Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha telling Shiv that she will drive the car. Shiv asks if she can drive. Aastha says yes. She ties seat belt to him. They have a romantic eye lock. Music plays…..Shiv asks are you sure? Aastha says I have drove the car before. Shiv prays to God. Aastha drives the car. Shiv says you drives nicely, I thought you just know cycling. He asks her to take left and right and argues. He asks her to take him in one piece. Aastha asks him not to disturb him. They argue. The car hit on to the tree. Aastha says sorry and says she saw dog and that’s how the car met with an accident. Shiv and Aastha gets down the car. They see the garage there. Shiv calls mechanic. Mechanic says it will take time to repair the car. Shiv imagines flower petals falling on Aastha as a woman throws

garbage there.

Aastha tells that she asked the woman to remove garbage from there. She asks why you are staring me. Shiv says nothing. He imagines waving to Aastha. Aastha finds his behavior strange and asks what you are doing? Shiv says his hand is paining. Mechanic gives the car keys and asks for money. Shiv pays him money. Aastha asks shall I drive the car? Shiv says if accident happen again then where we will get garage. He says he will drive the car and asks her to come.

Govind brings Lakshmi home and asks her to walk slowly. They greet the inhouse God. Govind says I am thinking to inform Gayatri. Lakshmi asks him not to give her tension and asks her to come to room and rest. Lakshmi says she has one more work. She asks Aastha to ask her vardaan. Aastha says you are fine, and says she will ask later. Jaya and Janki get tensed. Lakshmi says I will wait for that time. Aastha says I will take you to room. Inspector comes there and says we have done your papad’s lab test and found harmful chemicals in it. He asks Lakshmi to come with him. Shiv and Aastha argues that why Lakshmi will mix harmful chemicals in the papad. Lakshmi asks Shiv to let inspector do his duty and says truth will be out one day and then I will be proved innocent. Inspector handcuffs her.

Guru maa asks him to stop it and says Lakshmi will not go from here. Inspector says we have arrest warrant against her and says if we try to stop us then we have to file case against you. She asks him to stop it and calls Lawyer. Lawyer shows the bail papers. Inspector frees her. Govind thanks Guru maa. Lakshmi also thanks Gurumaa for saving her. Guru maa tells that she is standing ahead of them infront of trouble like a mountain and nothing can happen to anyone. Govind says he will make arrangements for her to have water. She says she has kept nirjala fast.

Aastha makes Lakshmi sleep on bed and massages her feet. Lakshmi stops her and asks what you are doing. Aastha says you are very tired, with the massage, you will feel relieved and sleep. She massages her feet. Shiv looks at her. Lakshmi asks Aastha to go and sleep as she is feeling sleepy now. Aastha says ok.

Gurumaa comes to room and thinks nobody will know because of the agarbati (Incense Sticks) that I am having food here. She says stupid people think that I have water with the pipe and says they don’t know that I have 56 bhog whenever I am happy and removes the cloth showcasing the food kept over there. She says today she is very happy by showing the real place to lakshmi She says Lakshmi got egoistic and forgot that when I can make her, then can ruin her too. She eats the sweets, food etc. Aastha thinks to ask Gurumaa if she came to know who had added chemical in the papad. Gurumaa eats the food fastly and feels happy. Aastha comes there and sees Guru maa having food. Gurumaa is shocked.

Shiv imagines Aastha in Runjhun and Gurumaa etc. Balwan tells Shiv that you are in love. Aastha tells Guru maa that she will tell her truth to everyone. Shiv thinks to confess his love to Aastha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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