Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Guru maa telling that she has planted snake plant in their house. Jaya and Janki blame Aastha and say you will be punished. Gurumaa says I will be punished as I got her here and she tried to harm my God’s idol. Aastha tells that she didn’t know how this idol came here. Jaya, janki and Chacha blame her for hiding the truth. Aastha asks them to believe her and says I didn’t know how this idol came here. She says she don’t believe on God, but don’t play with anyone’s devotion. Gurumaa asks her to stop it and promises that they will not punish her. She says you have tried to break my God’s idol and says she will drink the poison. She takes mosquito repellent and is acts to drink it. Everyone run to stop her. They stop her. Govind tells Aastha that she has betrayed

them big. Janki asks what you were doing with the trishul. Runjhun asks didn’t you think about Maa and Baba. They all blame Aastha and says you will not get place even in hell. Lakshmi asks them to stop it and says first we have to place the idol in the temple. Aastha tries to help them, but Govind signs her to back off. Gurumaa asks Aastha to apologize to God and become his devotee.

Aastha recalls doing puja in her childhood and then her father’s death. She says you tells that this house is a temple, but for me this is a swarg, which I couldn’t get even after death. She says she got Shiv as her husband without keeping sula somvar fast, loving mother in law and caring father in law, friends like Jaya and Janki. She says I understand my relation with everyone, except with God. She says I don’t understand why this God help a person in need. She says when a child cries, mother feeds her baby. She says many people come to temple, but he don’t listen to anyone. She says God made the world, but divided into rich and poor. And then made people fall in blind faint. She says when a woman can understand her children then why can’t these God. She explains to them citing many examples. She says she don’t believe on God as her Baba used to think that nothing will happen to him, but God snatches him from her. She says this is just a stone idol for me. She says she don’t believe on God, but believes on God’s made humans. She asks her not to force her to believe on God.

Lakshmi asks her to stop it and says we give bhog to God first as it is our shraddha. She says they present gold, silver and money to God like a son gives money to his mum. She says we, humans have made VIP lines in the temple. She tells her own reasoning and tells that two children of the same parents don’t earn equal, while one is rich, other is poor, although they got same upbringing. She says God don’t asked us to have fast, it is our Shraddha. She tells that Chacha keeps fast although he is a diabetic, and says she got well when her family took her to temple etc.

Lakshmi asks Aastha to leave the house right away. Shiv comes to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. WOW what a drama
    All them are pointing at Aastha that she is bad for not believing in God meanwhile they all have lied to her
    Guruma and Lakshmi knew about Shiv’s relationship before marriage but did not tell her. Guruma knows that Aastha never wanted to lie to the family.
    Aastha has some good points (although weak; the writers made her arguments weak; I was expecting better reasoning than that) so does Lakshmi but for people who love God they treated her inhumanly (if this is the word I should use).
    Wow tomorrow she is going to ask her to leave. The thing I love about Aastha is the fact that she is simple so leaving the house and it riches won’t bother her but the relationships breaking will bother her. I hope the writers keep her strong and sensible.
    Runjhun, what a horrible sister you are.

  2. That’s​ how believers in God are. They think they are superior to others because of their beliefs. They tend to ignore their actions and the many sins they commit. I really do hope Guruma is exposed soon and that too in public not with the family. She has been fooling the public for years. She has ruined Lakshmi’s reputation and almost killed her for revenge. What is their God doing about her, who think she is God?

    Nonsense story, that will further strengthen nastiks beliefs that there is no God at all. The same God was a voiceover for so long has now done silent. Her favourite child Aastha is in trouble but she’s just a mere statue.
    What are writers trying to show?

    1. Yes NaveenS I agree with your points
      That’s why this show is different
      Aastha used to believe in God but she watched her father drowned in the name of religion whilst she prayed – she believes that because God didn’t save her father so He is non existent.
      There are many people who are aethist but used to love God a lot because of situation turned their back on Him
      I love this new concept because in starplus the heroine is always a big devotee of God.
      I believe in God so watching this does not turn me away instead it makes me think carefully how I treat those around me because I am a representative of God’s love.
      In this I can’t wait to see what would happen in the end.
      Will Aastha restored her faith in God or not?
      And off course for Guruma to be publicly exposed. She called herself a guru but she could not answer any of Aastha’s questions only Lakshmi gave good answers.
      I agree they believe in God and she does – why are they over reacting like this. She has always been good to the family. And she has never stopped them from worshiping, so what is the problem?

      1. *she doesn’t

  3. In this show and the show Piya Albela on Zee Tv , the gurus of God are shown to be noting but evil. It makes me wonder if the guru in the really world may be evil too. Both shows have gurus making evil plans for their own gain.
    In this show Aastha does say that Indian people always do Prasad but never give that Prasad to the hungry . Milk is poured over the shivling which is a wastage of milk. The milk would serve a better purposes when given to the hungry

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