Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha and Shiv coming to party. While Lakshmi comes with Govind. Everyone wishes Shiv and Lakshmi happy birthday. Shiv recalls asking Lakshmi why he don’t celebrate her birthday. Lakshmi also recalls. A fb is shown. Lakshmi says you are very small. Shiv says I will decorate the house for you, and will make Yashoda and Kanha’s ji picture on your cake. I will gift princess dress for you and everyone will dance for your birthday too. Fb ends. Lakshmi looks at Yashoda and Kanha ji’s idol on the cake. Shiv also remembers and smiles. Balwan asks Aastha to tell how she is feeling? Aastha asks him to ask Shiv and Lakshmi. Balwan says Shiv’s face is happy and asks Lakshmi. He says you are looking very beautiful today and asks Govind to say? Govind says today it

will be memorable day for us. Balwan says house is decorated so well and Aastha is with us. Jaya and Janki tell that they are happy and wearing nice outfits. Balwan asks Guru maa to say. Guru maa wishes Shiv and Lakshmi happy birthday and blesses them. Balwan asks them to cut cake. Shiv says as it is their birthday, they will cut the cake together. Shiv holds the knife to cut the cake. Lakshmi holds his hand to cut the cake together. Guru maa smiles as Aastha is about to play the CD.

A video is shown on the projector in which Lakshmi tells that Aastha is pretending to be adarsh bahu. She says Aastha is doing mistakes intentionally, she made my daughter away from me and now separating me son also. Aastha stops the projector. Everyone is shocked. Shiv and Lakshmi don’t cut the cake. Shiv says you are still angry with her. You don’t see whatever she does for you, me and family. He asks what is your problem? Lakshmi says everything thinks her wrong. Shiv says why don’t you see her efforts and love. Lakshmi says she just pretends and acts to care for us. She says if she had cared for you then she would have wished you. Shiv says it doesn’t matter to me. Lakshmi says she brought differences between them. Shiv says we have differences since years. Lakshmi says she has widen the differences. Shiv says until you have objection with Aastha, we will be far from each other and I am upset with your thinking. Lakshmi says if you are upset with my thinking, then I am upset with my decision. I am upset that I made her my bahu, and I will be sad about this forever. Govind asks them to stop them and says today is your birthday. Shiv says our birthday would have been separate.

Guru maa smiles…..and her imagination ends when everyone claps. She realizes it was all her imagination. Aastha searches for the CD. Shiv and Lakshmi cuts the cake. Lakshmi turns to Govind and make him have the cake, then she gives cake bite to Balwan. Guru maa thinks I have kept that CD then where did it go? Prasad, the dog sees Gurumaa changes CD and takes it from there.

Aastha tells Govind that she couldn’t find DVD/CD, and says Shiv’s wishes reached Lakshmi, but Lakshmi wishes haven’t reached Shiv yet. She says they have taken a step infront of each other and if she don’t that CD then they will step back. She says she will search the CD. Chacha asks Lakshmi and Shiv to feed cake to each other. They keep the cake pieces on the tray and are about to. Aastha asks Govind to stop them and goes to search CD. She comes outside the fountain looking for it. She is about to go, when the CD reflection falls on her. She gets the CD and comes back to party hall. She sees the hall empty and asks Govind where are they? Govind says it seems destiny don’t want them to meet. Aastha says she will try. She plays the CD. Lakshmi and Shiv’s CD is played. Shiv and Lakshmi returns hearing her words. Shiv is touched with her heartfelt motherly feeling poem. Aastha and Govind smiles. Suddenly video stops. Aastha thinks what did happen, mummy ji’s poem is incomplete.

Lakshmi’s old enemy comes to her and shows the mukut telling her that his family is winning this since years. Aastha asks Govind. Govind tells her that whoever wins this competition, lakshmi will fill his/her wish. Aastha and Lakshmi took part in the competition. Host asks who is Aastha’s favorite God.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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