed little but not fully Ms. Bose ab toh u will find urself in this room in the morning with me

Night time

It was midnight Sona was sleeping in the guest room while Dev sneaked into her room and swiftly carried her and slowly put her down in a way she wouldn’t wake up and soon slept hugging her and Soha tightly(note Soha was sleeping with Dev)

Dev : Dekha I said na u’ll find urself in this room

Next morning

The sunrays hit Sona’s eyes and she got up shocked to find herself in Dev’s embrace


That’s it hope it was good and sorry for short epi

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