Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with GuruMaa asking Lakshmi to start the rituals. They make Aastha sit and cover her head with red dupatta. Lakshmi recalls Shiv telling that he loves Radhika. She does Aastha’s tilak thinking about Shiv. Her hands shake while she was doing the rituals. Aastha smiles and looks at Sharda. Radhika is upset. Sharda takes shagun stuff from Aastha’s hand. Lakshmi sees Shiv signing Radhika. Lakshmi thinks if Shiv don’t want to marry Aastha then why did Guru Maa think that he likes her. She goes to Shiv and takes him with her. She says I asked you to handle factory so that you can make your future and I thought of your happiness. Shiv asks what is the matter? Lakshmi asks why did you make distance between us, do you think that I don’t understand you and don’t think about your

happiness. She says I am your mum and my happiness lies with your happiness. Shiv asks her to tell clearly. Lakshmi asks are you marrying with your wish. Shiv thinks why she is saying this? Did Aastha tell her anything?

Lakshmi asks him to say? She says Guru Maa has chosen Aastha and you have approved her choice. She asks if he is marrying for Guru Maa and asks if he is not marrying with his wish, asks if he is not happy. Shiv is about to say…just then Sharda comes there with Aastha. Sharda says I want to tell you something. She tells that she will give jode ka shagun for Shiv and says if you want, you can bring jode ka shagun for Aastha. She invites Shiv to come with them. Lakshmi asks Shiv to reply to Sharda. Shiv thinks it seems Aastha will tell her mom after going home. He says we will come. Lakshmi asks her to tell time and says we will come. Sharda says we will leave now. Shiv stops Aastha and says I want to tell you….whatever happened till now, you might be worried. He says whatever happens is right. Lakshmi asks Aastha to come. Aastha goes. Shiv thinks he has hurt Aastha today and thinks what to do, as he loves Radhika.

Radhika tells her father that he told Aastha. Radhika’s father asks him to hug him and says you are not Bengali, but you are like Bengali tiger. Her mum makes him have sweets. Her dad says we shall celebrate. Shiv recalls telling her Aastha and asks what calls for a celebration. He asks him to drink and says you have to drink after marriage also. Shiv gets angry and tells that he don’t drink and gets angry. He asks what calls for celebration, and asks did you think about the girl and her family. They might be crying. I have broken my mum’s heart too. Radhika’s dad says you loves Radhika naa. Shiv says lets celebrate as I told a girl that I will not marry her. He says cheers and drinks wine. He says we shall celebrate all night and drinks wine by bottle. He says I will drink it today else your father will complain. Radhika asks him to stop it. Shiv says what you are doing and says lets dance. Radhika asks him to stop embarassing me for God’s sake. Shiv says don’t think me wrong, I love you very much, but I hate myself as I refused a girl on her mehendi and her marriage is broken. Radhika says you didn’t do any mistake, you did this as you loves me and wants to marry you. He says I will go. Radhika tries to stop him. Shiv blames himself for ruining Aastha’s life.

Lakshmi brings an old man to Shama kash. Man says I am your sevak, where you are taking me. Lakshmi recalls seeing Radhika for first time and then Shiv’s concern for her. She asks the man to sit and asks Sunita to bring charan puja stuff. The women bring the things. Man asks what is all this? Lakshmi sits down and holds his legs and keep them in big bowl. She washes his legs. Man says this is sin, don’t do this. She thinks she has to do penance for her sin. Guru Maa comes and sees Lakshmi washing old man’s feet with water and milk, and then wiping with cloth. Guru Maa asks what you are doing, washing servant’s feet. Man says I refused, but she didn’t listen. Guru Maa asks him to go and asks Lakshmi to come. Lakshmi says I have done a sin and wants to do penance. Guru Maa asks what did you do? Lakshmi says I have taken a wrong decision and says someone betrayed her. Guru Maa asks what do you want to say? Lakshmi says Shiv don’t want to marry? Guru Maa is shocked.

Shiv says I want to talk to you. Aastha asks what? Shiv says I have done a big betrayal and then also you are calling me good. Guru Maa says this wrong decision is taken by me and asks her to ask Aastha. Lakshmi asks what? Shall I tell truth to Aastha. Guru Maa smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Nice episode..i think Shiv is falling for Aastha but he is not realising it…N lol!!! This radhika’s family is so irritating

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