Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shiv telling Aastha that he let her stay in the house, but not in his room. Aastha is sad and is about to go. She turns to him and says she won’t go anywhere and will stay here, says she regards him as her husband. Shiv asks how dare you to talk to me, what shall I think it as stubbornness or shamelessness. Aastha tells him that he is hurting her hand. Shiv leaves her hand. Prasad, the dog comes and barks on Shiv. Shiv tells Aastha that dog couldn’t know her bad intention and says he hopes that she hates him so much that she leaves the house soon. Aastha hopes everything will be fine after Shiv comes to know about Gurumaa’s truth.

Many people gather outside the house and tells Gurumaa that nobody had done what you will be doing today. Other man says Gurumaa

will walk on the water and whoever can do that, is not human but God for us. Everyone is shocked. People tells that there are posters all in the city. Gurumaa gets tensed and looks at Aastha. Runjhun tells Gurumaa that she is sure that she will show the miracles. Jaya and Janki are excited to see the miracles live. Shiv asks if she is really going to walk on water. Govind says you would have asked me before getting the posters posted in the city. Gurumaa says I didn’t do this and says my Maa is makng me do this, yesterday she came in my dream and asked to show miracle.

Janki says miracle will happen now. Jaya tells Aastha that she will start believing on God now. Aastha says I have seen all these miracles before, and it is not miracle, but blind faith. Lakshmi tells Gurumaa that she is sure now that you can do this. She says this is a fight between aastik and nastik and this miracle will happen regardless of what Nastik thinks. They go inside the house.

Aastha tells Gurumaa that she got these posters and says you wants to become God infront of everyone, but you won’t remain as human. She comes to the site where Gurumaa is about to the walk, she is about to slip, but Shiv holds her hand. Aastha asks why did you save me. Shiv says for humanity sake, it seems I have done mistake. He leaves her hand. Aastha slips in water. Gurumaa’s sevak brings something folded in chunari. Runjhun comes. Gurumaa tells her that she wants this chunaris cloth to be tied to everyone. Runjhun asks her to ask her if she wants any help. Gurumaa says she will surely. Gurumaa thinks now she will show the magic walking on it. Aastha comes with the hammer and breaks the glass which is not seen in water. She says she will open their blind fold and expose her.

Bhagyashree slaps Gayatri. Gayatri asks why did you slap me. Bhagyashree holds her hand tightly and asks her to file domestic violence case against Ashok and get him arrested. Gayatri says how can I lie? Bhagyashree asks her to do for her freedom.

People gather outside the house to see Gurumaa’s miracle. Gurumaa comes and looks at them. Lakshmi says today their trust on Gurumaa will win. Gurumaa says Jai Maa Durge and is about to step on water. Aastha looks on.

Gurumaa walks on the water without falling. Everyone applauds for her. Aastha says if you can walk then even I can walk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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