Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shiv practicing to confess love to Aastha and says he was confused, but when he got strength he was in dilemma how to tell. He says I will tell and says I love you. He says he didn’t know when he fell in love with her. Balwan laughs hearing him. Shiv asks did he hear him. Balwan says I was spying on you and now understood what was the thing. He says you loves Bhabhi and says if you propose her like this, then she will laugh. He says first I love you shall be special and says he has many ideas. He says he will think and asks him to think too. Lakshmi tells Aastha that they do special puja on every Thursday and asks her to do puja from now onwards. Aastha takes the aarti plate tensedly. Lakshmi asks her to do puja wearing saree and mala. Aastha says I want to tell you

something. Lakshmi says later and asks him to read the lines. She blesses her. Tu pathar Ki Murat plays. Aastha thinks to tell her that she is an atheist. Shiv looks at her and thinks to tell Aastha that he loves her. He brings bitter gourd burger for Lakshmi and says he wants to thanks her. Lakshmi asks for what? Shiv says you have brought moon in my life in Aastha.

Aastha tells Sharda on phone that she will tell truth to Lakshmi. Sharda says your truth will affect Ashok and Runjhun’s life. Aastha says though it may affect their life, but she can’t hide the truth and do a sin. Shiv tells Lakshmi that Aastha is right for them. Lakshmi says she thought Aastha wrong. Aastha says she might lower in everyone’s eyes, but wants to be a good human in her own eyes. She says I can’t do Mala’s jaap, but I can keep my family united like mala’s motos, can take care of my inlaws all my life thinking them as God. She says I don’t want God, I just need happiness in my house. Lakshmi tells that she has forgotten Aastha as she is a nice girl, wife, bahu and good human. Shiv thinks that’s why I am in love with her.

Gurumaa comes to Aastha. Aastha asks her to bless her and says today she is going to tell truth to everyone. She says you have been supportive all along and asks her to support in future too. Guruma keeps hand on her head. She goes to Shama grah, pics a coal in her hand and applies to her face and hairs. She has seen my soft avatar, now she will see my other side. Jaya and Janki argue saying they want to go first. They fall down. Jaya says I will iron your saree. Janki takes it. Aastha says she will do. She gets Shiv’s message and goes. Jaya and Janki talk to each other. Jaya says Aastha have won the mukut and we have to befriend her. They hug each other forgetting their differences.

Bhagyasgree comes to Gayatri and says sorry. Gayatri says its ok. Bhagyashree says no sorry and no thanks in friendship. She gives her fake snake. Gayatri gets scared and shouts. Bhagyashree says it is fake. She asks him to make Ashok scared and then he will slap him, then she can go to her house and tell Lakshmi that he slapped her, so that she calls her back home. Aastha comes to Shiv and asks did you call me. Shiv says yes, I called you, and asks what is on her face. Aastha asks what? Shiv says you have lines on your forehead and says I will clean it. Her mangalsutra get stuck to his suit. Aastha looks on. She tries to get her mangalsutra and gets cloth from his suit. She smiles and gets teary eyes. Shiv acts to do magic with the hat and brings pigeon. Aastha is surprised. Shiv says I won’t let sparkle in your eyes get dim. He brings a bowl full of firefly. He asks her to come out in garden after 2 mins and says surprise is awaiting.

Shiv proposes Aastha and says I love you Aastha. Gurumaa tells everyone that Aastha is an atheist. Shiv asks Aastha to tell. Aastha says she don’t believe on God. Shiv is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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