Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gurumaa dancing infront of God. Bhakti Sagar sings the bhajan. Everyone looks at Gurumaa as she dances and acts lost in her bhakti. She then pretends to faint. Govind shouts Guru didi. Lakshmi and Govind help her get up. She stands up and brushes off their hands. She dances again, picks trishul from the Goddess and stands pretending to be Goddess herself. Everyone gets surprised and says Goddess came in her. Gurumaa asks where is my vehicle. Jaya comes wearing tiger’s costume. Aastha thinks she is betraying in the name of God and wishes to stop it. Everyone applaud aloud for Gurumaa. Balwan says Mata’s vahan also came. Janki says she is Mummy ji. Chacha gets happy knowing she is Jaya. They hear roaring sound. Balwan and Janki ask her to roar again and again. Jaya

says I am not roaring and asks from where is the sound coming? They turn toward the door and see tiger coming in Durga Nivas. Jaya shouts seeing tiger and stands up

Guru maa stands shocked and drops trishul from her hand, forgets acting seeing death infront of her. Everyone run and hide behind Gurumaa.. Tiger jumps and comes near them. Jaya asks Gurumaa to go in front and make tiger go. Jaya is about to go, but Janki pulls her back. Balwan asks them not to worry and says this tiger is Gurumaa’s vahan. Gurumaa backs off seeing tiger opening mouth and roaring. Lakshmi comes infront of Gurumaa and asks everyone not to come infront, gives her promise.

Govind calls Police/animal dept and asks to send someone as tiger entered their house. Aastha is hiding behind the pillar and see tiger going towards Lakshmi. She runs towards Lakshmi before tiger could catch her, and stands protective for her. She picks the firewood and blows fire on tiger, but soon firewood falls down. Aastha sits down. Shiv comes home and sees tiger close to Aastha. Aastha panics as Tiger roars and opens his mouth wide to bite her. Animal dept people come and fire injection on it. Tiger gets unconscious. Shiv throws red cloth on tiger. The forest dept officials take tiger with them. Gurumaa asks where my vahan is taken away. Aastha looks at Lakshmi. Shiv helps Aastha get up and asks if she is fine. Aastha says she is fine. The women who came for jagran praise Aastha and touch her feet. Aastha is surprised and asks them to get up. Gurumaa fumes. Woman says today you have saved everyone of us and is real Goddess’ daughter. bhakti sagar says don’t know what tiger would have done, if you have not showed the miracle and blow fire on tiger. Other woman says you are real daughter of Goddess. Everyone looks on surprisingly.

Aastha says I am not Goddess’ daughter, ordinary human like you all and that was not miracle, that fire trick was taught by my father. She says animals are scared of tiger, I have used my knowledge, don’t call me Goddess’ daughter. The woman says you have done favor on us. Aastha asks them to thank Govind for calling forest dept and thanks Shiv and not me. They all bend down infront of her. Gurumaa is angry. Lakshmi stands straight.

Shiv holds her hand and takes her to room. Aastha says you are talking to me, I knew you will understand me one day. Shiv smiles and says Aastha, I have understood you. Aastha smiles and thanks him. Aastha says I have hopes with everyone, but I have trust that you will understand me. Shiv says there was some misunderstanding, but I was sure that you are aastik like me. Aastha asks what you are saying? Shiv says I am saying what I have seen. He gives the example and says God can’t come on earth and that’s why sent his bhakt to take care of his bhakt. He says you loves God’s bhakts and asks who can be big aastik than her. Aastha says you are thinking wrong. Shiv says this is truth. He says Gurumaa says that you are childish, and may be you did mistakes in childishness. He says your mistakes are forgiven today. Aastha says I am nastik only. Shiv says you think this way, as you have complaints with God for your Baba’s death, but God stays in your heart. He says you can’t see that God, but we have seen that God. He says only Aastik can save people and not Nastik. Aastha says I am Nastik only. Shiv asks her to take her anger out on him and says even if God comes and tell me that you are Nastik then I will not agree.

Aastha says your God will not come, when he didn’t come to help my Baba who was aastik, then why he will come for nastik like me. Shiv says why you are staying here, in this temple like house, and says nobody’s thinking is like you. He says Maa asked you to go then why did you seek her permission to stay in vardaan. You would have told her that you loves Shiv and wants to stay with him separately, why only this house. He asks her to tell. Aastha is clueless. Shiv says I know that you will have no answer. He says you couldn’t identify God or Aastha/devotion inside you. He says we have problem for this and asks her to come to Gurumaa. Aastha says no, and says she will not go to Gurumaa. Shiv says Gurumaa will change your thinking and will have all answers. He says people calls her Gurumaa. Aastha says she will not go. Shiv asks her not to be scared and asks her to apologize once. Aastha says I don’t want to go. Shiv says Gurumaa will unite you and God. He asks her to come and talk to her. Aastha says she can’t do anything, as she is a dhongi/imposter. Shiv is shocked and looks at her.

Gurumaa with red colors tears in her eyes tells Aastha that tomorrow on Raksha bandhan, one person will die from your hand. Aastha says I won’t let you harm any family member. Gurumaa adds chemical in rakhi and keeps in the box. Aastha checks the rakhis and thinks all are similar. She thinks which is that rakhi. The women tie rakhi to their brothers. Shiv feels pain and shouts. Aastha is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Epi was good
    Shiv thought Aastha to be aastik just because of her goodness like it
    Guru maa ki hawa nikl gai
    Precap is terrifying

  2. Thanks for the update Dear
    Tale care yourself and others around you

  3. Always Single

    I love the serial becoz this showing that god making people are really misused The god and religious people easily manipulated them

    1. Always Single

      Manipulated By them


    Tooo much…. shiv’s family is totally mad behind gurumaa.. she is playing with them and they are making others too belive on imposter..
    I hope this show do not take similiar like devanshi.. vo bhi spoil ho gya or yeh bhi on the way hai..

  5. nice episode.. i never missed even single episode of this show.. hope the trp increase and cross 1

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