Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha asking Gurumaa how she can insult God for making her bad infront of everyone. She says when you can do this with your family then what you can do with me. She asks how can you play with everyone’s devotion, and asks why her devotion towards the God is fake and lie. She recalls all the incidents and says you tried to lower me infront of everyone, how you could do this. Your avatar, name and devotion is all fake. Since when you are betraying everyone? She says I don’t believe on God, but I have never insulted God till now, but you believes on God then why did you do this with God’s idol and his puja things. She says I have understood that you are pretentious. She says you are betraying a family in the name of God, I won’t let you succeed and won’t let you

play with their feelings. She says they are my everything and you are their everything. I can’t let them in dark and will tell them everything. Gurumaa listens to her and asks her to stop. She tells that the family members are blinded by her fake miracles and she can never expose her.

Aastha says you can hide the lie, but can’t compress it. She says I will keep trying until they believe me. Gurumaa says she will show them miracles to keep up the faith on her. She smirks, opens her palm and blows some powder on Aastha, then comes near her and keeps hand on Aastha’s head and takes out red thread, and keeps in her palm and makes it flower petals. Aastha looks on. Gurumaa tells her that she will show her magic to people and they will believe on her more. She says I will show you one more miracle. She removes the cloth from the plaster of Paris’s idol and shows her headless idol. She keeps her head on the idol and tells that she will show miracle on Janmasthami and people will keep her idol in the temple and will call her Goddess. She challenges Aastha. Aastha tells her that this Janmasthami, she will expose her and people will see her fraud.

Aastha asks Lakshmi why did she bring the stuff. Jaya asks her why did you brig Aastha’s stuff. Lakshmi says God made this world. She shows Aastha’s idol and says there is no difference between you and this idol. She says if I have to do my bahu’s shringaar then I will do this idol’s shringaar. She takes out the bangles and recalls giving ancestral bangles to her. She makes idol wears bangles, necklace while expressing her emotions and anger through her words. She says you have lost the rights to wear it. She makes idol wear Aastha bridal chunari and says you have lost all rights. Shiv comes. Aastha looks at him. He ignores her and goes. Jaya asks why did you let her stay here. Lakshmi says I let her stay here, but she will have no relation with us. She says she will regard this idol as her bahu and will talk to it thinking it to be her bahu.

Sharda comes and asks what you are saying? Lakshmi greets her with a hug and says I am feeling really bad, as you are Param bhakt of maa Durga and your daughter is a nastik. She lied to us and got married to my son. Aastha nods no. Lakshmi says we couldn’t bear when her truth came out, and says we are cursing our destiny. She says I understand your pain. Runjhun says Aastha didn’t tell that she is aastik to everyone. Sharda recalls stopping Aastha and is about to tell her. Aastha stops her and says she wants to say that I should have told you all. Govind tells Sharda that Aastha didn’t think them as family and betrayed them badly, Lakshmi is most affected.

Lakshmi apologizes to her as she is seeing this day in her house and asks Govind to come. Jaya and Janki are happy. Jaya says she has done good with Aastha. Sharda turns to Aastha and says you didn’t tell me anything, Runjhun told me. She says I couldn’t tell them before marriage, then why did you stop me. Aastha says I am already bad infront of their eyes, and if you have told them that you have stopped me then they would have blamed you too. Sharda cries and asks her to come. Aastha says this is my house and family, I have to stay here, and unveiled some secrets.

Shiv recalls asking Lakshmi to let her stay in the house in vardaan. Aastha comes to room. Shiv throws the pillow on her and asks her to leave from his room.

Gurumaa brings ice beds and thinks she will show her chamatkar on it. Aastha breaks the ice. People tell that Gurumaa will show her miracle. Aastha smiles as Gurumaa steps on water to walk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh my word these so called God loving people
    They are treating Aastha like a leper
    Oh Lakshmi, you are a mother but you failed to see the pain in another mothers eyes. Your daughter has been behaving appallingly in Shaada’s house but she does not treat her badly.
    My heart breaks when Shaada hugs her daughter – only mothers can understand her child’s pain.
    I hate the way they are treating her – doesn’t humanity counts for anything.
    Are we believers of God so self-centred that we can’t see others point of feeling. Is our God so small that we have to fight for Him.
    I would like for Aastha to expose Guruma and then pack her bags and leave that house.
    If she has to come back they should bring her back with respect.
    Overall good episode

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