Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se Yun Mulakat Ho Gayi (DevAkshi ff) Part 2

**********PART 2**********
(note flashback will have this sign – *)

Dev : Ur listening na
Akruti : Haan go ahead

Dev’s POV

Dev : U know Aku long before I was boy who only used girls to satisfy his lust..

I was interrupted by Aku’s laughter

Dev : What is so funny??
Akurti : Nothing nothing…waise this is good boy drama or what to trap me

She asked with her eyebrows raised

Dev : Shut up will u…and I’m not doing good boy drama ok I changed myself for her..

I said and smiled a bit remembering her face…I mean cute face

Akruti : And may I know who is that ‘HER’
Dev : Sure…her name Dr. Sonakshi Bose my Shona
Akruti : Hmm Delhi’s no. 1 nutritionist
Dev : Yup..now I’ll continue
Akruti : Haan haan

*This was a matter of 4 years back when I was walking on the road talking with a client and she was having some fruits, vegetables and flour for some patient, we both were lost in our own world and the result was dashing into one another the flour fell on us like rain and the next moment we were dusting it of, this made her angry

Sona : Dekhai nahi deta kya

She then noticed the phone in my hand

Sona : Oh talking to girlfriend haan..well Mr. Whatever let me tell u not to talk and walk warna mujse nahi gaadi se accident hoga understand

I was lost in her beauty and I snapped out of it when she took her things and went giving me an angry glare. I then called up my secretary and told him to find out about her. I later found out that she’s no girl who would help me satisfy my lust which I found in her, so I thought of an alternative way that was of pehle dosti phir pyaar wala types, so I started following her and soon asked her to be my friend she agreed.

Many weeks passed when I made sure that she had fallen for me then I proposed her and she happily accepted it , that time I had a guilt of betraying her but I didn’t do anything. Once she got drunk in a party I carried her to my flat and I took the advantage of her being drunk consummated with her. Next morning when she got up when I told her this I thought she would be angry but instead she blushed. Many weeks passed, I was satisfying my lust with some other girl when she caught. It normally shouldn’t have affected me but it did..and it did a lot.

I tried stopping her but all in vain

Dev : Sona stop please…listen to me please

I held her hand and she jerked it off

Sona : Shut up…just shut up…I don’t want to listen to anything and next time dare u touch me u bl*ody womanizer….I hate u understand…

She went off crying it hurt me…it hurt me a lot, it took a lot of time to understand that even I love her, but I realized it too late and I lost her*

Dev’s POV ends

Dev : Aku I lost her forever

He said burying his head in her lap and cried his heart out

Akruti : (tears) Dev, it’s ok stop crying like a baby..tomorrow I’ll go to her house and talk to her ok….now be a good boy
Dev : (gets up) Good boy!? Seriously
Akruti : Haan waise u look like a monkey now but boy hi sahi
Dev : Haw!! If I’m monkey ur a fat gorilla
Akruti : WHAT!!! Dev mein tujhe choddungi nahi

Saying this they both ran around the whole room like tom and jerry


How’s it please give ur views

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