Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shiv and Aastha’s marriage board burning and sindoor is fallen down.

7 days before.

Guru Maa tells that you couldn’t fool me like you have fooled in Manali, and says I can see the future. Radhika apologizes. Guru maa says you will be punished, and your punishment will be regarded as repentance, and everything will be solved. She asks her sevaks to take her inside. Lakshmi calls Guru Maa. Guru Maa tells that she has done everything in control and stopped the marriage which was against her will. Shiv searches for Radhika and wonders where is she? He gets her phone. Aastha sees Gurumaa outside the shama kash. Radhika is locked inside the room, and sees Guru maa’s pics all around. She thinks how they will punish me. Guru maa’s voice comes asking her to

do penance and get mukti, says you got apavitra. Radhika asks to stop it as she hears the voice coming from the mic box.

Radhika sees the door open and comes out. Aastha tells Guru Maa that the girl was wearing marriage dress and was kidnapped by the goons who brought her here. Aastha sees a bride in ghunghat. She lifts her veil. She is somebody else. The lady in ghunghat thanks Guru maa for saving the girl. Guru maa asks her to go safely with her sevak. She praises Aastha and says you are God’s blessing which fell on Shiv. She asks her to g. Aastha is walking on the road and calls Sharda. Shiv is searching for Radhika and sees Aastha. Aastha asks what you are doing here and whose mangalsutra is this?

Shiv says mangalsutra is for marriage. Aastha asks for whom. Shiv says for you. Sharda comes there and asks Aastha where were you? Aastha says she will tell the story later. Shiv says this mangalsutra is for you, and thinks he don’t want to talk to her infront of her mum. Shivay plays….He calls Radhika’s father and asks about her. He hopes she is fine and thinks to call Police. Lakshmi asks Shiv what happened? Shiv says nothing. Lakshmi says you can share your worries with me. Shiv tells her that there is no problem and he is fine.

Guru Maa comes and tells Lakshmi that you are feeling bad, and tells that Shiv will not say that he can’t marry Radhika. She asks her to give strength to herself. Lakshmi asks where is Radhika. Guru maa asks her to make arrangements for Aastha’s gauri puja. Sevak gives food to Radhika and asks her to eat. She pushes the plate and refuses to eat. Sevak says you have insulted food and you will not get food for two days. This is Ashram punishment. Radhika says just hell with your rules. She coughs and asks him to give water. He keeps his phone there, and goes to get water. Shi hires detective to find her. They tell that they will inform him when he gets to know about her.

Radhika calls Shiv. Shiv says I was searching you and asks where were you? Radhika asks him to listen and says their marriage is in danger and is about to tell about Guru Maa. Guru Maa comes and snatches phone from her. Sevak says I didn’t give phone to her. Guru maa asks her to stay in dark room and will do atma manthan. She asks Sevak to tie her. Radhika pleads no. Guru Maa thinks nobody can go against me, Shiv and Aastha will marry.

Sharda is taking puja thaali. Guru Maa tells that they want to see Aastha doing puja. Sharda is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Guruma is villan she want aashtha to marry shiv but for what reason i dont know

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