Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 20th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gurumaa asking her Sevak to bring the egg and hen in the house lawn, and says this hen is going to fulfill some God’s works. She thinks this hen and egg will bring storm in Aastha’s life. Lakshmi does the aarti. Aastha and Runjhun are also standing. Runjhun sees Balwan asking Govind to let him settle the bills of everyone. Runjhun thinks Balwan has a habit of servant and thinks to talk to Aastha, thinks they are betrayed. Lakshmi gives Prasad to everyone, but doesn’t give to Aastha. Aastha gets sad. Shiv looks on. Servant tells that your parcel came. Aastha sees mangoes and think she will make Aam Panna. She tells Govind that she will make Aam Panna and will try to unite Shiv and Lakshmi. Govind says Shiv likes Aam Panna made by Lakshmi. Aastha says she will take

recipe from Lakshmi. Aastha looks at the mangoes and recalls Lakshmi’s anger. Shiv is playing with Prasad, the dog.

Prasad runs towards Aastha. Shiv says you have changed team. He is about to slip as he steps on the mangoes. Aastha holds his hand. Shiv and Aastha have an eye lock. Shiv thanks her for saving him. He asks her to smile always. Aastha says she wants to smile, but don’t find any reason. Shiv says I will become your reason and will bring smile on your face. Aastha tells him that she is making Aam Panna. Shiv says it is my favorite when Maa makes it. He then realizes and tells that he used to like it, but not now. Janki is swinging on the swinger and sees Aastha and Guru maa. Guru maa comes and asks Aastha what this egg is doing here. Aastha tells don’t know and tells that some hen gave this. Guru maa asks her to throw it far else house will become inauspicious. Aastha picks the egg on the leaf. Janki falls down from the swinger. She says Aastha will have real pain now. Jaya asks what did you see? Janki asks her to see.

Aastha takes egg out of house and keeps it outside to safety. Jaya and Janki try to get the egg and see hen there. Aastha comes back and sees Runjhun crying. Runjhun hugs her and cries. She says we are betrayed big and says Balwan is not son of the house, but son of a servant. Aastha tells that Balwan told her that she read the letter written by him. She says I know that you didn’t marry him for money, and says Balwan is a nice man and asks her not to call him that he is a servant son. She says family members treat him just as they treat Shiv. Balwan comes there. Runjhun tells Aastha you are right and hugs her. Jaya and Janki continue to try and steal the egg, but hen hits them with her beak. Runjhun tells Aastha that Balwan is nice and she will be very happy with him. Balwan thanks Aastha and Runjhun and says I will keep you happy all life. Runjhun thinks she has to act to be happy now. Jaya and Janki get tired. Balwan asks did you get mangoes. Aastha says she wants to make Aam Panna to make Shiv and Lakshmi relive the memories.

Balwan asks Aastha if he could help. Aastha looks on. Balwan comes to Lakshmi taking mango slices and tells that they used to like Aam Panna which she used to make in their childhood. Lakshmi tells the recipe. Aastha makes it, boils mangoes, take its juice and adds zeera, black pepper and black salt. Jaya and Janki manage to get the egg and spray green color on the egg shell so that it looks like a mango. Aastha makes Aam Panna and thinks now Shiv and Lakshmi’s difference will end.

Jaya and Janki add egg in the vessel of Aam Panna. Aastha keeps the vessel in hall so that it cools down. Prasad the dog collides with the table and egg from the vessel falls down on Guru maa’s head. Guru maa is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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