Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 8th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shiv asking Balwan to tease Aastha wearing the mask and says nobody will identify you. Balwan gets tensed and goes to tease Aastha. Aastha sees Balwan wearing the mask, and he asks her can I tease you. Aastha is shocked and beats up Balwan. Aastha picks hanuman’s shashtra and starts beating him. Balwan sees God’s hanuman and folds his hands. Shiv asks Aastha to leave him and asks Balwan to go. Balwan says I am Balwan. Shiv asks him to go. Balwan calls her bhabhi, apologizes and runs. Radhika says you made him escape. Shiv says no.

Guru is praying and reading holi book. Govind calls her. Guru Maa asks him how is Lakshmi and asks him to do work. He says I have selected papad, but Lakshmi dislikes it as her choice is better than me. She asks Govind to make arrangements

for marriage and says marriage shall be like Shiv and Parvati. She says she will give shagun to bahu. Sharda hears her and gets tensed as she is unaware of Aastha’s truth.

Kids ask Shiv to give their ball. Shiv hits the ball and asks them to go and bring it. Kids tell that they will not go to ghost house. Shiv asks Aastha to come. Aastha also panics and tells that they have to rush home, as Sharda is waiting for her. Shiv heads towards the bungalow.

Lakshmi is taking on phone and taking about samples. Govind comes. Lakshmi ends the call and asks him to say. Govind says I talked to Didi and she said. She gets another call for a big order and assures that order will reach him soon. She talks to her employee Rahul. Govind couldn’t say and writes on the paper instead. Sharda comes to Guru Maa. Guru Maa asks Sharda to sit and says she is making ants eat the food. One of the ant bite her, Gurumaa hits the ant and throws it far, thinks who gave you food, you have bitten her.

Sharda tells her that Aastha is a straight forward girl and is emotional like you, and can’t see anyone’s pain. Guru Maa says she is very sanskari. Sharda says when she was a child, her father died and she is in trauma and is different from other people. Guru Maa asks her to tell clearly. Sharda says truth is that Aastha….Just then Aastha comes home with Radhika and tells Sharda that a guide have stolen her money and stuff, and says she brought her to stay with them. Guru maa asks her to freshen up and come for aarti. Aastha asks Sharda to talk to Guru Maa. Balwan comes home hiding his hand. Aastha asks him to show his hands. Aastha asks him to sit and puts bandage on his hand. Balwan gets touched by her gesture while the song bhabhi tum ho khushiyon ka khazana plays…..

Shiv sees him looking at Aastha and asks what is happening. Balwan says she is bandaging my hand. Shiv takes him. Sharda asks Aastha to come for aarti. Aastha says she have to clean her dress and goes. Shiv beats Balwan for beaten up by Aastha. Balwan tells him that Aastha is not an ordinary girl and tells that he saw hanuman and his strength in her and hanuman chalisa was played in his ears. Shiv asks what you are doing? Balwan says Aastha Bhabhi is superb. Shiv says I will break vase on you. Balwan says I can’t help you as I have accepted her as my bhabhi. Shiv gets angry and asks him to go. Aastha tries to clean her dress. Shiv thinks whenever he tries to separate with her, his plan flops. Aastha sees him and thinks where I think he is bad, his goodness is shown. Piya plays……Shiv looks at Aastha.

Rahul asks Lakshmi to sign on the papers and reads the paper which Govind have written for her. She asks Rahul to read. Rahul reads that Didi asked them to make arrangements. Lakshmi apologizes to him for not listening to him. Govind says I know how to make my words reach you. Lakshmi is hopeful about the marriage.

Guru Maa asks Balwan did you bring Shakapola. Balwan says he searched, but couldn’t get it. Guru Maa asks Shiv about Aastha. Shiv says she is nice. Guru maa says she is also a devotee of God like you, and says your Jodi is like Shiv and Parvati. Sharda and Radhika come for aarti. Guru Maa thinks where is Aastha, she shall attend Aarti. She begins aarti. Aastha is still washing her sleeves.

Guru Maa thinks why she didn’t come. Aastha comes and keeps hand on the aarti plate, thinks her hands was cold with cold water, now it is okay. She keeps her hand to dry her hands. Guru Maa gets impressed. Aastha smiles. Sharda comes to Guru maa and says she wants to talk to her. She says when Aastha met you for the first time. Guru maa says then also I have understood how is she? She recalls Aastha telling that you are God for everyone. She tells that Aastha is different from others, and says her way is wrong but her intentions is right, I have no problem with her thinking, I will never force my decision on her, and is hopeful that she is a God’s child. Sharda gets happy and says you have unburden me. Guru maa says once they select each other, I will make them married grandly.

Shiv challenges Aastha and asks her to stay in ghost bungalow for 15 mins. Aastha goes to that bungalow and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks H Hasan for fast update… this show was really nice.. ??

  2. This show show about on shrdha nt andshrda…

  3. Todays episode really funny.. ????? thant scene wass funny when astha beat baldev and he see hanuman..?? that scene also nice when baldev accpect astha as a bhabhi..(diktana diktana) to dooo????

  4. Laavanya

    Thanks Hasan for the update.
    Episode was good. Hope CVs do not ruin the show in future.

  5. just love this serial and better than diya bati sequel

    1. Diya aur bati sequel also nice.. both show was nice.. wating for next episode

  6. sandali ranasinghe

    nice drama and it excellenr??????

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