Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 29th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Jaya to make Panch Amrit and asks her to keep this Prasad out, says if birds drink this then it will not go waste. A wild tiger escapes as the jungle employees are taking him in the vehicle. The jungle employees get shocked and scared. Aastha says she will keep the Prasad out and keeps near the God Shiv’s idol. Gurumaa comes out and sees Panch Amrit, gets happy as she is hungry. Aastha sees Gurumaa taking the bowl and thinks to show truth to Lakshmi. She thinks how to bring Lakshmi. Govind asks Lakshmi why did she draw lakshmi rekha and asks what she will tell people who will come to jagran. Lakshmi says if there is a need that she will lie to them.

Prasad comes to Lakshmi and pulls her saree pallu to take her to balcony. Lakshmi comes to the balcony

and sees Aastha. Aastha says she has called her here through Prasad. She says she wants to show her some truth, and tells that Gurumaa eats the food whatever we have. She says Guruma is eating the panch amrit which I have made. Gurumaa is about to drink it, sees a small grass piece and takes it out. She throws the Prasad seeing Lakshmi and Aastha’s reflection in the bowl.. She says Bum Bum Bhole….Aastha is shocked. Lakshmi asks Prasad not to take her to this girl again if he regards her as a mother.

She takes Prasad with her. Aastha thinks how she will expose her. Lakshmi asks Janki to take care of guests. The guests gossip about Gurumaa’s miracle. Chacha asks Janki about Jaya. Janki says Jaya is busy doing Gurumaa’s work. Aastha thinks to keep eye on Gurumaa. Shiv pulls her towards him and asks her to be in limits. Aastha looks at the line. She asks Janki if she can help. Jaya refuses. Runjhun comes and offers help. Janki asks her to bless her as she is Gurumaa’s daughter now. Aastha looks on sad. Balwan brings juice for Aastha and asks her to drink. He asks her to tell him if she needs to do any work and goes. Aastha smiles and thanks him.

Bhajan mandli Bhakti Sagar and her team comes and says jai maa durge. Lakshmi greets the women. Bhakti asks Aastha where to keep the stuff. Aastha is sad and looks at the line. Lakshmi is about to say. Aastha says Papa have decided the place and will help you. Govind asks them to come. Govind tells her that Aastha helps them whenever they are in trouble. Bhakti Sagar tells that they will do Jaap all night and says she will present with the first bhajan. Lakshmi says Gurumaa might be coming. Electricity goes off. Govind says why light is gone. Shiv goes to check fuse. Everyone see Gurumaa coming there and going to temple. She acts weird. The guests ask what happened to her. Aastha thinks what she is going to do. Electricity comes back. Everyone looks at Guru maa as she shaken up her body.

Precap: Gurumaa pretends to be Goddess holding Trishul and asks where is my seat. Jaya comes there wearing tiger costume, so that Gurumaa can sit on her. Everyone hears tiger roaring sound. Balwan asks Jaya to roar again. Jaya says I am not made that sound. Just then they all are shocked to see tiger. Guru maa is shocked and forgets her acting and drops trishul from her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. thanks for the fast update ???


    I hope guru maa truth come out fast.. she is too much irritating.

    1. I agree with you – I don’t want them to drag the truth.

    2. I agree with you – I don’t want them to drag the truth.

  3. WOW what a episode
    Everyone played their part well
    I feel so sorry for Aastha at least she got Balwan on her side.
    Runjhun – what a useless sister.
    I think Aastha is going to save the family from the tiger but Guruma is going to say or do something that will make them doubt Aastha
    I hope the CVs do not drag it but for Guruma to be exposed soon. I will hate to see stupid silly games being played by Aastha and Guruma. Most of the stars of this show are well established.
    Looking forward to next episode because the part where Guruma got scared was very funny. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Aastha
    Thanks Hassan for the update

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