Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha coming to Lakshmi’s factory and seeing Lakshmi making some men go bald. Lakshmi tells that they will not work in the factory. She says she hates the people who don’t believe in God and says if there is any such person in her house then she would have burnt her house. Aastha is shocked and asks what did they do? Lakshmi says they have done maha paap and says they had stolen Maa Durga’s jewellery. She says they got so much greedy and stolen jewellery of Goddess. She says Aasthik have no place in the world and says she will not let such people stay in her house and in this society. She says I forgive your mistakes because you are God’s big devotee. She says you are Gurumaa’s choice, our bahu and Shiv’s wife. She says I have forgiven you because of you. She

says you deserves punishment, as you got my daughter married to a girl who is not suitable for her. She says she is still angry with her, but her decision will never change, and blesses her. Aastha looks shocked. Guru maa comes there and smiles.

Later Gurumaa comes to the inhouse temple and recalls burning her hand angrily. She says your Leela, you only knows. She says you have put Aastha in dharm sankat. She says Aastha will not tell. Aastha thinks what to do now. Gurumaa thinks Aastha have no way than to keep quiet. Aastha thinks to be quiet until she wins Lakshmi’s heart. Shiv comes to lakshmi and brings mother-son idol for her. Lakshmi asks did you forgive me for Radhika’s incident. Shiv says yes and tells her that he has learnt from Aastha that when we love someone, we can do anything for that person. She says I have done many mistakes. As you are making a new start with Aastha, I also want to start afresh with you. Lakshmi gets emotional. Aastha comes and hears them, smiles. Shiv says all good changes in him was because of Aastha. Lakshmi also praises Aastha. Shiv takes their pic and then takes selfie with them. He goes. Lakshmi says Shiv is gone and asks Aastha to stop acting now.

Sharma comes and greets her. Lakshmi asks why did he come? Sharma says he came for the competition. He says like always, jai durge competition will be held, and says you have old relation with it. He says that his family is winning the competition since 5 years and shows the mukut. Lakshmi looks at the mukut. Sharma says you are trying to win this mukut since years, this year competition will be held in your house, but I will take it home, and brought mukut here so that you can see. Govind comes and asks him not to be egoistic. Sharma ji says we have been habituated to win and you wants to lose. He asks them to get their name written. Lakshmi nods no. Sharma ji says she is an expert to make papad and it is not easy to win. Lakshmi looks at the mukut and goes.

Aastha asks Govind about the competition. Govind tells about Jai Durge competition and says only saas and bahu take part in this competition. He says since 5 years Sharma ji’s family is winning and says Lakshmi wants to win and said that whoever wins mukut, she will give him/her vardaan and they can ask anything. Aastha thinks she got an idea to win Lakshmi and fulfill her dream, thinks she will forgive her then.

Jaya and Janki admire the mukut. Janki says if get this mukut then our wish will come true. Jaya ties Janki’s feet. She then registers her name with Runjhun. Janki gets upset. Jaya says I have never won with you. Janki cries.

Aastha thinks this is Lakshmi’s dream and I will win in the competition and will ask her to forget my naastikta, and accept me.

Host asks Lakshmi to answer who is her bahu’s favorite God. Lakshmi looks on. Gurumaa thinks now she will lose.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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