Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha thinking if Gurumaa tells everyone that they will understand me. Govind comes there and asks what happened? Aastha says she is fine. He asks if she is missing home and her papa. Aastha gets emotional. Govind says Lakshmi told me about your Papa. He says he would have been very happy if saw you as bahu. He says he can’t return, but can change avatar. He asks her to think him as her Papa, and call her Papa. He asks her to share his feelings to him like she used to share with her father. Aastha thinks everyone is so good, hiding the truth is like a sin. Jaya and Janki get Gurumaa’s slate. Janki says others are not allowed to read this. Jaya says nobody is here. Janki picks the slate and says there is nothing on it. Jaya asks her to turn the slate. Janki turns the

slate, but just then Angad comes and says he will do the work. Jaya says we will do the work and asks him to go. He leaves. Jaya and Janki removes plastic flower decoration from their heads and take slate outside.

Shiv tells that this is a surprise for you and looks at the messed up room. He says just as you have snatched my happiness, I will snatch you happiness. He says you will get money as you don’t married to me for it. He looks at the burnt bedsheet and the thorns kept all around on the bed. Aastha comes inside the room and sees room is decorated with money, burnt bedsheet and thorns on bed. Aastha asks what is all this? Shiv says this is for you and asks her to come and says he will make her understand. Lakshmi comes and stops Shiv. She tells Aastha that she will make her understand what Shiv wants to tell her. She tells that Shiv wants to tell you that he will not leave her on the way even if there is a thorns on the way. She looks at the money and tells that he wants to say that your relation with him is precious than this. She says Shiv has spoken his feelings to you and now I want to tell my feelings to him. She asks Shiv to come. Jaya and Janki come out and tries to reads the slate. Crow does potty on the slate. Jaya tries to wipe it and the words gets wiped. She could just read a little.

Guru maa comes to the Shama grah and blows off diya infront of her. She asks why did you keep me in dark and made that nastik, bahu of our house. She says I can’t tell this to anyone, why did you do this with me, with your daughter. She says I was innocent, but you saw everything and let that Nastik become our bahu. She says you have done mistake, but I will do penance. She opens the coffin, lies inside, and closes it.

Lakshmi asks Shiv to have food first. Shiv says I don’t like bittergourd. Lakshmi asks him to have burger. He tells that you don’t like it, and that’s why I used to keep bittergourd in burger. She says every parents do like this. Shiv says I wanted to tell Aastha. Lakshmi says that you wanted to marry Radhika as you loves her. She says I know everything. She says when you were telling this to Aastha on mehendi day, I was sitting on her place. A fb is shown, Lakshmi asks Aastha to get up as she will do the rasam first. She says Aastha didn’t know anything about it. She says I kept you away from Radhika even after knowing this as I know Aastha is the right girl for you. Shiv says you have forced your decision on me. Lakshmi says Guru maa said that you agreed for marriage and then I agreed. Shiv says I tried to tell you that I loves Radhika.

Lakshmi says you are thinking me wrong and tells that don’t know when you will understand. Shiv says I was thinking that Aastha is doing wrong with me. Radhika says I was scared that you don’t like her, and I don’t want you to hurt Aastha. She tells that we shall love someone whom loves us, and says Aastha loves you. Shiv says Radhika loves me. Lakshmi says she don’t love you, but your money and says Aastha will keep you happy always. Shiv asks but can I keep her happy. He asks what about Radhika. She loves me, if she will be happy. He tells that he will pay for her decision now all life. He picks the goddess murti kept there and says I gave this to you on mother’s day, as I thought you are best mum, but you have broken our relation by getting me married to Aastha. She says you might love me, but I didn’t get the love from you and don’t want. Shiv is teary eyes. Lakshmi also cries.

Lakshmi gives Prasad to everyone. Aastha thinks where are you Guru maa. Jaya and Janki ask Gayatri not to have Prasad and says it has poison in it. Evevryone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. now shiv knows that aastha is innocent but he hurt his mother because of that liar radhika
    let’s see what will happen
    Assalam o Alaikum and thanks for the update H.Hasan

  2. VINAL

    Atleast shiv come to know that aastha is inocent

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