Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakshmi completing her poetry as the video stops. Everyone returns and hears her. Lakshmi expresses her motherly love for Shiv through poetry. Shiv is emotional hearing this. Guru maa is irked. Lakshmi tells that Shiv is the precious gift which she got on her birthday from God, and no gift could stand infront of him. She says Happy Birthday Beta. Shiv says Happy Birthday Maa. Aastha is emotional and happy. Lakshmi and Shiv make each other have cake. Everyone claps for them. Shiv says I am sorry for not been able to understand you. He says you always thought good about me, and tried to do my betterment, but I couldn’t understand you. He says a son can change, but a mother and her love can’t change. He says I couldn’t see your goodness. He says whenever I used to do

any mischief, you used to scold me and then later on you used to hug my tightly when I return home in the evening. He asks will not you hug me. Lakshmi hugs Shiv.

Govind joins them and hugs them both. Govind blesses Aastha and says nobody could do this which you have done. He blesses her for happy life. Lakshmi says I was never upset with you, but was upset with myself. She says I should have understood you, and apologizes to him. Shiv smiles and says I forgave you. Lakshmi calls Aastha towards them and says I was holding you responsible, but today as Shiv forgave me, I am forgiving you. She hugs Aastha. Shiv says he couldn’t get better gift than this and says we shall celebrate this day as a family reunion. Everyone claps. Aastha is happy and emotional.

Prasad sees Jaya taking out anger for Aastha. It then goes to Guru maa, and sees her angry on God for supporting Aastha. It then peeps in Govind and Lakshmi’s room and hears them. Govind says he is happy today. Balwan sees Aastha’s pic and says jai ho. He appreciates her. Runjhun is irked. He asks her to sit and says they will talk about Aastha. Shiv kisses the DVD and keeps in the box, thinks Aastha have done so much for him, and if she don’t wish him then also it is ok. Prasad comes and barks. Shiv opens the box and sees balloons flying out. He reads Aastha’s messages on the chit. Aastha writes that she didn’t forget his birthday, she was helpless not to wish you on his birthday as she wants Lakshmi to wish him first. She writes happy birthday Shiv. Aastha comes and tells Shiv happy birthday. Shiv thanks her and hugs her happily. A song Kaun Tujhe Yuh Pyaar plays…..Shiv gets emotional. Prasad barks. Shiv thanks Prasad also.

Aastha thinks she will tell Lakshmi that she is Aasthik now. Lakshmi is going and her leg twists. Balwan runs to Lakshmi and tells her that he will change her sandal. He asks Runjhun to bring Lakshmi’s sandal and make her wear it. Lakshmi says I will wear. Balwan insists. Lakshmi thanks them. Runjhun thinks Balwan made her servant. Lakshmi sits in car and goes. Aastha comes to Lakshmi, but she is already left. Gurumaa comes and says she must be happy thinking her truth will be out today. She says everyone will hold her responsible as she made a nastik married in aastik family. She says people will stop believing her now. Aastha tells Guru maa that she has to tell the truth, and tells that they all believe you, and will not get upset. He says you called me as God’s Prasad and everyone will accept me. She says God helps those, who helps themselves.

At the factory, Lakshmi gets three men bald and looks on. Aastha thinks today is big day for her and asks her Baba to give her strength. She comes to Lakshmi’s factory and sees a man apologizing to her, but she didn’t agree.. Aastha thinks what mistake they have done that they are punished this way.

Lakshmi’s competitor tells about the competition and says they will win like always. Aastha asks Govind about the competition. Govind says whoever wins the competition, will get vardaan and Lakshmi will fulfill her wish. Aastha determines to win the competition. Host asks question to Lakshmi. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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