Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha coming to the garden and sees the decoration. Shiv says he wants to tell her about his feelings. He makes flower petals fall on her. Jaaniya song plays…..Aastha smiles. Shiv gives his hand in her hand and signs her to see the cracker bursting in the sky, and I love you gets made in the sky with it. Aastha smiles. Shiv takes out rose, bends down infront of him and says since she came in his life, she came to know what is love…I love you Aastha. Aastha takes the flower from his hand. Shiv forwards his hand for a hug. Aastha hugs him. Piya plays…..It was Shiv’s imagination. He waits for Aastha to propose her. He thinks why didn’t she come out till now. Everyone hear the thunder storm and electricity goes off. Govind says what happened suddenly. They see smoke

there. Aarti paper falls on Balwan. Jaya and Janki find the rudraraksh. Lakshmi and Govind see the burning saree. She recalls asking Aastha to read the aarti. Aastha comes to the inhouse temple and finds no God idol kept there. She thinks where did the idol go? She sees temple idol kept at other side. She picks the trishul and goes to keep it. She slips and the trishul hits the idol. Everyone come there and is shocked to see the idol kept there. Lakshmi shouts Aastha.

Shiv comes and sees idol kept near the outside door. Aastha keeps the trishul. Shiv asks what is going on here. Gurumaa comes infront of them with open hairs, and ashes on her face. She says you are more bad than my imagination. She says I thought you wrong and what you did. Govind asks what happened to your face. Gurumaa says I have applied it on my face as my Goddess is kept outside the temple. She says this is happening because of me. Govind and Chacha ask what happened? Gurumaa tells that she doesn’t know that Aastha will tell the truth this way and tells that aastha whom we love a lot, don’t believe on God and have never done puja till now. Everyone is shocked. Govind asks what you are saying? Gurumaa says Aastha is an atheist. Everyone is shell shocked hearing this truth. Aastha gets teary eyes. Shiv asks Aastha to tell and says how can our Aastha be atheist, you have chosen her for me, you have seen her religious aspects. He asks her to tell truth.

Aastha says she don’t believe on God. Aastha tells that she don’t believe on God. Shiv is shocked and smashes the flower petals in his hand. Shiv says I don’t like this joke. Aastha says this is not a joke, but truth. I am atheist. Everyone is shocked. Jaya says Aastha is atheist. Janki says we couldn’t identify her. Shiv says you have lied to me. Aastha says I tried to tell you, but never got chance. He says how? He says you have kept my family in dark and betrayed us.. Aastha asks him to listen. Shiv says enough, I thought you wrong. Runjhun acts and says what you have done. She says I thought you told your truth to everyone. Balwan says I thought you as my God and you don’t care for my bhakti.

Aastha tells Gurumaa that you knows about my truth. Gurumaa says she came to know about it long back, but she didn’t tell you. Aastha is shocked. Govind asks why didn’t you tell us. Gurumaa says I thought I can change her and make her asthik, but she tried to taught me that there is no God. She says then I have realized that I am trying to get blood in the stone, and says today Lakshmi asked her to do puja. Aastha has burnt my God’s clothes, and torn the aarti bhajan, and rudraksha mala. She asks how can you change my God’s place from her house. She pretends and apologizes to Goddess (after doing all the sins, and she is the big nastik herself, just pretends to be a strict follower). She says I have chosen wrong girl and would have chosen Runjhun. She says I thought I am planting Tulsi, but sowed snake.

Govind and others scolds Aastha. Jaya and Janki curses her. Lakshmi says enough.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What? Aiyo!!!

    I thought the love confession was real!

    It’s more intense now tho!!

    I ❤this show!

  2. If I was Aastha I would not believe in God either. Guruma is the biggest demon and yet God let her get away with all her crimes, while innocent Aastha is being punished

  3. Well now Guruma is going to be exposed
    Because Aastha did not do all what she has been accused of
    So she will investigate and all Guruma’s crimes will come out.
    I can’t wait for next episode, I think Lakshmi could have installed a camera or is she going to stand up for Aastha but she hates her.
    Runjhun is the worst sister.

    1. Runjhun only cares about, as for Lakshmi and the rest they are all blind devotees. All the evil people around them such as Mishraji, Jaya and her MIL etc all claim to worship but are all evil. Aastha who is the most kindest and gentlest soul claim to be an athiest only becuase I believe there were some misunderstanding around her father’s death and she upset. Aashtha is more honest than that fraud Guruma.
      Where is Durga Ma, has she stopped speaking? Nonsense

      So you are only a believer if you pretend to feed from a tube, and put on a show each time for everyone to see but your heart is black as coal?

      1. So spot on Naveen
        Makes me sick this so called men and women of God
        Deceiving people all in the name of religion
        Pretentious life

  4. Hey telly updates where is the new update
    We are watching and do appreciate your updates Hassan
    It’s just that we are trying to understand the characters – so we are not quick to judge.
    I love this series because it is a new concept
    Not your usual heroine who is a devotee of God
    We are liking the development
    So please keep the update coming
    Thank you ?????????????????????

  5. himangshu nastik

    I think asthma is fake nastik. she would become astik.

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