Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Balwan apologizing to Aastha and sits down on her feet. He tells that he didn’t do anything. He tells that he went for jogging and didn’t go there to meet Runjhun. He says I didn’t see her in bad light. He tells that the goons were teasing her badly and I couldn’t control my anger. He says I am Hanuman Bhakt and you are my Sita Mayya, and tells that I can’t see anything happen to you or your family. He says I am telling you right that I was just saving her from goons. Aastha says I trust you, you don’t need to give clarification. Balwan says Guru maa have decided to get us married, but I can’t marry until you approve. Aastha says you are so good that anyone will want to get you married to her sister or daughter. Balwan thanks her and promises to keep Runjhun

happy. Aastha thinks if Runjhun is happy.

Runjhun dances with Sharda. Sharda asks why you are dancing. Runjhun says she is happy as she will get engaged to balwan. Aastha and Ashok come there. Ashok says you are not married, and this alliance can be cancelled. Runjhun says I will marry for sure. Aastha tells her that Guru maa fixed her alliance to save her respect and says this marriage can break if some truth come out. Runjhun asks if she is jealous of her and don’t want her to marry in the same house. Sharda says she is your sister. Runjhun asks why she is not happy with my happiness and tells that if this marriage, don’t happens then that news will come on TV and then I will commit suicide. Ashok asks are you mad and says everyone is happy. Runjhun asks him to say if her eye lashes make up is fine.

Sharda tells Aastha that she understands what is she thinking and asks her to keep quiet thinking it as a Goddess’ blessing. Aastha looks at the God idol. Kahan Ka Khuda Hai plays.s…..She comes near fountain thinking about Gurumaa, Runjhun and Sharda’s words. She gets drenched by the fountain water. Shiv comes and asks her to move from there. He holds her and they fall on each other. Shiv asks the men to go. He asks Aastha why she was getting drenched in fountain water. Aastha says tears hide in water. Shiv asks why you were crying and asks her to share. Aastha thinks she can’t tell him truth and tells that she is worried about her sister. Shiv holds her hand and asks her not to worry, says everything will be fine. Piya plays….

Runjhun and Balwan get engaged and make each other wear rings happily. Ashok congratulates Balwan. Guru maa thinks Aastha is my choice and I will do anything to hide the truth. Sharda hugs Lakshmi. Lakshmi says you shall be happy and asks her to do Runjhun’s marriage happily. Sharda thanks Guru maa for settling down both daughters. Guru maa tells that God made sanjog. Aastha looks at Guru maa.

Guru maa gives money to the goons who comes to her in Pandit’s avatar and tells that you have handled the garden work nicely. It shows that they are the same men who misbehaved with Runjhun. Guru maa asks them to go. Aastha comes and asks why did you give them money and what you were saying? Guru maa says whatever you see might not be true? She tells that these people are same, whom gave me video and I paid them. Aastha apologizes to Guru maa and asks her to find way to tell her truth to family. Guru maa tells that she has no option than to keep quiet, else Runjhun’s marriage will break and she has to think about family’s respect too. Aastha tells that she will be keep quiet till Runjhun’s marriage and then will tell everyone. Gurumaa thinks she will make her Aasthik before Runjhun’s marriage, and will make her bend her head infront of her before God. She asks Aastha to come and asks why do you don’t believe on God?

She says you didn’t find any big aasthik before, and tells that she is God’s param bhakt. She says once you see God’s miracle then you will start believing on God. Aastha tells that she respect her thoughts, but she can’t hide truth from her family. Guru maa says if a lie is hidden for someone’s betterment then it is not a lie. Aastha tells if a lie becomes burden then it becomes sin. Guru maa gets angry and tells that God want that you don’t tell anything to anyone. Aastha says if this has happened, then you wouldn’t have told Satya is Shiv, Shiv is Satya. Guru maa folds her hands and apologizes to God and asks him to make her Aasthik. She tells Aastha that God has given her message, says tomorrow is your muh dikhayi and God will do some miracle and whatever God sends me message, you will follow that.

Guru maa tells everyone that Aastha is a God’s child and God will do some miracle today. She says Jai Maa Durga and flower garland from Goddess’ neck falls on Aastha’s neck. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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