Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sharda telling Aastha that she wants to tell her something, and says actually… Runjhun asks why you are hesitating, and says Aastha is your daughter and she will understand. Sharda asks her not to think her wrong. Aastha gets down the car seeing temple and recalls her father’s words that Goddess will give her everything and will never let tears come in her eyes. She comes near the Goddess idol and says my faith have become strong now that you are just a stone and will always be. She says who can’t see or do anything, a stone. She says if you could hear, you could have heard my papa’s prayers, and my maa’s pooja which she does day and night and asks what you have done with me, a betrayal. She says when my mum comes to know about this then she will cry all life.

She asks her to lift burden of motherly love and says you will fail. Sharda hears her and is shocked. Aastha says she don’t want her help and says her Aastha lies in humanity, and will never bend her head infront of her. She says humans understand each other pain as they have a heart. She says people who know you as God don’t know that you have forgotten to become human. Kahan Ka Khuda plays….She walks out of temple.

Sharda holds her hand and takes her inside the temple. She says you are wrong Aastha. God didn’t betray you and says I did a mistake and thought they know everything about you. She says I came to know this just few days before and was not having courage to tell you. She says I have tried to save your marriage and lied to you. Aastha asks how did you hide such a big thing from me. She says you shouldn’t have done this, and says relation will break if they come to know about this. Sharda says this will not happen, when Shiv can stay there as a nastik then why can’t you. She says Shiv will handle you. Aastha hugs her and cries. She tells her that nothing will be alright, and tells that even we did a mistake to identify Shiv. She says Shiv is not a nastik, but aastik. He did my Puja yesterday and tells everything. Sharda is shocked.

Lakshmi asks Shiv if he is ready and asks him to go and bring Aastha. Shiv says today I have some important work so I couldn’t go. Gayatri says Bhabhi might be waiting for you and for the gift. Lakshmi asks him to go. Shiv says ok. Lakshmi asks him to take Balwan with him. He asks you was refusing at first and then agreed suddenly. She asks if everything is fine. Shiv says yes. Lakshmi thinks don’t know if he will tell anything wrong. Shiv thinks to give her gift for which she got married to him. Jaya and Janki are seeing the pics. Janki says when I got married, Gurumaa called me Lakshmi and then never called me same thing. Jaya tells that she was looking lost and tells that they need to find out Aastha’s secret. They wonder what is her weakness? Janki says her goodness. Jaya says yes, and tells that they will teach her a lesson.

Runjhun comes and asks Sharda how is she looking? Ashok comes and asks what happened? Runjhun asks which earrings to wear. Ashok selects the ring. He asks why you are getting ready. Runjhun says she shall look best and thinks how Balwan will choose me if I don’t look good. Sharda is making arrangement for rasam. Aastha tells that they have to tell Shiv and his family that she is nastik. Shiv comes there and says Aastha. Shiv asks what is the matter? He says he brought surprise for her. Aastha says I want to tell you something. They hear band playing music. Balwan says this is Bhai’s surprise. Shiv says everyone will see you returning with band. Balwan sings le jayenge le jayenge. Runjhun imagines dancing with him. Aastha asks him to listen. Shiv says time has come for second surprise. Balwan asks men to bring the stuff. Shiv says you are bahu of rich family and says even her mayka shall have a luxurious home. He shows TV and Washing machine. He says I wish dirt from human’s heart get washed off at a single click. Runjhun says it is good and asks Shiv to give love to Aastha. Shiv promises to give her love all life. Shiv thinks you might be happy seeing the first installment of your greed.

Guru maa questions Aastha, why did she feed bhog to the boy. Aastha tells that she believes on humanity and not on God, says she is a nastik. Guru maa is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Again same precap don t stretch episodes

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    one day began love shiv and astha ????

  3. Same precap

  4. Shiv is too dumb.. He cant even think how can Aastha cheat him.. She visited Kolkata for the frst time n she kidnapped Radhika cant even he think how can this happen.. Just bcoz Radhika said he believed her..

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