Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radhika telling that Shiv showed him this way to reach inside. She comes to storeroom from the secret way and thinks she can go easily to Aastha’s room from here. Jaya and Janki come there. Radhika hides in the cotton to escape from their sight. They beat rod on the cotton to make it clean and take some cotton to make roll. Radhika thinks she will make them teach a lesson once she marries. She comes to Aastha’s room and sees her in washroom. She locks her inside and throws the key. She is about to go, when Lakshmi comes and asks her to come as mahurat is coming. Shiv comes to the mandap and wonders why did Radhika haven’t come till now. Radhika messages Shiv that she is coming. Aastha knocks on the door asking help. Lakshmi brings Radhika and makes her sit on the

mandap. Pandit ji asks her to forward her hand. Lakshmi asks bride to lift her veil and calls her Radhika. Radhika is shocked and lifts her veil. Lakshmi asks her to meet her to be husband and shows dummy overloaded with money.

Sharda comes to room and calls Aastha. Aastha knocks on the door and tells that she is stuck. Sharda searches for the keys and open the lock. Aastha comes out of washroom. Lakshmi tells Radhika what do she think that you will marry my son. She tells that she has brought her in wrong mandap and says Shiv is sitting in other mandap. Radhika says you can’t stop Shiv from marrying me. Lakshmi tells her that if she agrees then she can take her to Shiv and marry him, says she will manage Aastha, but if she marries Shiv then she will become his wife, but not their bahu. She says once Shiv marries you, I will not give him anything from my property and wealth. She says you have challenged me to stop the marriage and asks her to decide if she wants money or Shiv. Radhika gets thinking. Radhika stares money.

Sharda brings Aastha out of house and asks her to read the mantras written by Guru maa. Aastha says I don’t believe in God and asks why shall I read these mantras. Sharda says you don’t believe on God, but I believe her. She says she is my mum and says Shiv is alive because of her trishul. She says I have given you birth and brought you up and asks her to tell for her happiness. She tells that there is nothing wrong in it. Radhika says what do you think that I will leave Shiv for money. She is about to go. Shiv thinks why did Radhika haven’t come till now.

Radhika picks a note and says if you think this way then you think right. I choose money over Shiv. Lakshmi says I have never taken wrong decision in my life or have thought wrong about anyone. She says you have choosen the money and proved my thinking and decision right. She says you have made the burden lifted from my heart. She says I was feeling guilty and thought I am snatching my son’s love. She says I thought to get you married if your love is true, going against the family, but you have failed in this test. She says I have problem with your intention and habits. She says you have never loved Shiv, and loved his money only. She says girl like you don’t deserve any girl. Radhika is about to go. Lakshmi asks her to marry the dummy and make her sit. She asks Pandit ji where is varmala and brings money loaded varmala and asks Radhika to make the dummy wear it. She then does their ghatbandhan and asks Pandit ji to complete the marriage. Lakshmi thanks God for saving Shiv.

Pandit ji asks Aastha to fill her maang with sindoor and make her wear mangalsutra. Shiv gets up from the mandap. Aastha is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. VINAL

    Lalchi Radhika paiso ke liye kitne ghir gayi
    Bechari aastha kitna kuch kiya shiv ke liye par phir bhi shiv use cheat kar raha hai

    1. u r also on tu suraj main sanjh piya gi’s page

  2. epi was good at least radhika truth is revealed in front of lakshmi although precap is confusing

  3. thanks for the update H.Hasan and Assalam o Alaikum

  4. Go lakshmi!!!

  5. So happy but I hope Shiv does not leave her in the mandap.

    1. Arshia

      He may leave for a moment making some excuse and may call Radhika but Lakshmi will answer it and tell Shiv the truth that Radhika chose money over him.

      And then maybe Shiv will start behaving like a zombie and marry Aastha but then will take his own sweet time to accept her.

  6. Aastha loves shiv but shiv loves cunning Radhika I hope he won’t leave Aastha alone in mandap

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