Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha telling Guru Maa that if coconuts are rammed under the bus then anything wrong can happen. Guru Maa gets angry. Guests tell that you are cutting Gurumaa’s words. Jaya and Janki tells that she is her favorite and that’s why forgot to respect her thoughts. Sharda apologizes to Guru Maa and says Aastha didn’t know about this rasam and will soon learn it. Lakshmi says Aastha have to learn to respect Gurumaa’s thoughts. Later Sharda asks Aastha not to interfere in their rituals and asks her to respect their feelings. Aastha says it would have been good if they had distributed coconuts as Prasad to everyone. She feels she can’t risk Shiv’s life. Shiv does the puja and tilak of the bus. Bus driver gets tensed seeing many coconuts. Chacha asks him to drive bus.

He drives the bus, but one of the coconut gets stuck in the engine. Balwan teases Shiv. He gets Aastha’s call. Balwan tells that they are coming and everything was fine. Just then bus driver tells that car brakes have failed. They get shocked. Aastha hears and panics. Bus driver faints. Shiv drives the bus.

Aastha thinks to do something to lessen its speed and see the lorry there. She puts sand on the road so that Shiv’s bus stops. All the ladies are shocked. Shiv brings the bus to the mandap and stops it on the havan kund. The bus catches fire. All the ladies try to open the door, but it was locked. Aastha cries and shouts Shiv. Shiv looks at her. Govind feels suffocated. Shiv makes him drink water. Everyone panics. Lakshmi asks if anyone called fire brigade. Jaya says they will take time to reach here. Aastha sees God’s idol there and runs inside the temple. She takes the trishul of the goddess and runs towards the bus holding it. She shouts asking everyone to move and throws Trishul on the water tanker. The water comes out and the fire on the bus is set off. Everyone take a sigh of relief. Shiv manages to open the bus door which was locked. Everyone comes out, but Shiv gets locked inside. He tries to open the door.

Aastha pulls his hand and takes him out. He falls on her. Jaya says mandap is burnt, now we have to make marriage arrangements at home. Chacha tells that this has happened because a coconut piece got stuck in brakes. Aastha signs Sharda. Guest lady says Choti bahu said right and tells that Guru Maa’s words is not true. Other lady praises Aastha and says she is Savitri’s avatar and saved everyone. Guru Maa goes to Aastha and says I should have agreed to her and says I am glad that Aastha proved my right. She says Goddess saved us though Aastha. Guru maa looks hugs and smirks.

Goddess tells that she is happy as her daughter is marry today. Jaya makes arrangements for marriage at home. Janki comes running like Aastha holding rod and tries to hit on the bucket. Jaya makes her smell a cloth and says I am trying to make you fine. Janki says she is practicing like Aastha. Jaya asks her to go and make tea for her. Jaya thinks she shall practice. Guru maa comes and sees her. Jaya says she will check the arrangements. Guru Maa thinks of guests’ words and thinks Aastha is my choice and thinks my choice can’t go against me. She writes some mantras and says you have to read it….Aastha.

Guru Maa gives mantras to Sharda and asks Aastha to read during marriage. Sharda gives same to Aastha and asks her to read it. Guru maa asks Sharda if she has given mantras to Aastha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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