Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling that their trust on Gurumaa will win today and someone (Aastha’s) defeat. Gurumaa is about to step on water, but stumbles. She stops and pretends to pray while keeping her foot on water. She manages to keep her foot on water. Everyone is surprised seeing her walking on water. People applauds for her Aastha is shocked. Gurumaa says Jai Maa Durge and walks back. All the blind faith devotees applaud for her. Gurumaa picks a Lotus from the water and comes back to the stairs. Everyone applauds for her. Aastha is doubtful and thinks surely there is something in water, I have to shsow people that there is something in water for sure. Gurumaa gives lotus to Runjhun. Runjhun gets very happy and touches her feet.

Aastha tells Gurumaa that she wants to walk

on water, if you can walk then I can walk too. Gurumaa smiles. Aastha climbs the stairs to walk on water and falls inside. Gurumaa smiles and recalls signing her man to make the wood go down through the remote. Gurumaa gives her hand. Aastha comes out of water. Gurumaa’s devotees taunt Aastha. Aastha sits in water and searches for the proofs. Shiv feels disgusted and goes.

Janki tells Gurumaa that she will drink the water after washing her feet. Gurumaa sees Aastha coming and tells about today’s jaap which she is going to do to keep off all evil eyes. Lakshmi asks Jaya to stop Aastha there itself. She draws the line in the house and says it is Lakshmi rekha. Janki asks what is this? Lakshmi says I will keep some nastiks away from my temple. She says she don’t want any apavitra person to stay here. Gurumaa asks what you are saying? Lakshmi says you can forgive her being great, but I can’t. We have to show her place to her and says it is my helplessness to keep her at my house. She says if I could then I will keep her far away from my house. She says she don’t want her to meet the devotees in jagrata and that’s why she will do something which she hasn’t done till now.

Sharda prays to God for Aastha. Ashok asks her not to worry and says she will be fine.. Ashok sees gayatri going out hiding her face. He stops her and asks about it. Bhagyashree tells that it is done by her by mistake. Ashok applies ointment on her face and apologizes for his mistake. Bhagyashree asks Gayatri to file complaint. Gayatri refuses.

Lakshmi tells that she will present a lie as the truth, and says everyone will think that she is part of the family. Jaya asks if the people ask about the idol then what we will say. Lakshmi covers idol with the cloth and says nobody will see it now or ask anything. Aastha cries. Lakshmi goes from there Gurumaa smiles seeing Aastha crying.

Gurumaa thinks she didn’t have anything since morning and is about to eat laddoo. Just then Aastha, Jaya and Janki come there and are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh Lakshmi
    Why are you treating someone’s child like this – what happened to your motherhood
    It doesn’t mean because someone does not believe in your God that they are evil.
    Till date Aastha hasn’t done anything evil to your family in fact because of Guruma’s stupidity the whole family’s life have been in danger a couple of times but Aastha save them.
    And you Shiv – you are acting like an idiot – Aastha accepted you even though you are sickly; she has saved your life a couple of times, danger cause by your own so called God loving family; you yourself has a secret that you still have not confessed to her.
    Runjhun – sisters like you I rather be an only child. I think she is going to team up with Guruma to suppress Aastha.
    Jaya and Janki, can’t bothered with them – they are idiots
    Guruma your time is up very soon
    But I don’t want Aastha to play silly games with her but to innocently and intelligently reveal her truth.
    Shiv’s dad – you said you want Aastha to take you as father and when real trouble comes you abandoned her if she was your real daughter would you abandon her.
    Thanks Hassan for the update

    1. you better remember that Hinduism is not a proselytizing religion which means they never force anybody to follow their religion. Christianity and Islam (sister religions) are proselytizing religions which means they believe that their god is the only valid god and there are not other valid costs. That is why these two religions have history of crusades and holy wars and go around the world using manipulation, fear, money, brainwash, negative propaganda of native faiths to convert each and every person on earth to their religion. Christian missionaries are a billion dollar business and most intelligent people know what Islam does around the world to convert people.

      Atheists, Agnostics (Buddhism has no god) existed for 1000s of years peacefully in ancient India alongside Hindus, Buddhists and other native faiths. Much of Hindu philosophy itself says things like “maybe we created god or maybe god created us, we don’t know” which is why religious conversions does not make sense or exist in Hinduism. If you look at it from Lakshmi’s angle, it is a big shock to her. She is an ardent believer and she is honest and serious about it. She does not go around harassing Atheists like some other people do. It is a big shock and unrecoverable shock to her that her only son’s wife is found to be an Atheist. That is a big thing. If you look at it from her side, it clearly looks like Aastha cheated. You perspective is different looking from outside and you know what gurumaa is really like, You cannot expect Lakshmi to know it. So your comment does not make sense at all. And Astha’s reason for not believing in a higher power is ridiculous, childish and rudimentary. I wish they showed a stronger case from her side. Don’t go around propagating ignorant concepts on the web. It is very very sad when people do this.

      1. Please make your comments based on the show
        You have the right to disagree with my point of view but you do not have the right to insult me.
        Calling me names and insulting me is showing your level of intelligence
        And if you read my comments well you will see that it is based on the episode/show
        I really do not need a lecture on religion or from you.
        Wether Lakshmi is right or not or she believes that Aastha cheated them – didn’t she cheated Aastha when she failed to reveal that her son was in love with another before marriage and did not want to marry Aastha – so where is her honesty and loving God nature was.
        Yes one thing I agree with you is that the CVs have not given us a strong point of view from Aastha’s side.
        Then again if you are as educated as you claimed to be you will know that according to research about 90% of people who are aethist whether Hindu, Christian or Muslim used to be believers and great worshippers of God but a tragedy happens in their lives and they believe that God left them so they turn away from Him – that’s why it is our duty as believers to pray for those who don’t.
        Yes Aastha may not believe in God but so far in the show she hasn’t done anything that is bad to humanity.
        You could have given me your perspective from Lakshmi’s side but it was totally uncalled for to insult me. And off course you are one of the so called believers of God but really don’t know Him.
        And talking bad about others religion when you do not have first hand knowledge or experience is not cool Ms/Mr Whatever. Try and learn to be civil on social websites.
        And yes I do believe in God and I spent most of my time worshipping Him. And shows like this have helped me to be more cautious how I treat others who are different to me or think differently to me.
        This is the last I will address you cause I have better things to do with my life that to be rude/fight people I don’t know or will ever know. Peace Out ✌️

      2. Stop right there! First of all you dont know anything about Christianity or Islam for you to even you opinion on, Where on earth have you seen or read about both being doing such things other then what your priests or families tell you? Keep others religion out of your nonsense serials … b*t*hes dont wanna learn anything other then just watching them fake ass news that messed up with their peanut brains. Dumb ass b*t*hes are what I cant stand.


        Mr. Whatever, you have no right to say anything about any religion..
        And if you don’t have full history about hinduism and exitence of god, then u need to stay in ur own limits.. as we hindus believe in 33 crore god and goddess.. and if u need prove read holy book – Geeta.
        And i am not here to fight about any religion, but in future try to comment about show and things..

    2. Ramzy

      Ofcourse ur points r correct but in the intro they made it clear to us that lakshmi cannot hold atheists and also she just began to get a good impression regarding aastha and this happened and shiv he did say he would have brought back aastha if she had left the house since ho loves her and knows that she is very good but her lie which is a blunder in his perspective makes him have a grudge towards her as for rhunjum i completely agree with what u say and this is just my opinion i dont wish to hurt ur opinions but state some facts

  2. thanks for the update Dear

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