Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radhika telling Shiv that atleast she has done something, not like him who couldn’t talk to Aastha. Shiv goes. Aastha comes and gives her juice or water. Radhika asks aren’t you jealous seeing Shiv bringing me here. Aastha tells that why she will feel jealous and tells that you are my friend and that Shiv is my to be husband, and I trust him a lot. Lakshmi hears her and asks her to go as Guru Maa is calling her for the daan. Aastha goes. Lakshmi scolds Radhika for trying to provoke Aastha against Shiv, and says Shiv has a helping nature, while Aastha is having good thinking. She says I will forget that you are her friend if you do this again. Guru Maa asks servants to grind the mehendi. Janki grinds palak to change it with mehendi. Guru maa asks Lakshmi to keep first

mehendi infront of God. She then takes dyeing agent from someone. Janki tells that mehendi color will be light now due to palak.

Guru Maa adds the dyeing agent and thinks Aastha is her choice, and she don’t care if she gets sores on her hand. Aastha sits for her mehendi. Sharda and Aastha talk about her marriage. Aastha says she is happy that she is applying shiv’s name mehendi. Shiv thinks he is seeing happiness in her eyes and wants her to see truth in his eyes. Lakshmi asks guru Maa to apply shagun mehendi on Shiv and Aastha’s hand. She is about to apply shagun mehendi, but Janki and Jaya come there playing dhol. They divert everyone’s attention and take everyone to dance. Meanwhile Jaya and Janki keep Aastha busy and changes the mehendi bowl. Then mehendi is applied on her hand. Aastha asks why there is space left. Lakshmi tells that they will made Shiv’s initial on a silver coin and that its impression will be applied to her hand. Govind asks her to find the coin.

Radhika goes to room and searches for the coin. She finally gets it and hides it. Aastha comes and asks what you are doing here. Radhika says she came to help her. Aastha says she will search by herself and search in all the room. Radhika thinks you will not get Shiv or the coin. Shiv comes there and says he came to talk to her. Govind comes and says Aastha have to find by herself and takes him with them. Aastha smiles. Jaya and Janki praise their ideas to change the mehendi with palak. Guru Maa calls them and asks what is behind your hands. Janki and Jaya imagine getting punished in the shama room. Guru Maa asks what you people are hiding. They say nothing and shows their hands.. Guru Maa is about to see the mehendi pot, but Sharda comes and tells that coin is not found by Aastha. Guru Maa says she is sure that she will search the coin. Radhika throws the coin in the pool. Lakshmi sees her and looks at the water.

Someone asks Guru maa about her opinion on Aastha’s mehendi color. Guru maa says Aastha have accepted Shiv as her husband before marriage and says it will be more dark. Aastha drinks water and checks her hand. She says mehendi is removed. She washes her hand and is shocked to see no color on her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Annie1

    Nice episode.
    But what will Aastha do of her mehendi?
    I hope someone helps her out.
    I hate Radhika , Jaya and Janki .
    Guru maa is also wicked
    Hio everyone.My name is Ankita.I am from Chandigarh.Can I join your EAAB family ?

    1. AAYUSH

      Yeah sure Annie and guys i stopped writing my EAAB update becoz there r hardly 1 or 2 comments so if u read then do coents also

      1. Tvfan1

        do u know about trp ratings??

      2. Sanchayita

        Hey sorry for not commenting regularly… actually i am very busy these days as i have recently joined office..i don’t even get to watch the episodes due to my new job..i just watch it on hotstar at night…i hope u understand

  2. Tvfan1

    hello my eaab family!!
    sorry for not commenting!!!




  3. Omg so many villains arree yaar aastha ke liye koi nahi hoga Kya? Lagta hai Durga ma hi sahi I’m loving eaab more day by day
    U rock AaShi

  4. Saurav

    Nice show.. M watching it frm start.. Aastha is so sweet.. N I love the character of Lakshmi too, she is straight forward, strict bt good at heart as well.. Jaya n janki are comedy type villains bt guru maa is truly wicked she can do anything to prove her words right.. N radhika I dnt know she is also negative bt just for money she is behind Shiv even she don’t love him n just for his father’s wish she is doing drama.. Lets see what lies ahead.. I think Aastha’s truth will not come so easily coz Maa Durga is with her.. N I just want to know why Runjhun is jealous of Astha even when she is her sister bt she dislikes her.. Don’t know why..

  5. Aastha is cute …even though she is not believing god she doesn’t hurt others feeling for god…shiv is also very nice…guru maa is so wicked …aastha would find the fake things abt Guru Naa and will try to expose her ….hope so show get gud trp

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