ek adhuri dastan (part 3)

hello guys I am back just forgive for delay.
forgive me for short glimpse of female lead.
@anika entry
she is a catering contracter cum wedding planner .she is brave and confident girl .she believes that a person should identified by his/her hard work and struggle to reach there .
anika:sahil I am in little bit hurry as I am getting late .your tiffin is ready and don’t forget to eat chole bhature which I have kept in fridge.I would be back soon .stay away from bua.

sahil: anika di I am not a kid .don’t warn me .actually bua needs to stay away from me just like I have given her new hairstyle.

anika: her style remind of that song from movie sultan (lag gaye 440 volt ke jhate).ok ok don’t distract me .don’t feed her anything ok bye.
she rushes towards her scooty but unfortunately it is not starting so she called his client mr malhotra for whom she is doing planning and catering for her daughter’s marriage .he send his car to pick up her.she felt relaxed and thanked him.
bua came to sahil and ask him for food.sahil think of tactic to make her run away .he goes to kitchen and serve chole bhature on one plate with extra mirchi powder and ask bua to have it .
bua taste it and she could not control herself and ask to bring water .sahil refused .she pleads him by saying that she won’t snatch his tiffin and she won’t beleaguer his sister anymore.sahil nods and bring water .anika came there.
anika:bua you are here again .what are you doing here???
bua:I can’t resist hunger anymore as elephants are running in my stomach.
sahil:your hunger is justified because you are like an elephant only
anika:bua you are being blinded by gluttony of food and what about breakfast I have already given you one hour ago.
bua:just give me this time next time I would just ask for breakfast,lunch and dinner only.
anika: I am not here to feed you ok .why don’t you eat from dhaba which you did it before??
ok this is the last tym I am giving you .she gives her food and ask her to get lost.
someone blow horn from outside and she realized that her car would have been arrived.
anika:sahil take care of yourself and ignore bua ok.
she kissed on her cheeks and went .she reached malhotra’s mansion where wedding of her daughter is organized.
anika:mr malhotra I am glad that you are taking care of your employees personally.
mr malhotra:I should thank you for organizing such a grand wedding .I must say you are very efficient .
anika: mr malhotra it has been my pleasure and it is my last day because my work is completed.
mr malhotra:I knew anika,here is your payment and I will recommend you to someone else also.
anika: thank you mr malhotra.

anika is going to enter at oberoi mansion in next episode

@ishana’s entry
it is her first day .she is flight attendent in qatar airways .she is carrying her luggage in one hand and novel in other hand.she stands in front and baggage checking counter waiting for her turn .now she move towards Id checking counter.she shows her id and move forward.all flight attendant are ushered into a lounge where all flight attendants have to wait for their turn to announce .she enter inside where she saw some of them are doing make up ,some of them were busy in their ipad.she was searching for someone to talk .suddenly someone placed hand on her shoulders ,she turn around and is surprised to see her childhood friend mona .

ishana:what a surprise!it has been couple of years that we haven’t meet .how are you???
mona:I am fine .don’t tell me you are a flight attendant in qatar airways
ishan:same peach
they both hug each other .she looks at novel in her hand and snatch from her hand .she reads the author ‘s name and she is surprised to read omkara singh oberoi name .
mona:is this the author whom you are great fan.
ishana:I am die hard fan of omkara singh oberoi and it is my only dream to meet him in real life.
mona: that’s interesting.
ishana:you know mona the only thing which I love about his novels that he fills his novels with passion and emotions.his each novel has hidden some deep meaning .I wish I could meet him.
mona:tathastu your wish would be fulfilled.

@saumya’s entry
A girl who aspire to become an eminent rj of mumbai .she is travelling from dehradun to mumbai to fulfill her dream.she called her ayi to console her.
saumya:ayi don’t worry I would reach mumbai by tommorow morning .I would ask any taxi driver about the address you have given me .I would call you later as train is leaving from platform .bye and take care .she disconnects the call.
guys anika and saumya will enter in next part and forgive me for the flaws.I hope you liked it

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