Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shiv dancing holding the ashes pot shocking Aastha. He comes near Aastha and throws flower petals. Aastha is shocked. Guru Maa says Pooja is complete. Lakshmi asks Aastha to come and calls Bhagwan Das. Bhagwan says I have decorated their room well. Govind says your name is Bhagwan and we can’t trust you. Aastha recalls Shiv telling that he don’t trust Bhagwan. She thinks she has a big misunderstanding.. Lakshmi asks Gayatri to take Aastha to her room. Shiv looks angrily. Gayatri takes Aastha to room and says now room will not be messed up. She asks her to sit and says I will go and send Shiv. Aastha recalls Lakshmi telling that they will do God’s big devotee’s puja, and Lakshmi and Guru maa doing her puja. She is in shock. Shiv comes there and asks Aastha if she

reached her destination, means my room which is yours now. He says you might be very happy today to become this house’s lakshmi, and my wife. He says did you ever think about my dreams. He says I know what is going on in your heart. Lakshmi tells Guru maa that if Shiv tells anything to Aastha.

Gurumaa says God have united them and if Shiv comes to know that we have separated him with Radhika then….problems can become big.
He says he will tell later and asks her to sleep, says he is tired of rasams. Aastha thinks to tell truth to him and his family. Guru maa asks Lakshmi not to worry. They see Shiv going out of room. Govind also sees them. Guru maa says it is be good if he stays away from her. Govind asks why didn’t you stop him from going. Lakshmi says I thought he is tired. Govind says I know, but he shouldn’t have left Aastha alone. Guru maa says he will be fine soon.

Goddess tells that few days back, her children were happy, but now some are sad, some are angry, some are tensed. Aastha sits near the bed and cries. Lakshmi is worried for Shiv. Aastha cries and recalls the happenings. Kahan Ka Khuda Hai plays….Goddess says these testing time will not be for long. Next morning, Aastha wakes up and goes out of room. Guru maa is doing aarti. Shiv comes infront of Aastha. Guru maa turns and sees them. She says God have made your Jodi, and says Shiv sees God after waking up, and says you have also come. She asks Aastha to get ready for pagphera rasam as Sharda will be coming.

Sharda, Runjhun and Ashok come there. Aastha runs to Sharda and cries hugging her. Jaya is doubtful seeing her crying badly. Balwan greets Sharda and asks her not to take Aastha today. Guru maa says this rasam shall be done later. Guru maa says Balwan. Balwan says okay take bhabhi. Guru maa asks Aastha to get ready. Aastha goes. Balwan asks Runjhun to sit. Runjhun asks if you are coming with Shiv to take Aastha. Balwan says he will come with Bhai. Runjhun says I will wait. Balwan asks why you will wait as we will take Bhabhi. He sees Aastha and goes to take her luggage. Aastha touches Gurumaa’s feet and takes her blessings. She then takes Lakshmi’s feet. Sharda says we will go. Lakshmi says I will send Shiv to bring Aastha tomorrow. Aastha is in shock. Sharda takes her. Shiv thinks you to have cry from now on.

Aastha makes a hungry man have bhog kept infront of God. Guru maa asks Aastha why did she made the bhog apavitra. Aastha says she believes on humanity as they believes on dharm, and says I am a nastik/atheist.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. VINAL

    Feeling bad for aastha getting punishment without any mistake
    Shiv is becoming so rude

    1. happy u commented

  2. Assalam o Alaikum thanks for the update
    i think precap is dream because it couldn’t happen so early as it’s indian serial
    looking forward

    1. you are absolutely right ,ooshi akbar

  3. Ovb

    Shiv should confront Aashta instead of being rude and all.

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