Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guru maa telling Aastha that God will give her sign and do miracle to make her believe in God. Aastha looks on. Runjhun looks at he ring and thinks it is small, but stylish. Sharda gives her food. She starts eating it. Ashok comes and asks her to use her other hand. Runjhun tells that she don’t want to ruin her ring. Ashok says she has gone mad and laughs. Runjhun tells that she will laugh on him when he marries. Ashok says he will not marry and goes. Sharda asks her to take care of everyone especially Guru maa. Runjhun asks why they haven’t kept function for engagement. Sharda says everything happened so fast and says tomorrow is Aastha’s muh dikhayi. Runjhun thinks she will make everyone likes her after marriage.

Aastha thinks of Gurumaa’s words and thinks

she can’t tell anything to anyone. Dog comes inside Aastha’s room and is about to bite Aastha. Shiv comes there and makes Dog calm down. He asks Servant Kaka what happened to Dog Prasad. Servant kaka tells that since it came from hospital, it is barking. Aastha loosen its belt and says may be that’s why it was reacting. Shiv sees her anklet on floor and gives to Aastha. Shiv offers help. Aastha says it is ok. Shiv asks her to give anklet to her. A song plays Bolna Mahi Bolna. Shiv makes her wear anklet. Aastha thanks him. Shiv is about to go and sees Aastha. She thinks Shiv’s heart is so clean and hopes he will understand her.

Jaya and Janki fills air in the balloons. Jaya tells that they have to take revenge from Aastha. Janki asks what is the plan? Jaya tells her that they will fill black powder in the balloon and says when it bursts on Aastha’s face, her face will be black. Jaya blows air in the balloons. Chacha and Angad come there. Angad asks what is black in her hand. She says nothing. Chacha says there are many works here. Guru maa makes the flower garland for Goddess. Shiv comes and greets her. Guru maa tells that she is feeling as if God will show some miracle. Shiv says surely as Aastha is god’s big devotee. Lakshmi comes there. Shiv gets up and asks Guru maa why can’t humans don’t understand and maintain trusts with the family.

Guru maa says Shiv is upset with you and asks what is going on between you both. Lakshmi says Shiv is upset with me as I told him everything about Radhika. I told him that I got him married to Radhika, as I didn’t want him to punish Aastha. Guru maa is shocked and says I asked you not to tell anyone. Lakshmi says you told me, but I can take a decision being mum. She apologizes for going against her decision. Guru maa says this is not right, my respect is lessened because of Aastha. She asks her to show some miracle. Jaya praises Aastha and says you are looking as angel. Janki aims toy gun at the balloon. Jaya thinks to do something and goes near the balloon. Janki shoots at the balloons. Jaya’s face becomes black. Aastha asks what happened? Gayatri comes and asks how did this color fall on you. Jaya tells that balloon bursted on her face. Gayatri asks Aastha to be away from balloon and asks Jaya to wash her face. Janki apologizes to Jaya. Jaya smears black color on her face and says lets forgive each other and clean our faces.

Aastha sits for her muh dikhayi rasam. Guest asks who will give the first shagun and see Aastha’s face. Other guest says Guru maa will see. Guru maa tells that she will not see her face first and tells that I always say that Aastha is God’s child and Durga Maa will show some miracle today. She says Jai Maa Durga and thinks to make her Aastik from Nastik. Aastha looks on.

Guru maa asks Goddess to show some miracle for this child Aastha. She says Jai Maa Durga. The garland from Goddess neck falls on Aastha. Aastha wonders how did this miracle happened.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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