Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sharda asking Aastha to take Shiv for Manali tour. Guru Maa says Sharda is right and asks Aastha to take him. Aastha asks her to tell Guru Maa about her. Balwaan says even I will go. Guru Maa says you will go to market and buy Shakapola, which are bangles. She says she wants to gift bangles to Aastha. Balwaan goes. Shiv signs Aastha to come. They leave. Sharda tells Guru Maa that Shiv is a nice guy. Guru Maa says he is having good values due to his good family. Shiv’s dad asks Vino to get the cloth. Woman says he just washed the cloth. He asks him to bring cloth fast.

Shiv and Aastha talk about their bike and cycle. Shiv asks her to sit on his bike. Aastha says my pinky will also come. Shiv asks her to race with him. Aastha says okay 6 kms and goes. Shiv

says I have much time and will wait. Shiv’s dad asks Vino to bring the cloth. Lakshmi gets worried and puts hand on the boiling water to get the pot before clock strikes 1 pm. Everyone is shocked to see her devotion. She gives pot in her husband’s hand. Her husband asks why did you burn your hand. Lakshmi says we wouldn’t have waited and tells that she can’t keep God wait. They tell that they made temple around the boiling water place and then the house. They make prasad in that water only.

Aastha is riding her cycle and thinks what Shiv thinks about himself. She hears a man scolding a boy who asks him to give corn. Aastha says she will get the money, and checks in her purse and thinks she forgot money at home. She sees fruits kept in the temple and asks boy to eat it. Boy eats it. Aastha sees Shiv going on his bike. She comes to Shiv. Shiv says your cycle will be finished till it climbs the mountain and says he will cross the finishing lines. Aastha thinks to make him lose his ego. Shiv’s bike stops. Aastha smiles. Shiv tries to start his bike. Aastha says you are looking tired and asks him to rest for sometime. Shiv tries, but fails. Sharda comes to Guru Maa, thinks about Aastha asking her to tell Guru Maa everything about her. She says she came to talk to her about Aastha. Guru maa says we will talk later and tell that it is her prayer’s time.

Aastha reaches the place. Shiv makes his bike stand with the help of brick which he plugged from the wall. He tells Aastha that they shall not count this race as petrol finished in his bike. Aastha says I don’t care how you ride. Just then they see people coming towards them angrily. Aastha asks Shiv what did you do? Shiv tells that he took brick from the wall and made his bike stand. Aastha says it is an ancient pic wall and says they will not leave you. She asks him to run fast. Shiv asks how? Aastha asks him to take his pinky. Shiv runs on Pinky. The crowd get mad and accuses Aastha to have helped him eloped. Aastha says she doesn’t know him. Sharda thinks how to tell Guru Maa that Aastha is a nastik. Guru Maa comes and says you might be thinking that Aastha went alone with Shiv, asks her not to worry and says Shiv will take care of her today and for life. Sharda looks on.

A man blames Aastha and says she has done this. Aastha says I didn’t do anything. Shiv comes back, holds her hand and makes her sit on the cycle. He rides the cycle fast. Piya plays……Aastha asks him to ride Pinky calmly. They manage to reach home. Shiv says I am tired and asks why they are not tired by walking. Aastha gives him water and thinks he is not that bad. She asks why did you come back. Shiv says he thought she is caught because of him and that’s why he returned. He tells that it is his daily work to help the people, and says he has recently saved a boy stuck in the lift. He says he is world famous. Aastha says Pinky have saved us and asks do you want to get pic clicked with Pinky. Shiv asks her to take back her cycle.

Some girl comes and hits him with football. Aastha asks why did you hit him. She tells that the guide eloped with her stuff and was wearing same clothes like him. Shiv says that’s why you hit me. Aastha asks about her name and asks what you will do now. Radhika says she will manage and says sorry. Aastha asks her to come with her and stay in her house. Shiv asks why you are taking her home. Radhika says she will manage and don’t want to be burden. Aastha says one guide cheated you and other guide will help you, and says you are my guest.

Shiv thinks I am getting angry on myself. Aastha thinks he is strange. Shiv thinks to go soon without fixing his alliance. A man collides with Radhika while going. Radhika scolds him. Shiv gets an idea and thinks where to find Balwaan. Balwaan comes and says she wants Shakapola. Shiv tells Balwaan that he wants to become villain in Aastha’s eyes and tells that he will act to tease a girl. Balwaan says it is not our cup of tea. Shiv says you are not my real brother to agree. Balwaan agrees. Shiv asks him to tease Aastha. Aastha calls Sharda and asks her to tell truth about her. Sharda thinks how to tell her. Balwaan asks how you will become villain if I tease her. Shiv says he will not save Aastha.

Balwaan asks Aastha, can I tease you? Aastha and Radhika are shocked. Guru Maa asks Sharda what you was saying? Sharda says Aastha……She asks Aastha to attend aarti. Aastha refuses. Guru Maa thinks where is Aastha, she shall attend aarti.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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