Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se Yun Mulakat Ho Gayi (DevAkshi ff) Part 3

**********PART 3**********

Next morning as Akruti promised she went to Sona’s house

Akruti : (knocked her door) Can I come in
Sona : Ya

Just then a little girl of around 3 years came and hugged Sona

Girl : Mumma!
Sona : U got up (the girl nodded cutely)
Akruti : Aapki bacchi boht pyaari hai
Sona : Thanks…anyway how can I help u
Akruti : Ya here r my mothers report, I need a diet chart for her
Sona : (smiles) Sure…
Akruti : Waise where’s ur husband ur child must be missing him right
Sona : (becomes serious) He’s not there and Suhana doesn’t miss him because she doesn’t know him
Akruti : Y what happened?? If it’s personal I’m not interested in knowing
Sona : No it’s not like that…..waise her fathers name is Mr. Dev Dixit

This shocked Akruti

Akruti : (mind)What?! Dev’s daughter!!!
Sona : That man just toys with all girls feelings I hate myself for loving him he just used me
Akruti : That’s sad but did u tell him about Suhana
Sona : No I won’t she’s the only reason for my living and what if he snatches her from he
Akruti : No no he won’t do that…he has changed

She realized what she said and bit her tongue

Sona : Huh? What u mean??
Akruti : No..nothing (mind) Bach gayi
Sona : So come tomorrow 9 am u’ll get ur mothers diet
Akruti : Thanks but can we meet near ABC garden
Sona : Sure
Akruti : And ya bring Suhana I want to introduce u both to someone
Sona : Uh…sure

She said and left from there. Soon reached Dev’s home and told him about Suhana

Dev : (happy)What!?
Akruti : Haan Dev, u heard right u have a 3 year old daughter, her name is Suhana
Dev : Really Aku!!!

He says and twirls her around

Akruti : Abhi toh tum ne sirf happy news mili hai sad news nahi
Dev : Which??
Akruti : Uphsos Sonakshi hates u…when she told me about u it was like if u come in front of her she would kill u…but still tomorrow I’m taking u to meet her
Dev : Thanks so much Aku

He said and kissed her on her cheek. Next day at ABC garden

Sona : Here Akruti ur mothers diet
Akruti : Thanks…hi Suhana
Soha : (cutely) Hi auntie…
Sona : Waise ur very lucky
Akruti : Y??
Sona : Because Soha never says hi to anyone easily

They both laugh a little

Akruti : I want u to introduce someone to u
Sona : Ya
Akruti : Dev!!

She called him and Sona was shocked seeing him in a formal shirt as 4 years back he user to wear leather jacket with torn jeans…but she snapped out of it got angry. He came with a happy face and hugged her tightly while Sona was just shocked and too numb to respond to anything


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